MEGURI | October 20 | Lecture by Keiko Tokunaga “Learn from parents and children! Sexual health education from 3 years old”. To cultivate feelings and self-esteem that value your body and mind.

MEGURI MEGURI | October 20 | Lecture by Keiko Tokunaga “Learn from parents and children! Sexual health education from 3 years old”. To cultivate feelings and self-esteem that value your body and mind. At MEGURI, nursery school students and creative directors hold hands to carry out activities in order to keep the things and things that surround me happy. From 13:30 on Sunday, October 20, 2019, Mr. Keiko Tokunaga, who has been engaged in human rights protection activities at the Toyonaka Gender Equality Promotion Center Step, with the keywords of preventing women, children, sex and violence. We invite you to talk about “learning with parents and children! Sexual health education from 3 years old”. The first 30 minutes is a story about a child from 3 years old to the second grade of elementary school (a workshop format that proceeds by interacting with the child while asking the child (using games, songs, popping out picture books to protect yourself from sexual damage, sex The rest of the time is a story for adults (theoretical story with one group work and a useful story for children to talk with children at home) This is a two-part structure of the workshop). Sexual health education that begins in early childhood brings out interest and interest in your body and mind, and nurtures the feeling of valuing your body and mind and self-esteem. In addition, parents and supporters who have not received positive and positive sex education will have another opportunity to learn and support communication with their children. Sun: October 20th, Sunday 13:30 to 16:00 Venue: Toyonaka Gender Equality Promotion Center, Seminar Room 1 Address: 1-1 Tamai-cho, Toyonaka 1-1 Etore Toyonaka 5F (directly connected to Toyonaka Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line) Capacity: 20 children from 3 years old to 2nd grade, 30 adults, 30 childcare capacity Cost: 300 yen Application: Required (Please apply from the MEGURI site) Temporary childcare: From 1 year old to third grader Temporary childcare fee: 540 yen (including tax) per child Deadline: Apply by 10/13 * When the child’s part is over, leave the child in temporary childcare. If this is not possible, please consider other participants. ——– * Because it is a very popular course, please apply early. * Please be sure to complete the reception 5 minutes before the start. * Parents (adults) should also participate from the children’s section. Only children can not participate. * Children must be 3 years old or older. Please use temporary childcare for 1 to 3 years old and 3rd grade elementary school students. * Temporary childcare is not available for elementary school 4th grade and above, so you can join the adult section. ——– [Image 1

Lecturer: Keiko Tokunaga Adolescent health counselor. Graduated from Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences (Master of Development Support) in Kobe University. In 1997, he established a citizen group “CAP Nishinoya” with his colleagues as a CAP specialist (CAP = prevention of violence against children). During this activity, children asked themselves about sexual damage during infancy and school and started sex education activities individually. Also, as a member of the AIDS NGO “HIV and Human Rights and Information Center”, he is involved in AIDS prevention, awareness and consultation. Considering sex education from the perspective of science, safety and health, correct knowledge about one’s body will foster self-esteem and prevent sexual damage, so it is recommended to start sex stories around the age of 3 mainly at home ing. [Image 2

MEGURI / Meguri is a voluntary organization established in Toyonaka City, Osaka in January 2018, with the philosophy of “self-fulfillment and creation of circulation”, providing a place of continuous connection, and connecting people. We are engaged in projects related to planning and execution of events that can be sympathetic and contributing to the local community. We believe that having a rich environment for children’s adults will lead to a safe, secure and happy life for children. In order for people involved in child-rearing to lose their personality and keep the “things” and “things” that surround me happily “turning around”, nursery teachers and creative directors join hands in activities. Every month, workshops are held to carry out upcycles using waste for those who are involved in child-rearing and who want to enjoy manufacturing. If you are interested, please come to the workshop. To those who think about sustainable design together Those who have childcare qualifications and are unable to return to work, but who are interested in children and who are interested in improving the environment for raising children, or graduated from apparel and art schools, manufacturing Please join us if you like or are interested in local activities. Let’s think about new manufacturing together with added value to waste! Sakaki principle picture / Raribara Creative director Studied Arabic at university, studied in Tunisia for a year, and learned Arabic, French, Tunisian dialect, and Oriental dance. After graduation, he worked at a production company to build a system, create a website, etc. Therefore, after working as a creative director in a new business and transferring to the Corporate Strategy Division, he designs, produces, and manages corporate branding and product branding. Established Satsuki Design Office from April 2017. Design and design personal branding and corporate branding. Mikasa Mika / Mikasamari Childminder In 2002, graduated from Yodogawa Women’s Junior College (currently Yodogawa Junior College), Department of Early Childhood Education and Department of Childcare. After graduation, he worked for one year at a non-authorized nursery school. Worked for 14 years in a private nursery school, and started working as a sitter in 2007. In 2009, he obtained a cook license and started providing baby food. This is a chance to deepen food education by realizing the strength of the relationship between food and childcare. Established “Child Care Room Merry-go-round” in November 2016. Currently operating an unlicensed nursery school that focuses on food education. Contact: 1-6-13 Okamachi Minami, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture 561-0883 Tel: 050-5242-7432 (Responsibilities: Ebara Eri / Ebararie) Email: URL:

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