[Event report] Management seminar for the real estate industry: How to use real estate tech to survive the reign era

Lawyer dot com [Event report] Management seminar for the real estate industry: How to use real estate tech to survive the reign era Web sign-up cloud contract service “Cloud Sign” provided by lawyer dot-com Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yosuke Uchida) and Mynavi Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobuyuki Nakagawa) The rental house information site “My Navi Lease” operated by is hosting the event “Management Seminar for the Real Estate Industry: How to Use Real Estate Tech in Survival Era” at JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower It was. [Image 1

It is said that paper-less and IT introduction in the real estate industry will be greatly promoted by the start of a social experiment of “IT electronic theory * and electronic writing of important matter manuals” from October 2019. In this seminar, we will explain to real estate companies the demands of tenants for real estate tech, the challenges of introducing technology and the merits of utilization, and practical use cases from a management perspective. Real estate tech talked about the future of how the industry will change in the future. * Concerning important matters in lease contracts, it was previously obliged to be explained face-to-face by a residential land and building trader, but since October 2017, explanations of important matters have been made without having to meet directly through video conferencing or video calls. I was able to do it. [Report] Session 1 “IT Generation Moving Trends” Mr. Tsutomu Maeda (Director, Content Marketing Department, Mynavi Inc./House Information Business Division), “Our Search for Rooms” and “Information Collection Dynamics of Young People in Room Searching” Explains the results of “White Paper”. As a recent trend, “There are an increasing number of people searching for rooms mainly using smartphones instead of PCs. In addition to using multiple room search apps together, real estate companies should check before visiting. Many respondents answered, “commented. Other than visiting real estate companies and local sites many times, you can use SNS to find out about the real reputation of the land on Twitter and search for nearby restaurants on Instagram. We introduced the survey results that give a glimpse of the attitudes of young people who do careful research in advance. In response to data that the response time for property inquiries is less than 70% of respondents who answered 1-3 hours, Maeda said, “If you are a younger person who is used to speedy communication such as LINE, It is a sense of “”. Young people who are carefully investigating on the internet when deciding on a property visit an average of only 1.8 real estate companies. In order to become “the first company to be selected”, “Introduction of real estate tech will be a big factor in being chosen as VR insights and IT essays are recognized.” Session 2 “IT heavy duty x electronic contract changes how real estate companies work” Daichi Tachibana (Lawyer.com Co., Ltd./Director of Cloud Sign Division, Director) explains recent trends in electronic contract services in Japan. From the struggle to escape from the Hanko culture at the start of the “Cloud Sign” service, there is now a user who says “I don’t know how to conclude when a paper contract arrives, so please send me with a Cloud Sign” Introduce case examples. [Image 2

Next, at the real estate company’s store, he raised the issue of “I have to fill in the same items many times in each store chart, application for preview, lease agreement concluded after passing the examination” “ It’s useless for both the lender and the borrower to extend their stay and encourage them to revisit the store, and it will be an advantage to use an electronic contract in the future to become the store of choice. ” I told you. In addition, we will introduce “Cloud Sign NOW” *, a cloud electronic contract (application) service specializing in “face-to-face application” scheduled to start at the end of September. “It’s important to use data to disaggregate the customer’s purchasing phase and think about what can be improved, rather than taking a contract with the spirit. In order to focus on that, creatives can be aimed at women, and measures for women can be put in. Marketing costs can be halved and sales can be doubled. ” Said. * New service “Cloud Sign NOW” specializing in “face-to-face application” will be available in the fall of 2019 https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000012.000044347.html Panel discussion “How to use real estate tech to survive the era” In addition to Tachibana, Mr. Ho Tamura (Housecom Co., Ltd./President and Executive Officer) and Kozo Takei (Real Estate Tech Association / President, Diamond Media Co., Ltd./President) Panel discussion on the theme of “Current Status and Future”. He talked about the ideal way of the fixed industry so far about the FAX culture and the difficulty of creating a database, and his expectation for the “social experiment of documentized digitization such as IT explanations and important matter manuals” starting in October. . [Image 3

