[Ishikawa Tsuegen Co., Ltd.] Tsuegen Kanazawa x “Unko Drill” collaboration “Unko Stadium” is held!

Ishikawa Tsuegen Co., Ltd. Tsuegen Kanazawa x “Unko Drill” collaboration “Unko Stadium” is held! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Tsugen Kanazawa will hold a collaboration event “Unko Stadium” with “Unko Drill” (Bunkyosha), which is extremely popular among elementary school students at the Montedio Yamagata game (14:00 kick-off) held on October 20th (Sunday). I decided to do it. We will update additional information from time to time so please look forward to it! [Image 1

Tuegen Kanazawa x “Unko Drill” Collaboration “Unko Stadium” Overview
■ Date October 20 (Sun) Meiji Yasuda Life J2 League Section 37 vs. Montedio Yamagata (14:00 kick-off)
■ Location Ishikawa Western Green Park Athletic Field 136, Fukuroicho Minami, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa 920-0361, Japan TEL: 076-267-2411
■ Event contents Unko-sensei is here! Unkodori is very popular with elementary school students. Unko-sensei who appears in the stadium visits the stadium! Let’s take a picture together and leave a memorial for watching. [Image 2

● Scheduled participation Off-site greeting Players poop! Unko stamen announcement! On this day, a special version of the starter that all the players suffered from poop was announced! All the players took pictures of the poop for this event. The state of shooting will also be posted on Twitter at any time. Look forward to unveiling stamen announcements that can only be seen at the stadium! Along with the starter announcement, we will be looking for a catch phrase for each player. The theme is “Unko x Soccer”. Just like the posters for the poop stadium, think of a desperate figure during play and a catch phrase reminiscent of poop. Example) Tomonobu Sakurai (DF) It is important how much you can stand!
● Application method ・ Please post on Twitter. ・ Please attach “# yeah star catch copy” to the hashtag. ・ Post together the catch phrase and the name or position of the player so that you can see which player’s catch phrase.
● Application period ~ Monday, September 30 Unko Stadium Matchday Program Distribution Matchday program distributed at the entrance gate is now a special specification for the Unko Stadium! The matchday program that is only available here is a permanent preservation version. Please come to the stadium and get it.
● Distribution place: Each gate
● Distribution time: 12:00 (advance admission) Poop photo booth Poop hats used by the players in the poster shooting. Let’s take a picture of this poop on the day of the event! [Image 3

I love poop drills! Premium passport member free invitation To commemorate the collaboration with Unko Drill, 1,000 premium first passport family members are invited for free! No matter how much you scream on this day, your father and mother will not get angry! You love the poop drill! Enjoy the Unko Stadium!
● Target A family with a “Premium Passport” that Ishikawa Prefecture is working on as part of childcare support. Up to 4 adults, 3 adults, 1 adult and 1 adult per family, are invited free of charge. * Please purchase tickets for the shortage of family members separately.
● Click here to apply https://www.members.jleague.jp/members/auth/index/ZK/20165_pvdb_158
● Notes * Only Premium Passport members can apply. * Invited seats are unreserved seats. * For each Premium Passport member, we will invite up to three adults, three elementary, middle and high school students. * You can apply only once per member. * We will send you an e-mail about how to give your ticket later. If you are refused to receive junk mail, please make settings so that you can receive mail from “info@zweigen-kanazawa.jp”. Tuegen Kanazawa x “Unko Drill” collaboration goods sales Genuine goods such as Genzo and Genzoer, a collaboration between Tsuengen’s mascots and Unko-sensei! Details of the product will be announced at a later date. looking forward to!
■ What is “UNKO Drill”? “Unko Drill” is a study drill made by adding “Unko” to all questions and example sentences. It is made with the utmost importance to change study into “fun”, think from the perspective of children so that children “like” study, and become friends with children. After releasing the first “Unko Kanji Drill” in March 2017, 1 million copies were issued in about a month and a half, and thereafter, arithmetic drills and drills for preschoolers were also released. At present, the series has exceeded 5 million copies. One of two elementary school students is becoming a new standard for learning drills. In addition, in January 2019, we released the educational platform “Unko Gakuen”, where you can learn while laughing. “Unko Gakuen” Official Website: https://unkogakuen.com
■ Event cooperation and sponsorship Bunkyo Inc. (https://bunkyosha.com) Tosmac Eye Co., Ltd. (http://www.tosmac.jp/) Fukuzumi Co., Ltd. (http://www.fukufukuland.com/) CPU Corporation (https://www.cpu-net.co.jp/)

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