The fall of sports has arrived! A ladies event will be held on September 27th! Kinshicho PARCO has lots of shops where you can have a girls’ association ☆ Let’s become a healthy beauty by refreshing sweat with ES tennis on the way home from work?

ES tennis station The fall of sports has arrived! A ladies event will be held on September 27th! Kinshicho PARCO has lots of shops where you can have a girls’ association ☆ Let’s become a healthy beauty by refreshing sweat with ES tennis on the way home from work? Feel free to enjoy new tennis at the hot topic of Kinshicho PARCO …………………………………………………………………………………………… A new light sport, “ES (Easy) Tennis” that will allow you to move your body happily from children to adults and seniors, will be newly opened on the 3rd floor of PARCO, a hot spot that opened this spring! This is an indoor court that is about a quarter of the size of a normal tennis court and uses safe sponge balls. It’s easy to do rallying, so you can exercise happily and relieve stress! Whether you are alone, your friends, or your parents, you can have fun with your handicap. Also pay attention to the pop floor handled by popular illustrator Chika Takei. Let’s go to Easy Tennis Station, where exercise becomes more fun! Inquiry phone number 03-6659-3262
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Ladies Event Lesson
◆ The fall of sports has arrived! Chance to move a lot because it’s a mobile season! Summer is over and cool autumn has come. Fall is the fall of sports. There are many people who want to move their bodies and take care of their health because it is a season that is easy to move. But I don’t feel confident in difficult sports, and I feel uneasy about exercising too hard. . . Therefore, New Sports ES (Easy) Tennis can be enjoyed by anyone! With ES Tennis, you can move your body comfortably and comfortably indoors, regardless of the weather!
◆ Women only event! The new girls’ association is talk & sports! ? On September 27th, there will be a women-only event. Would you like to move your body happily with just women to relieve stress? ES tennis is easy to get used to and easy. You can rally while talking. In 2019, the new girls ’association is a sport“ while ”talking! Invite your friends and relieve stress together!
■ Ladies event held! September 27, 2019 (Friday) From 19:00 to 19:50 Up to the first 6 people women only Applications can be made by phone or website. Please feel free to apply. 130-0022 4-27-14 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Kinshicho PARCO3F Business hours 10: 00-21: 00 tel. 03-6659-3262
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Can one person participate? Is it really easy? I want to try it, but alone … There is a difficult image when you hear tennis. Tennis is a ball game that rises to the top of “Sports I want to try”, but at the same time it is also ranked to the top of “Difficult sports”. This is “Sports I want to do but can’t do”. I’m sad that sports that I can’t really do. It means that the number of people who know the fun of tennis is limited. Therefore, ES tennis was born here in Kinshicho, Tokyo, in the spring of 2019! Anyone can hit it easily! In addition, ES Tennis Station Kinshicho PARCO has a school system, so the staff will tell you carefully from 1. Would you like to experience the dream fashionable sport once with one person or a friend?
◆ What do you want to do in the lesson? “I haven’t had the opportunity to start playing sports until now” “I’m sorry if there are only people who can hit around” “I ’m a little embarrassed to do something I ca n’t do now” It’s courageous and uneasy to start a new thing. but it’s okay. ES tennis is a sport for beginners. Lessons are organized according to beginners. Those who can hit can graduate from beginner class and be promoted to freetime members only for those who can hit. You don’t have to know anything about tennis. The staff will tell you carefully how to swing the racket, how to grip the grip, and tips that will improve you if you are careful! ES tennis is a sport that anyone can easily start with, and everyone can enjoy with peace of mind!
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2: 1 rally with coach
◆ What is ES (Easy) Tennis Station?
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A new sport that anyone can enjoy when they want to do it. A handy system that moves the net so that beginners and inexperienced tennis players can play happily. Even if you are not confident in your physical strength, you can play casually. Join together happily across levels and generations!
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A regular tennis court, which is about 1/4 size in size indoors, and a low net. Using a safe “sponge ball”, you can play a game where the speed is reduced and the rally continues easily!
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Tension up with sound and video spread over the ES coat! A game that incorporates projection mapping makes kids smile!
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Is tennis a harsh long game? But ES (easy) tennis is fine. 5 minutes time match, so do n’t worry if you ’re not confident. It is also attractive that the waiting time is small.
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ES tennis with family
◆ ES Tennis at Shopping Mall Kinshicho PARCO! Easy Tennis Station was born in front of Kinshicho Station in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, in the hope that everyone can easily get started and know the joy of moving their bodies. Moderate exercise is important, but starting it is even more difficult to continue. ES tennis can easily solve such disappointing human psychology. If you notice, time will pass quickly. In addition, the coat is equipped with the latest trendy projection mapping. What a tennis x projection mapping has been realized. The way of enjoying ES tennis has been further expanded by the exercise by tennis and the game nature of projection mapping. Such a state-of-the-art sport, ES Tennis, is currently holding a free event! Let’s feel free to experience shopping!
◆ Pay attention to pop illustrations on the floor
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Chika Takei’s work Popular illustrator Chika Takei worked on the pop design that spreads across the floor. The mini tennis court provided in the room based on white and many cute illustrations surrounding it can be enjoyed as a photo spot. Illustrator Chika Takei While offering works in various media such as books, magazines, advertisements, TV program studio design, etc. In charge of studio design for TBS “Don’t Awaken in Dreams”, Namie Amuro’s exhibition, and illustrations of official goods sold at “Final Space”. He also has celebrity fans such as Naomi Watanabe and Nicole Fujita. Member of Empire Entertainment Japan Co., Ltd.

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[ES Tennis Station Kinshicho PARCO]
Address: PARCO 3F, Kinshicho 4-27-14 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0022, Japan Phone number 03-6659-3262 Business hours: 10:00 to 21:00 Email: Web: (Hashtag #Easy Tennis) ITC Corporation Head Office: 2-1-3 Wakamatsucho, Nagata-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 653-0038 Phone number 078-642-3092 Web:

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