Update your ambitions. Entrepreneurship meetup “AMBITIOUS 2019” will be held on Saturday, October 26!

Negoto Corporation Update your ambitions. Entrepreneurship meetup “AMBITIOUS 2019” will be held on Saturday, October 26! Luxurious guests such as DeNA founder Chairman Tomoko Minamiba and Mynet President Uehara listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. …………………………………………………………………………………………… “Entrepreneur is not born from vidicon” In order to confront this challenge, entrepreneur meetup “AMBITIOUS 2019” by student entrepreneur corps will be held on October 26, 2019 in Ochanomizu.

AMBITIOUS, a general incorporated association composed of student entrepreneurs, will hold a start-up meetup “AMBITIOUS 2019” on October 26, 2019.
[What is AMBITIOUS? ]
“Student entrepreneur is not born from business contest” We decided to hold this event to create a platform for current student entrepreneurs who have found a sense of challenges to the current situation, not just at the idea level, but to actually develop business. AMBITIOUS is called “Fostering Business Contest” and consists of three stages: Semifinal, Accelerator Program, and Final. And the event that will be announced this time corresponds to the final, which is the culmination of that. On the day of the event, about 200 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are interested in entrepreneurs will be gathered, and a talk session will be held for intellectuals related to entrepreneurs in addition to the student pitch.
[AMBITIOUS 2019 Overview]
・ Date: October 26, 2019, 14: 00-21: 00 ・ Location: Graduate School of Digital Hollywood University, Surugadai Campus Ochanomizu Sora City Academia 3F, 4-6 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062 ・ Official website: www.neoambitious.com ・ Viewing application: forms.gle/YwEJ5tYFwZbsJNTs7

* The schedule is subject to change. Please be aware in advance. 13: 00-14: 00 Reception 14: 00-14: 15 opening ceremony 14: 15-15: 00 Keynote speech Mr. Tomoko Minamiba, Chairman, DeNA Co., Ltd. 15: 15-16: 00 Pitch 1 (3 teams) 16: 00-16: 40 Booth time 16: 45-17: 30 Corporate pitch 17: 50-18: 35 Pitch 2 copies (3 teams) 18: 45-19: 30 Panel discussion 2nd 19: 30-20: 00 Closing ceremony and result announcement 20: 00-21: 00 Exchange meeting
[Panel discussion speakers]
・ Jin Uehara, Representative Director of MyNet Co., Ltd. ・ BitStar Corporation Taku Watanabe ・ Repro Corporation Representative Director Yusuke Hirata ・ Find Star Group Co., Ltd. Representative Director Shinichiro Naito ・ Art Green Co., Ltd. President Yutaka Tanaka ・ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, SME Agency, Management Support Department Founder / New Business Promotion Section Assistant Manager Satoshi Kawaharaki * Updating from time to time
・ Takahiro Oka, Representative Director, Japan Startup Support Association ・ Shinta Kikuchi Director, ABEJA Co., Ltd. ・ Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Representative Director of SYG Co., Ltd. ・ Nobuhiro Numano, General Manager, Chairman’s Office, DMM.com * Updating from time to time
【Entry fee】
Student free Adult 5000 yen
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
[List of sponsors]
・ Gold Sponsor DeNA Co., Ltd. ・ Silver Sponsor SYG Corporation ・ Bronze sponsor My Net Corporation DIP Corporation BitStar Corporation Rikupo Corporation Repro Corporation Art Green Co., Ltd. Find Star Group Co., Ltd. Agex Corporation Digital Hollywood Corporation Gram Corporation ・ Support Sponsor Wilf Co., Ltd. Studio Anbilt Co., Ltd. ABEJA Co., Ltd. Tomonokai Co., Ltd. DMM.com * Supporting companies are still looking for. With your support, you will be able to exhibit at the booth and make general announcements. Please feel free to contact us.
General Incorporated Association AMBITIOUS (Preparing for establishment) HP: www.neoambitious.com Mail: info@neoambitious.com Please contact us via HP or email.

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