For care managers (home care support offices), we have begun helping you with your post-mortem office work (funeral + bone support)!

Alliances Inc. For care managers (home care support offices), we have begun helping you with your post-mortem office work (funeral + bone support)! Alliances Co., Ltd. has been supporting the elderly business since its inception, and this time we will provide support for the elderly after care (care funerals) for seniors who care for them. . There was a consultation at the care management roundtable held the other day that there was a problem with post-mortem responses such as funerals for users. Alliances Co., Ltd. has started a funeral for elderly people living alone and elderly couples in August. From October, we will begin accepting applications with the aim of reducing the burden on care managers. In the funeral service of the funeral, we are developing “one-person funeral” in which a funeral (cremation + bone support + government office correspondence) is a set. For the time being, we will provide service guidance to home care support offices in Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Tokyo, and 23 wards, which are our priority areas of activity. [Image

Post-mortem support for elderly people who are taken care of by care managers (home care support offices) (including funerals and government offices) It will be the guidance that we will be acting on our behalf. Please contact us for details. * A post-mortem response is also available for welfare persons. 1. One funeral (this is the proposed plan) 2. Home funeral 3. Nursing home funeral * The price starts from 250,000 yen. There is also an option that includes the arrangement of relics, so you can prepare with peace of mind. We have eliminated the cremation ceremony that ended in “Creation only” and the place cost where direct burial and cost were spent as much as possible. It is the amount and contents. Most of the consultations from seniors are related to the “Last Family” and “Funeral”. But what about the funeral for one person and elderly couples? I think there are people who say “I want to leave it to a niece or niece”, but I met many people who wanted to avoid inconvenience, including relatives. Therefore, we have created a service that allows you to prepare with peace of mind. “A funeral funeral brand is created, and“ One-man funeral ”is a service. We will respond carefully to the last minute, picking up after death ⇒ refuge ⇒ cremation arrangement (office) ⇒ cremation ⇒ scatter. In addition, there is also an option to arrange the relics so that it can be thrown all over. The consultation content covers a wide range of topics such as “insurance plan that saves money as much as possible”, “suggestion of inheritance to get”, “how to make a will not give up and points”, “inheritance tax saving”, “introduction of nursing home”.
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