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A collaboration project between the app game “Azur Lane” and Yamaha Motor has started!

Yostar Co., Ltd. A collaboration project between the app game “Azur Lane” and Yamaha Motor has started! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Yostar Co., Ltd. is announcing a collaboration project between Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and “Azur Lane (azuren)”, a smartphone application that we operate. Yostar Co., Ltd. (Head office: 2-8-2 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 9th floor, Prime Kanda Building, President: Lee Hengda) is a smartphone application “Azur Lane (azuren)” and Yamaha Announcement of collaboration project with Motoki Co., Ltd. In this collaboration project, under the full cooperation of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., the vehicle of “GAMAHA”, a fictional motorcycle maker appearing in the “Azur Lane” game, is completely reproduced in the real world, “Azur Lane” Collaboration costumes will be implemented in the game.
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Produced the original design of the vehicle “YZF-R25” with the motifs of the characters “Essex”, “Samurai” and “Jamaica” appearing in the game of “Azur Lane”. And actually make the vehicle.
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The collaborative illustrations of each character, which has become the vehicle design motif, will be implemented and sold as dress-up costumes (skins) in the “Azur Lane” game. The produced vehicles will be exhibited at various events in the future, as well as various campaigns.
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YZF-R25 Essex model * Note) PRUNUS GP slip-on muffler from Sakura Kogyo Co., Ltd. is installed. Azur Lane × Yamaha Motor collaboration teaser PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wrofE0Ps2g&feature=youtu.be What is GAMAHA? A fictional company that exists in the world of the app game “Azur Lane”. We handle a wide range of products such as motorcycles.
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What is “YZF-R25 / ABS”? “YZF-R25” and “YZF-R25 ABS” are equipped with water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, inline 2-cylinder, 4-valve, and 249cm3 engines. It is a model that embodies “super bikes that can be ridden every day” by harmonizing sporty and stylish styling with high driving performance and easy handling in daily life. A new design with the symbol of the MotoGP machine “YZR-M1” was adopted and the well-established driving performance was refined.
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“YZF-R25 ABS” Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C YZF-R25 product site: https://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/mc/lineup/yzf-r25/
■ What is “Azur Lane”?
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“Azur Lane” is a side-scrolling shooting RPG app game that forms a girl character who anthropomorphizes a ship and fights enemies (for Android / iOS). Both auto mode and manual mode are provided, so even those who are not good at shooting games can enjoy playing. Azur Lane official website https://www.azurlane.jp/ Azur Lane Twitter https://twitter.com/azurlane_staff * Company names and product names described in this release are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company. (C) 2017 Manjuu Co.ltd & Yongshi Co.ltd All Rights Reserved. (C) 2017 Yostar Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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