Renewal of the entrance / exit management system “Kao Mel” for classroom learning cram schools using face recognition

One & Two Thirds LLC Renewal of the entrance / exit management system “Kao Mel” for classroom learning cram schools using face recognition Available on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS! …………………………………………………………………………………………… One & Two Thirds GK (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative: Shunsuke Iseki), which develops educational and learning support business, and KAG Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tarumi Iwata), a system development company, use face recognition technology. We have renewed the entrance / exit management system “Kao Mel” (registered trademark No. 6154355) for classroom learning cram schools, etc., and started developing and providing “Kao Mel” that runs on a browser. Kao Mel is a service that, when a child touches a smartphone or tablet when entering or leaving a classroom cram school, takes a photo of the child, authenticates the child’s face, and notifies the parent with the photo via LINE or email. . Since the launch in November 2018, it was provided by the Android application, but with the “ Kao Mel ” that works with the browser, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and compatible OS expanded, especially requests Now available on iPads and iPhones where there are many. In addition, we will revise the usage fee from October and establish a new rate plan that does not use notification to LINE. We expect demand such as opening new classrooms and switching from the secure email service already installed.
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◆ Outline of Kao Mel When a child enters or exits a classroom cram, touches the smartphone / tablet screen on which KAO MEL is activated, and then the face is photographed and the child is face-authenticated. I’ll announce it. In particular, notifications to LINE will be delivered securely without worrying about spam or refusal emails. Gakushujuku has mainly introduced entrance / exit systems using IC cards, but a special card reader and IC card are required. “KAO MEL” can be operated only with a smartphone or tablet, so the cost can be reduced. Kao Mel HP:
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◆ Kao Mel operating conditions, additional functions, usage procedure ? Operating conditions
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Newly added functions Camera switching Equipped with front camera and out-camera switching. Operation by teachers is now possible outside and in the shuttle bus. Select background theme You can change the background image by setting a theme. ? Usage procedure First, register your member’s name and your membership number from the classroom management page. Next, after adding a friend with “Kao Mel LINE Official Account” on the parent’s smartphone LINE, you will need to register your child’s face photo from the parent’s My Page. (* You can also register your child’s face photo from Kao Mel in the classroom.) Install a smartphone or tablet in the classroom, open the URL of “Kao Mel”, and after logging in, leave the “Standby” screen. When the child presses “Camera” on the screen, a face photo is taken on the spot, the face is authenticated and the name is displayed. If your name is correct, press “Yes” and it will be sent to the registered parent’s LINE or email address with a photo. (* You can specify whether a photo is attached or not on the parent’s My Page)
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◆ New rate plan The following fee structure will be changed from October 2019. You can select either Plan A or Plan B for each classroom.
[Monthly, excluding tax]
? Plan A: Use LINE for notifications (notifications can be sent via LINE and email) 1. Basic usage fee 1000 yen 2. 100 yen per person registered ? Plan B: Do not use LINE for notifications (notifications can only be sent by email) 1. Basic usage fee 1000 yen 2. 40 yen per registered person
◆ Future development: “facelink” solution We will promote the following as a solution ◆ Kao Mel management company ? One & Two Thirds GK (Kao Mel Management Office) Carg Co., Ltd. (system development and maintenance)

For more information about this release(Japanese): ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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