Aiming to become Japan’s leading tech company, Daiki Matsubuchi, who plays an active role at the forefront of iOS development, takes office as a technical advisor to Taimy

Taimy Corporation Aiming to become Japan’s leading tech company, Daiki Matsubuchi, who plays an active role at the forefront of iOS development, takes office as a technical advisor to Taimy Daiki Matsudate, an iOS engineer who plays an active role at the forefront, has assumed the position of Technical Advisor for Taimei. September 12, 2019 (Thursday), Taimei Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a work-sharing service called “Tyme” that works immediately and gets money immediately without application or interview. We will welcome Mr. Daiki Matsudate as a technical adviser, aiming to improve the working environment of engineers and build a system that commits to improving technical capabilities. [Image 1

One-time Byte Service Timey, which can work right now and get money right now, started service in August 2018, and has grown to be available to 2000 users, mainly 100,000 users and restaurants. In order to further improve the user experience and realize the vision of “enriching each person’s time” advocated by Taimy, we will propose various ways to use time optimized not only for “working” but also for individuals. To go. This time, we aim to create a world-class environment by having Mr. Matsubuchi, who is active as an engineer regardless of Japan, serve as a technical advisor for Taimy. 【Profile of Matsuki Daiki’s profile twitter : @d_date】 IOS Developer based in Tokyo. As the only Google Developers Expert for Firebase in Japan, he works as a main organizer for try! Swift Tokyo, a technology conference that brings together Swift developers from around the world. After working for several startups and FOLIO Inc., he currently works as a technical advisor at Timey and develops and advises apps at several other companies. [Image 2

◆ Comment from Daiki Matsukan Taimy is very vital and has a lot of fun people. I don’t have enough money to invest, but I wanted to give back my experience and knowledge I have gained through various companies and products. Nice to meet you.
◆ About adoption With over 70 employees, we have begun to build a company structure for listing. We have three values, “High Standard, Super Flat, and Yatteiki!” And we want to work with those who share this value. [Image 3

Recruitment material: [Welcome skills]
■ Those who have extensive experience in engineering work
■ Those who can enjoy the process from requirement definition, design, development implementation, testing, and release consistently while communicating with the business side
■ Those who are sympathetic with the product and passionate about creating ideas
■ Those who are interested in building a credit economy
■ Those who are passionate about tackling new markets
■ Those who want to see the world we aim for together Besides iOS engineers
■ Tech Lead Engineer for Server, Infrastructure, Android, Web Front End
■ Alliance Manager
■ Marketing manager
■ CFO candidate We are also actively recruiting such human resources. If you have any interest, please contact the following wantedly or president’s twitter: @ Ryo_Ogawa70.
◆ Timey App URL ? AppStore (iOS): GooglePlay (Android): WEBsite: ? twitter: @Taimee_official [Outline of Taimy Corporation] Company name: Taimy Corporation Established date: August 2017 Representative: Kaoru Ogawa Location: 1-22-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo AD-O Shigenya Dogenzaka Building 9-10F Contact: 03-3830-0473/ Business: Internet media and application planning, development, management, marketing, branding, planning and production of various contents Homepage:

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