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  • [CMC Research] [Seminar Information] Current Status of Smart Window / Technology and Materials and Future Prospects Held October 2nd (Wed) Organizer: CMC Research

[CMC Research] [Seminar Information] Current Status of Smart Window / Technology and Materials and Future Prospects Held October 2nd (Wed) Organizer: CMC Research

CMC Research [Seminar Information] Smart Window / Technology and Materials Current Status and Future Prospects Held October 2 (Wednesday) Organizer: CMC Research Co., Ltd. CMC Research Co., Ltd. (Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku: cmcre.com/), which provides cutting-edge technology information and market information, offers seminars on market trends and technological trends in various materials and chemicals. We are now publishing books. We are pleased to welcome a seminar titled “Current Status and Future Prospects of Smart Window / Technology and Materials” with Junichi Nagai (Nanofilm Laboratory (NFL) Representative / Doctor of Engineering) as a lecturer. And from 13:30 on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, it will be held in the Chiyoda Platform Square meeting room B1F meeting room R005 (Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku). Tuition fee is 46,000 yen for general (+ tax), our e-mail magazine member is 41,000 yen (+ tax), and the academic price is 24,000 yen (with materials). For details and application for the seminar, please visit our URL below! cmcre.com/archives/48501/ There will be a Q & A session, so please join us. We will briefly explain the operating principles of various smart windows. For example, we will introduce electrochromics that change color by redox, liquid crystals that change optical properties by electric field, thermochromics and photochromics that change color by heat and light, and things that change color by catalytic action. I will also talk about the movement of key players in this field and the future. 1) Seminar theme and date Theme: Smart window / Current status and future prospects of technology and materials Date: October 2, 2019 (Wednesday) 13: 30-16: 30 Venue: Chiyoda Platform Square Meeting Room B1F Meeting Room R005 3-21 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054, Japan Participation fee: 46,000 yen (+ tax) * For mail magazine registrants, 41,000 yen (+ tax) * Academic price is 24,000 yen (+ tax) Lecturer: Junichi Nagai Representative, Nanofilm Laboratory (NFL), Doctor of Engineering [Knowledge obtained at seminars] (1) Operating principles, materials for construction, and necessary technologies for various smart windows (2) Scale-up, responsiveness, optical characteristics, durability issues to be noted in application development, etc. (3) Thin film optics, electrochemistry, metal oxide science 2) How to apply The seminar site of CMMC Research cmcre.com/archives/48501/ Please apply from We will send you a return ticket, an audition ticket, a venue map, and an invoice. [Image

3) Introduction of seminar program 1 Prior knowledge 1.1 What is smart window? 1.2 Light area to be controlled 1.3 Optical properties of thin films 1.4 Electrochemistry basics 2 Light control by smart window 2.1 Various smart windows from the viewpoint of operation 2.2 Change color by electrochemical redox 2.2.1 Electrochromic 2.2.2 Electrodeposition of mirror-like metal film 2.3 Change color by catalytic action 2.3.1 WO3 Gasochromic 2.3.2 Mirror dimming of metal hydrides 2.4 Change optical characteristics with electric field 2.4.1 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) 2.4.2 Fine particle dispersion type dimming (SPD) 2.4.3 Electro-optical light shutter 2.5 Change color with light (photochromic) 2.6 Change color with heat (thermochromic) 3 Issues in practical use of smart windows 3.1 Practical performance of smart window 3.2 Large area and responsiveness 3.3 Durability 3.4 Cost reduction 3.5 Flexible or flat 4 Summary and future prospects 4) Instructor introduction [Instructor Profile] 1977 Completed master’s degree at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Doctor of Engineering (1988). Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. Enrolled in Central Research Laboratory for 25 years and engaged in coating technology development for glass. Development of smart windows, organic EL (OLED), etc. International contribution in IEA’s advanced energy saving window project. After that, he served as a visiting researcher at the Tokyo Metropolitan University and the director of the R & D Center of Tokki Corporation. Barrier forming device for OLED, organic semiconductor printing device for electronic paper, photo-alignment film manufacturing device, laser repair device etc. are jointly developed and commercialized with overseas manufacturers. Independence as nanotechnology in 2012. Established Nanofilm Laboratory in 2014. Director of the Electrochemical Society of Japan, Chromogenic Research Association, Director of the Photo Fusion Technology Association. He has authored chapter 22 of “ The Latest Trends in the Sol-Gel Method ”, CMC Publishing (2016) in his book, “ Smart Window Basics and Applications ”, CMC Research (2018), and many other publications and lectures. . 5) About seminar subjects and benefits ★ Academic pricing: limited to countries, local governments, and universities, graduate school teachers, and students who are qualified by the School Education Law. ★ If two or more people are registered at the same time and all applicants are registered as e-mail magazine members, the second person is free and the third and subsequent people are half the price of the e-mail magazine. [Person for seminar] For those who want an overview of the smart window field Those who are engaged in research and development of smart windows Interested in materials (chromogenic) that change color with external stimuli ☆ Click here for details and application ↓ cmcre.com/archives/48501/ 6) Information on related seminars ☆ Click here for the list of seminars to be held! ↓ cmcre.com/archives/category/seminar/seminar_cmc_f/ 7) Information on related books ◎ Basics and applications of smart windows Basic theory and the forefront of all-solid-state batteries
■ Published: July 12, 2018
■ Price: Main body (black and white) 60,000 yen + consumption tax Main unit + CD (color) 70,000 yen + consumption tax ★ Mail magazine members: 10% off the list price!
■ Format: A4 size, average size, 112 pages
■ Author: Junichi Nagai (Nanofilm Laboratory Representative, Doctor of Engineering) Edited and published by CMC Research Co., Ltd. ISBN 978-4-904482-49-0 ☆ Click here for details and application ↓ cmcre.com/archives/34476/ ☆ Click here for a list of published books ↓ cmcre.com/archives/category/cmc_all/ more than

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