[MFS Co., Ltd.] Male voice actor joint event for voice actor variety channel “Voice Garage Channel” & “Zac Liate Channel” will be held & pre-order started!

MFS Corporation A voice actor variety channel “Voice Garage Channel” & “Zac Liate Channel” will be held for male voice actor joint event & pre-registration start! “Voice Garage X’mas Party! 2019 ~ Side Boys ~” will be held at a joint event of a male voice actor program where Munego Nakamura and Yoshiki Nakajima meet together A variety of voice actors such as Munego Nakamura’s “Menso ~ re! Nakamuraya” and Kento Ito & Sho Kano’s “Shito Ito / Shino Kano” Channel “Voice Garage Channel” & “Zac Liate Channel” will hold a joint event “Voice Garage X’mas Party! [Image

The performers are Munego Nakamura, Yoshiki Nakajima, Kentaro Kumagai, Daiki Kobayashi, Mio Tsuchida, Satoshi Watanabe, Toshinari Fukamachi, Kento Ito, Sho Kano, Kota Terashima, Daichi Kanbara , Kenji Akabane, Tomoto Takatsuka. The venue is Hitotsubashi Hall, and two performances will be held in the day and night. The pre-registration application for channel members only for this event is being implemented from today (October 1st)! Please apply from the banner at the top of each channel page of Voice Garage Channel and Zac Liate Channel. https://ch.nicovideo.jp/voicegarage https://ch.nicovideo.jp/thecreate <<< Overview of "Voice Garage X'mas Party! 2019 ~ Side Boys ~" [Holding schedule] December 15, 2019 (Sun) 【time】 Daytime part = 12:30 opening / 13:30 opening Night club = 16:00 opening / 17:00 performance [Venue] Hitotsubashi Hall (www.jec.or.jp/koutuu/index.html) [Appearance] Nakamura Sogo, Nakajima Yoshiki, Kumagai Kentaro, Kobayashi Daiki, Tsuchida Rio, Jun Watanabe, Fukamachi Toshinari, Ito Kento, Kano Sho, Terajima Yuta, Kambara Daichi, Akabane Kenji, Takatsuka Tomito (In no particular order) 【ticket】 All seats reserved: 7,800 yen (tax included) Voice Garage Channel Members Limited Ticket Advance: Tuesday, October 1, 2019 from 12:00 to Friday, November 1, 23:59 General sales: November 16, 2019 (Saturday) at 10:00 on Ticket Pia << Details of "Voice Garage Channel" Mr. Sogo Nakamura's “Menso ~ re! Nakamuraya”, Mr. Kento Ito & Sho Kano, Mr. Kento Ito / Sho Kano ’s Sui-do, Ms. Chika Misawa & Ms. Yuri Komagata・ Many voice actor variety programs such as Yuri Komagata's Sachiyuri Game Live Club ~ Press Any Button! ~ "And Nanami Yamashita's“ Where is Yamashita Nanami? Channel members receive benefits such as viewing archives and bonus videos, and they can also participate in advance ticketing at the event! [Program lineup] ・ Yahagi Entertainment (Appearance: Yuri Yahagi) ・ Menso ~ re! Nakamuraya (Appearance: Sogo Nakamura) ・ Yucha's Yu-Shi (Play: Yu Sugawara) ・ Sawako Tsubaki rice (cast: Sawako Tsubaki) ・ Ichikame of Fujii and Watanabe! (Appearance: Yukiyo Fujii / Yui Watanabe) ・ Aya Susaki 7.6 (Appearance: Aya Susaki) ・ Yuko Iida / Asami Takano's 360 degrees (Performance: Tomoko Iida / Asami Takano) ・ Terra daughter shop of Toshiko Kanemoto and Chihiro Kawakami (Appearance: Toshiko Kanemoto / Chihiro Kawakami) ・ Mixed voice garage of Nozomi Nishida and Yuya Aizawa (Appearance: Nozomi Nishida / Yuya Aizawa) ・ Kiichi Toki and Kentaro Kumagai's crest (Courtesy: Junichi Toki / Kentaro Kumagai) ・ Toki Kobayashi / Tetsuo Tsuchida's tweet (Performance: Daiki Kobayashi / Rio Tsuchida) ・ "Ri" radio from Yuya Koide and Hiyori Kawano (Appearance: Yuya Koide / Hiyori Kono) ・ Do you go to Sho Nogami, Jun Watanabe, Toshinari Fukamachi? (Appearance: Sho Nogami / Jun Watanabe / Toshinari Fukamachi) ・ Shimayuki Radio (Appearance: Yuki Nakajima) ・ Shugahani Sweet Cafe of Kei Fujita (Appearance: Kei Fujita) ・ Yuri Yahagi, Hikaru Akao's Maiden's Garden (Appearance: Yuri Yahagi / Hikaru Akao) ・ Sound of Kotori (Appearance: Kotori Koiwai) ・ Tomokara !!! (varies with each performer) ・ Ito Kento / Kano Sho's Sui-do (Appearance: Kento Ito / Sho Kano) ・ Temple of Yuta Terashima (Appearance: Yuta Terashima) ・ Kanhara Daichi and Kenji Akabane Kanbanera Broadcasting Station (Appearance: Daichi Kanbara / Kenji Akabane) ・ This is a recommendation of Rika Abe and Eli Yamazaki! (Cast: Rika Abe / Eli Yamazaki) ・ Made with Machico! (Appearance: Machico) ・ Sachiyuri Misawa / Yuri Komagata's Sachiyuri game live part -Press Any Button!-(Appearance: Chika Misawa, Yuri Komagata) ・ The real condition of Tomohito Takatsuka! Home security guard (cast: Tomohito Takatsuka) ・ Exciting tours by Yuri Takahashi (Appearance: Yuri Takahashi) ・ Where is Yamashita Nanami? ? ? (Appearance: Nanami Yamashita) ch.nicovideo.jp/voicegarage @voicegarage_ch <<<< Program distribution and event sponsorship MFS Corporation <<< Related URL Voice Garage Channel ch.nicovideo.jp/voicegarage

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