Excellent 3WAY! A multipurpose doctor bag that can be opened and carried on its back “Dr. Wilds”

Kibidango Co., Ltd. Excellent 3WAY! A multipurpose doctor bag that can be opened and carried on its back “Dr. Wilds” Kibidango will launch a Japan landing project on September 12th at 17:00!
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“Dr.Wilds” (Doctor Wilds) is now available! In addition to the large opening and closing part and easy-to-see design, it is characterized by outstanding collection capacity. If you use the included bag-in-bag or divider, you can pack your baggage neatly despite its large capacity. In addition, the urban fashionable and casual design can be used in various everyday situations. In addition to daily use, it can also be used for hobbies such as travel, business trips, picnics and camping with children. In addition, it can be used in a wider range of applications with the 3WAY specification of hand-held, shoulder and backpack! This [Dr.Wilds] project for landing in Japan will be deployed on the crowdfunding site “Kibidango” from 17:00 on September 12 to 23:59 on November 7. Achieving the target amount of 2,000,000 yen will determine the landing in Japan. The price will be offered from 18,900 yen (tax and shipping included) for a limited time. [Product details URL] kibi.co/dr_wilds [Dr. Wilds] here is amazing! Anyway, outstanding yield! Surprising 3WAY: Handheld, Shoulder, Backpack Can be used for various purposes from childcare to sabbage * 1. Anyway, outstanding capacity! [Image 2

<img src="https://prtimes.jp/i/16803/103/resize/d16803-103-596780-1.gif] [Dr. Wilds] combines the original characteristics of a doctor bag with excellent yield. With a large capacity design, you can carry as much luggage as you want, all in one. Opening / closing part [Image 3

Because the opening and closing part opens wide, it is easy to see the contents, and it is possible to smoothly take in and out large objects. ?partition [Image 4

If you use the included divider, the contents will not be messed up! ? Bag-in-bag [Image 5

If you use a bag-in-bag that you can take out and use as a single unit, you can customize the contents to your liking. It can be used comfortably by managing it neatly, and it is easy to clean up after use. Bag-in-bags and partitions with handles can be used alone. ?pocket [Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

There are plenty of different pockets on the outside depending on the application, and it can be used for various purposes such as storing PCs / tablets, water bottles and tripods. It can also be attached to a suitcase. 2. Surprising 3WAY: Handheld / Shoulder / Backpack [Image 9

[Dr.Wilds] can be used as a backpack in addition to hand-held and shoulder straps. Breakthrough compared to conventional hand-held and shoulder-only doctor bags! It is convenient to carry a large amount of luggage on your back as it is easy to carry and both hands are free. Uses sturdy materials [Image 10

Uses 1250 denier nylon with excellent durability and water repellency. Durable design, the handle is made of skin-friendly cotton. 3. It can be used for various purposes from childcare to Sabage [Image 11

In addition to the sophisticated design and outstanding functionality of the bag body, it can be used for various situations, applications and purposes by fully utilizing the bag-in-bag and divider. ? For going out with small children [Image 12

By hooking a divider with handle onto a stroller, it can be used as a storage box for children such as baby bottles, diapers and towels. [Image 13

Easy to take out buttocks and tissues. Other··· ? For carrying camera equipment ? For carrying fishing gear ? For carrying camping equipment For carrying art supplies such as paint and canvas -For carrying plastic models and works ? Sabage for carrying goods ? For carrying gym equipment ? For casual use in daily life
● Size [Image 14

All 2 types: M size 18L (middle) and L size 30L (right)
● Color [Image 15

All 5 types: camouflage pattern, moss green, indigo, black, camel Now, who and where do you want to go out with [Dr.Wilds] as your partner?
● Price (during adjustment) ・ [Super Early Discount / Limited within 24 hours] Dr. Wilds 18L: ¥ 18,900 (Limited to 10) ・ [Super Early Discount / Limited within 24 hours] Dr. Wilds 30L: ¥ 19,500 (Limited to 5) ・ [Super Early Discount] Dr. Wilds 18L: 19,500 yen (limited to 20) ・ [Early Booking] Dr.Wilds 18L: ¥ 21,500 (Limited to 50) ・ [Kibidango Special Price] Dr. Wilds 18L: ¥ 22,800 ・ [Super Early Discount] Dr. Wilds 30L: 19,900 yen (limited to 20) ・ [Early Discount] Dr.Wilds 30L: ¥ 22,500 (limited to 50) ・ [Kibidango Special Price] Dr.Wilds 30L: ¥ 24,000 ・ [Set of 2 ・ Super Early Discount] Dr.Wilds 18L + Dr.Wilds 30L: ¥ 38,000 (limited to 5) ・ 【Set of 2 ・ Early Booking】 Dr.Wilds 18L + Dr.Wilds 30L: ¥ 42,000 (limited to 10) ・ [Set of 2] Dr.Wilds 18L + Dr.Wilds 30L: ¥ 45,000
■ Kibidango’s “Kibidango Overseas Interest Product Search Department (Kibitan) Business” The crowdfunding site “Kibidango” has launched the “Kibidango Overseas Interest Product Search Department (common name: Kibitan)”, which manages overseas startups and creators in Japan. Products have been delivered to Japan. We have a system that allows us to handle all technical certifications, logistics, and customer support in-house so that Japanese customers can enjoy overseas products with peace of mind. “Kibidango” kibidango.com

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