Announcing the “Low Stress Company Ranking” in the pharmaceutical industry! The first place is Daiichi Sankyo & Astellas Pharma (Corporate Review Site Caricone)

Global Way Co., Ltd. Announcing the “Low Stress Company Ranking” in the pharmaceutical industry! The first place is Daiichi Sankyo & Astellas Pharma (Corporate Review Site Caricone) Calikone users really evaluate “Caricone”, a corporate review and salary statement site visited by 20 million people annually ( (operated by Global Way, Inc., headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masato Kagami) Announcing the “Low Stress Companies Ranking” in the pharmaceutical industry. We picked up companies belonging to the pharmaceutical industry and ranked them in descending order of the average “low stress” rating by users of Calicon. The top 10 is as follows. [Ranking of companies with low stress in the pharmaceutical industry] [Image 1

* Summary of survey is shown at the bottom
■ No. 1 from reviews about Daiichi Sankyo “The maternity leave and childcare leave system is substantial. There are no people who have retired due to marriage or childbirth. All of them have returned to work using these systems. The promotion of women’s active participation is promoted, and the number of women in the section manager class has been increasing recently. ” (R & D / Men in late 40s / Annual income: 14 million yen / FY2018)
■ “Daiichi Sankyo” has won many awards, focusing on creating a comfortable working environment Daiichi Sankyo is a major domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer established in 2005 as a joint holding company of Sankyo and Daiichi Pharmaceutical. The entire group handles a wide range of pharmaceuticals, including innovative, generic, OTC, and vaccines. The company, which actively works to create an environment where employees can work comfortably, is also highly regarded externally. Since 2009, the company has been certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as an active company for childcare support, and acquired the “Kurumin” mark. In addition, it has been selected as the “Family-friendly company division Tokyo Labor Bureau Director’s Excellence Award” and “Equal Promotion Company Division Tokyo Labor Bureau Director’s Excellence Award”, as well as being selected as “White 500”. For example, we are focusing on supporting childcare and nursing care, such as setting up four in-house nursery schools and preparing nursing care leave beyond the courtroom. We have also enhanced the vacation system such as refresh vacation and volunteer vacation. The average non-scheduled working hours per month in fiscal 2017 is as low as 14.9 hours, and the average number of paid leave days taken is 11.5 days. According to the securities report (fiscal year ending March 2019), the average annual salary is approximately 10.98 million yen, and the average age is 43 years.
■ No. 1 from “Astellas Pharma” “The management of working hours is rather difficult, so it seems that there is almost no black side regarding working hours. Even when working on holidays, allowances are paid. Most of the full-time employees at the institute have chosen the discretionary work system, so they worked. The time is basically decided by myself and overtime is self-managed. Although it depends on the work in charge, few people remain in the company after 19:00. ” (R & D / Female in early 30s / Annual income 7.2 million yen / FY2016)
■ “Astellas Pharma” which introduced Premium Friday from 2009 Astellas Pharma Inc., a major domestic pharmaceutical company famous for anticancer drugs and immunosuppressants. We have our own sales network in more than 50 countries, and the overseas sales ratio is less than 70%. In 2005, Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical and Fujisawa Pharmaceutical merged to become the current company name. With regard to employee development, we have a number of self-development programs and there are plenty of opportunities for growth. In addition, a variety of work styles are available depending on the job, such as a flextime system, an off-site deemed labor system, and a discretionary labor system. For employees who are compatible with child-rearing, we also have extensive support measures such as subsidies for using babysitters and daycare, introducing telecommuting, and extending working hours. In recognition of these efforts, he has been certified “Kurumin” multiple times and selected as a “Nadeshiko Brand”. In 2014, he was selected as one of “100 Diversity Management Companies”. Reinforce employees’ mental health care, follow-up to people at risk, and a system that makes it easier to continue working when ill or injured. We are also working to prevent long working hours, and in 2009 we introduced Premium Friday as soon as possible. The company reduced work hours on Fridays and left the office at 16:00 (Family Friday). The average number of days taken for paid leave is also 14.7 days (FY2017 results). ————– <SummarySurvey target: Among companies listed in “Pharmaceuticals” in “Nikkei Industry Map 2018” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.), companies that received 20 or more evaluations on “Carikone” during the survey period Survey content: Calculate the average value of “low stress” evaluation by carry-on users by company (maximum 5 points) Period covered: April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2018 Respondent: A member of Calicone who has selected his / her workplace as the company to be evaluated ————– Caricone introduces company rankings by various industries and attributes and salary details submitted by users. [Image 2

————– [About Calikone] Caricone is a site that shares the reviews, annual income information, and interview experiences related to the companies posted by employees. We aim for the prosperity of both workers and companies by allowing employees to give honest opinions about the company and to share their frank opinions. URL: [About Global Way Co., Ltd.] Head Office: Daiichi Building 1-7-3 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013 Representative: Masato Kakamitsu, President Established: October 2004 URL: Business description: 1. Social web media business Operates corporate word-of-mouth information “Carikone”, job change site “Carikone Change Job”, news site “Carikone News”. 2. Business and web application business Provide business application introduction consulting and software design / development / support service “” for global expansion of companies.

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