[Mysta Co., Ltd.] mysta launches fan club function “mysta cheerleader”-Aiming to open cheerleader for 1000 future stars by the end of this year

mysta corporation mysta launches fan club function “mysta cheerleader”-Aiming to open a cheerleader for 1000 future stars by the end of the year- mysta Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryo Morikawa, hereafter mysta) is a fan club function “ mysta cheer club ” from September 12, 2019 in the audition application “ mysta ” that supports future stars ”Will be announced. [Image 1

mysta launched the audition app “mysta” in April 2018. “Mysta” is an application that not only enjoys watching videos, but also provides a “rich experience” that enables you to realize your dreams together by supporting “persons who want to be stars” in the videos. While the video distribution market has been growing steadily, we have steadily expanded our business with strengths not found in other services. Since the launch of the service, the number of downloads, MAUs, and sales have grown rapidly. At the same time, many event plans were born, such as “Female High School Student Miscon / Male High School Miscon”, “Misgenic”, and “Miyuki Watanabe Girls Unit Audition”. And the support for each cast (* 1) has become incandescent, and users can hold cheering and gift timings and contents online with friends around them so that the cast they support can give good results. Like It was. On the other hand, mysta had a problem that the place to hold this strategy meeting was not prepared in their application. In addition, casts that distribute videos have received requests such as “I want to thank the users who supported me properly” and “I want to communicate closely with my fans”. Against this background, mysta has added the fan club function “mysta cheer club” to provide a place where fans can conduct operational meetings and where the cast and users can communicate directly. (* 1) A cast is a person who posts a video to “mysta”.
■ “mysta” can be downloaded from the following. URL: https://bit.ly/2lNfGLq
■ Please check below for details and contact information for mysta cheer club. https://www.mysta.tv/%E3%83%81%E3%82%A2%E9%83%A8%E3%82%AD%E3%83%A3%E3%82%B9%E3%83 % 88% E5% 90% 91% E3% 81% 91faq / Main functions A member card with a serial number will be granted. There will be a dedicated talk room for members only. It is possible to enjoy a strategy meeting with the cast and other fans for videos and cheering. You can send a message of support directly to your favorite cast. Exclusive support items such as unique stamps will be available. Rate plan [Image 2

Startup campaign A start-up campaign will be held with the launch of the “mysta cheer club”. The details are as follows. For 7 days only from today, we will offer a campaign to cash back 20% to 1 month monthly fee for all users who joined the cheer club. The amount of the cashback fee will be according to the rate plan, and the corresponding amount will be returned in free coins. From today until September 30th (Monday) 23:59, a campaign will be held to create your own original gifts for the top 10 casts who collected many gifts from cheer club members. Casts can add their own name to gifts, customize colors and language, and distribute only one gift to the world. Use image until entrance If certain conditions are met, the cast will be able to open a fan club. Fan clubs that have already been established can be entered by consuming paid coins. The entry button will be added to the profile screen of the cast you want to support. [Image 3

■ About mysta ○ Service name: Audition app “mysta” to support future stars ○ URL: https://www.mysta.tv/ “Mysta” is a service that allows you to enjoy watching videos posted by casts. There are many cast members, from general contributors to popular idols, vocals, models and talents. Viewers can also communicate with the casts that are posting the videos. The videos posted by the cast are ranked according to the support from the users, and various places and benefits are provided to the top ranked players. Inquiries about this and our company Mysta, Inc. Email: press@mysta.tv

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