Bloomberg starts providing data in real time in a cloud environment

Bloomberg LP Bloomberg started providing data in real time in a cloud environment Provide more secure and real-time data by expanding collaboration with Amazon Web Services [London-September 12, 2019] Bloomberg today offers B-PIPE, our real-time market data feed, to customers around the world using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment Announced that it became possible. Following the initial introduction of B-PIPE data provision in the cloud environment for customers in the United States, collaboration with AWS as a global partner will enable customers around the world to access real-time market data safely and efficiently Become. B-PIPE is offered to Bloomberg Enterprise customers in North America, Europe and Asia in an AWS environment. As the only product that provides real-time market data in a cloud environment, it is suitable for use in financial markets. The service provides accurate, quality, and reliable access to the same standardized and integrated real-time market data that can be obtained through Bloomberg devices. The ability to access B-PIPE in on-premises, hosting, and in the future, in the cloud will expand the options for real-time market data acquisition methods for customers around the world. Tony McManus, CIO of Bloomberg Enterprise Data, said: “In the financial market, public cloud adoption is growing, and buy-side customers are looking for quality front office applications that don’t compromise on reliability and at the same time reduce costs and improve performance. Partner with AWS to provide continuous, efficient data delivery and rapid value creation as part of our goal of delivering real-time data to applications around the world, regardless of your infrastructure configuration Strengthening is also an important commitment in our business. ” With growing interest in the cloud, front offices are looking for enterprise applications that can provide insights and analytics cost-effectively while at the same time implementing high-quality solutions that are flexible, scalable, and secure. . Jimmy Calaris, Data Sourcing & Strategy for Barriersney Asset Management, said: “Accessing quality real-time market data in a cloud environment is critical to our business as we continue to expand the data footprint. By connecting to B-PIPE in the AWS environment, we improve management efficiency while at the same time. , Reducing overall costs. ” As McManus CIO of Bloomberg Enterprise Data further stated: “By expanding the use of B-PIPE in the cloud environment, we are able to meet the demands of customers around the world for high-quality market data, and our customers spend valuable time and effort. , Instead of devoting to maintaining and managing a costly and complex internal storage infrastructure, it can be used to extract value from the data. ” Scott Mullins, Head of Business Development, Amazon Web Services Inc. Worldwide Financial Services Business, said: “In the financial markets, the benefits of running applications on AWS, such as increased agility and the ability to innovate faster, are more recognized than ever. Bloomberg ’s high-quality market data for enterprises In an AWS region around the world, fast and smooth access, industry-leading data analysis, management, and use of machine learning tools make it possible to leverage data quality and speed of insight. Provides an advantage in ” About B-PIPE Bloomberg’s B-PIPE is available worldwide via AWS private links. AWS Private Link simplifies the security of data shared with cloud-based applications by bypassing the public Internet. By utilizing the fully managed B-PIPE service in a cloud environment, customers can obtain data on 35 million financial products of all asset classes from more than 330 exchanges and 5,000 information providers around the world. Can be obtained in real time. With a common API, B-PIPE customers can use a single application for on-premise, hosting, or cloud environments without the need for capacity limitations, costly communication lines, and integration. B-PIPE is part of the solution provided by Bloomberg Enterprise Data, which includes pricing and reference data, high-quality regulatory data, real-time market data, event and news data, liquidity analysis, and data management and distribution technologies. Offers. For more information on Bloomberg’s integrated market data feed, B-PIPE, visit About Bloomberg As a leader in global business, financial information and news, Bloomberg provides a decisive advantage for influential decision makers through a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg’s core business, is based on innovative technology, delivering data, news and analytics quickly and accurately. Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions is based on Bloomberg’s strength of using technology to enable customers to access, ingest, distribute and manage data and information efficiently and effectively. For details, please visit the following link or request a demo from here.

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