[Kimblade Co., Ltd.,] Funding achievement rate of 1554%, rectangular silicon wiper “KIMBLADE” with good driving vision is coming soon!

Kimblade Co., Ltd., Crowdfunding achievement rate of 1554%, rectangular silicon wiper “KIMBLADE” with good driving vision is coming soon! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Kimblade Co., Ltd., is accepting pre-orders for the square windscreen wiper “KIMBLADE” newly developed on the crowdfunding site “Makuake” from August 1st to September 20th. The product will be shipped after the end of November 2019. [Image 1

While there are many new wiper frames, wiper blades that touch the windshield have not evolved with the same design for decades. The current situation is that noise, weak water resistance, and insufficient cleaning problems continue to exist. “KIMBLADE” with a newly developed quadrangular silicon blade adopts 4-stage connection structure technology, realizes a smooth and clear glass surface, and is excellent in waterproofness and water repellency by original silicone oil coating Yes. “KIMBLADE” has a strong 4-stage connection structure and uses silicon material, so it boasts overwhelming performance even among existing rubber blades. It also offers the right size for most brands of cars around the world. [Image 2

[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=47575&t=animationGifImage&f=agd-47575-2-1.gif&img_id=1568176279314] Typical rubber wipers are not resistant to strong sunlight, sub-freezing climate, ultraviolet rays, and ozone that cause subsequent pollution and cracking, but “KIMBLADE” made of silicone material is resistant to strong sunlight and snow Guarantees UV and ozone corrosion resistance. It is not damaged even when exposed to various conditions, and can be used safely and conveniently as much as possible. [Image 4

Each wiper has a silicone oil coating that is KIMBLADE’s unique waterproof function. Not only can you drive more safely in hazardous environments, you don’t have to buy a separate windscreen wiper. It saves enough money and can be used under any weather conditions. [Image 5

Since silicon is a relatively soft material, existing silicon blade products having an inverted triangle shape can be bent easily. Moreover, since the load does not concentrate on only one place but contacts the surface of the windshield over a wide range, the friction increases as a result. However, “KIMBLADE” is a four-stage connection structure that is designed so that the load is always concentrated on the tip of the wiper blade, thus realizing a smooth and clear glass surface in the field of view during operation. [Image 6

If the wiper’s movement weakens over time, waterproof repeat coating is possible by operating in a dry state for 5 minutes. KIMBLADE’s unique silicone oil coating can be used semipermanently. Review [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xKM_e0DYQg]
[Image 7

[Image 8

Overview of crowdfunding Organizer: Kimblade Co., Ltd., Manufacturer: Kimblade Co., Ltd., Application period: August 1, 2019 (Thursday) to September 20, 2019 (Friday) Shipment: After the end of November 2019 https://www.makuake.com/project/kimblade/

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