Mr. Tamura says that since his appointment as president in 2014, “the sense of crisis in other real estate companies that have advanced initiatives such as unmanned stores” has been the reason for promoting the introduction of IT technology ahead of other companies. “The introduction of AI chatbots has reduced the burden on customers and reduced the work hours of employees. However, the most important thing is the face-to-face service. Leave the work that can be automated to AI, I intend to increase the strength of face-to-face services, ”he said about the future. According to Mr. Takei, “Real estate companies will be polarized in the future. Companies with excellent cost performance, such as unmanned stores, which set brokerage fees at a low price, and companies with high added value because of the fees. In order to become a company, it is necessary to create an environment that can perform better than it is today, and it is supported by real estate tech, currently there are many SaaS services that can be started at low cost and low risk. I want you to feel free to try it out. ” In response to the question “Can the real estate industry break away from Hanko culture?” Tachibana commented, “Consumers should choose a seal / revisit if they don’t need it. Also, the theme “What will the real estate industry look like in 20 years?” Is “the common sense that“ family (children and spouses) have to live together ”and“ you have to live at a distance to work ” If change and diversification progress, the city center in the week 3 and the residence in the countryside in the week 4 should become fluid.The real estate company changes according to the needs of consumers, and technology supports the change as a supporting role It should move as quickly as possible. ”
■ Outline Date: September 5, 2019 (Thursday) 14:00-17:00 Venue: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 12th floor (4-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) Co-sponsored by Lawyer.com, Mynavi ??Speakers [Image 4

Tamura Housecom Co., Ltd./President Born in Kobe in 1977. Joined Takeshobo in 2000 after graduating from Doshisha University. After working as an editor, in 2007, he became a digital business concurrently. Since 2014, he has been managing the business centering on the promotion of cartoon works and merchandising as a sales person in the paper media. Since 2015, he has overseen book business including editing. He oversees much of the business as a director. [Image 5

Kozo Takei Japan Real Estate Tech Association / Representative Director Diamond Media Corporation / Representative Director Established Diamond Media in 2007. In 2018, he worked to disseminate IT services in the real estate field, and established the Real Estate Tech Association in 2018, serving as the first representative director. He has served as the secretary of the Japan Rental Housing Management Association IT subcommittee and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism public interest idle property utilization project advisor. [Image 6

Tachibana Lawyer Dotcom Co., Ltd./Director, Cloud Sign Business Manager, Lawyer Graduated from the University of Tokyo Law School. After working as a lawyer, mainly in corporate legal affairs, engaged in financing support, consulting for contract business for venture companies, listing preparation support, etc., then joined Lawyer.com in 2015. Appointed as the business manager of the “Legal Tech” electronic contract service “Cloud Sign”. In addition, he is in charge of research and development of legal tech business such as AI.
■ “Cloud Sign” is https://www.cloudsign.jp/ “Cloud Sign” is a web-based cloud contract service that replaces “paper and seal” with “cloud” and allows contract work to be completed with just a computer. Since everything is completed in the cloud, speeding up of contracts can be achieved, and costs can be reduced because there is no need for postage, paper, ink, and stamps. Centralized management of contracts in the cloud improves business transparency, prevents omissions and leaks, and leads to enhanced compliance. Used by law firms and financial institutions with more than 28,000 employees and listed companies, it is the industry’s No. 1 * service, surpassing 50,000 companies. * Number of registered users on the ordering side, including paid and unpaid, in 12 major electronic contract services. According to Yano Research Institute Inc. As of the end of July 2019
■ Event management company Company name: Lawyer.com Head Office: Kurosaki Building, 1-4-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: July 4, 2005 Representative: Chairman and Representative Director Taichiro Motosu (lawyer), President and Representative Director Yosuke Uchida Business description: Based on the philosophy of “Make professionals closer”, portal sites that connect people and professionals “Defense.com”, “Business Royers”, “Tax-Recognition.com”, and Web-complete cloud contracts Service “Cloud Sign” is provided. URL: https://corporate.bengo4.com Company name: Mynavi Corporation Head office: 1-1 1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: August 1973 Representative: President Nobuyuki Nakagawa Business description: In addition to the human resources information business, including employment, job change and advancement, we support users’ lives in various fields such as wedding information and rental housing information. URL: https://www.mynavi.jp

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