[Money Forward Co., Ltd.] Money Forward enters the financial advisory business for growing companies

Money Forward Inc. Money Forward enters the financial advisory business for growing companies New company “Money Forward Shinka” established, former CFO Kanesaka became representative …………………………………………………………………………………………… Money Forward Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the establishment of “Money Forward Shinka Co., Ltd.”, a new company that provides financial advisory and management support services for growing companies. Also, in commemoration of the establishment of Money Forward Shinka, “Rakusuru & Money Forward CEO x CFO Panel Discussion ~ Starting up to now ~” will be held on October 2 (Wednesday). [Image 1

(Money Forward Shinka CEO Naoya Kanesaka) Money Forward Shinka aims to work together with the managers of client companies under the mission of “synchronize with managers and evolve with managers” to realize the world that managers aim for together. . [Services provided] Money Forward Shinka will provide the following services to growing companies. 1. Financial advisory service Assistance from strategic planning to project promotion, including funding and M & A, to maximize corporate value. We provide a rich network of financial institutions, investors and accounting firms in the Group, as well as knowledge in the areas of management and capital policy. 2. Growth company management support service 成長 We will be close to you as a partner who can always consult with the challenges of the management team of growing companies that continue to take on new challenges, and provide hands-on support and advice in the areas of management, finance and back office. We also provide networking support necessary for business growth, recruitment of CXO / CXO candidates and back office personnel, and onboarding support. [Background of establishment] Our company was founded in 2012 with the mission of “Money forward, Life ahead”, aiming to solve the problem of money for everyone. Since then, for about seven years, we have created new services that solve the problems of money for individuals and companies, and our company has also achieved growth through proactive financing, IPO and M & A. On the other hand, financial advisory services related to financing and M & A are currently provided mainly for large companies. For this reason, there are not enough services for startups and SMEs aiming for rapid business growth, and it is not easy to hire management personnel with such experience, and management with money concerns and management issues There are many people. In response to this situation, we established a money forward sinker with the desire to support business growth by using financial advisory services to as many growth companies as possible, and to develop the startup industry ecosystem. did. [Synergy with the Group] The Group will provide all the solutions and know-how necessary for growing companies, including the financial advisory service that will be newly provided this time. For IPO preparatory companies, in addition to advice on various decision-making in IPO, the cloud management management system “Manageboard” provided by Knowledge Lab. We will support the construction. At the time of financing for growing companies, according to the needs of client companies, MF KESSAI Early Payment, an early receivables financing service by our group company MF KESSAI Co., Ltd. and online from Money Forward Fine Co., Ltd. The loan service “Money Forward BizAccel” will support quick funding. [Image 2

In addition, it announced that “Money Forward Cloud Accounting for IPO” (tentative) will be launched in February 2020 for IPO preparation and listed companies (https://corp.moneyforward.com/news/release/service/ 20190919-mf-press2 /) [Money Forward Shinka Establishment Commemorative Event] Also, in commemoration of the establishment of this time, “Luxul & Money Forward CEO × CFO Panel Discussion “From start-up until now” will be held. Date: October 2, 2019 (Wednesday) 19: 00-21: 00 Place: Money Forward Headquarters (3-1-21 msb Tamachi Tamachi Station Tower S 21F, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Speaker: Atsushi Matsumoto, President and CEO Seoru Nagami, Director and CFO of Rakusuru Co., Ltd. Money Forward, Inc. President and CEO Keisuke Keisuke Naoya Kanesaka Representative Director Money Forward Shinka Co., Ltd. ※Titles omitted Contents: Panel discussion and question-and-answer session by speakers Social gathering Target group: CEO / CFO, etc. Number of people: 60 (lottery) Application URL: connpass.com/event/147286/ The Money Forward Group will continue to develop personalized and corporate money issues and develop better services for users in order to realize the mission of “Money Forward, Life Forward”.
■ About money forward sinker Company name: Money Forward Shinka Co., Ltd. Date of establishment: September 2, 2019 Address: 2-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Officer: Representative Director Naoya Kanesaka Director Keisuke (Money Forward President and CEO) Director Eiji Kunimi (President and CEO of Knowledge Lab) Representative profile: Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics in 2007. Worked for 8 years at Goldman Sachs Securities’ Tokyo and San Francisco offices. Engaged in advisory services for cross-border M & A and financing, mainly in the technology and financial industries, investment through investment funds operated by Goldman Sachs, and value-increasing operations for investee companies. Participated in Money Forward from 2014 and served as CFO from 2015 to 2019 (Co-CFO since fall 2018). He led capital and business alliances with financial institutions and business companies, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2017, increased capital in overseas public offerings in 2018, and M & A. Selected as “Best CFO 3rd (Finance / Non-Bank / Other)” in “The All-Japan ExecutiveTeam” published by US Institutional Investor in June 2019. Inquiries about services: inquiry@mf-synca.jp
■ About Money Forward Inc. Name: Money Forward Inc. Location: 3-1-21 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo msb Tamachi Tamachi Station Tower S 21F Representative: Keisuke, President and CEO Established: May 2012 Business description: Development and provision of PFM and cloud services URL: corp.moneyforward.com/ Main services: Money visualization service “Money Forward ME” moneyforward.com/ Business cloud service “Money Forward Cloud” biz.moneyforward.com/

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