[ABEJA Co., Ltd.] Data analysis tool that uses Atomic Design and Vue.js. The front-end engineer speaks the back side!

ABEJA Co., Ltd. Data analysis tool using Atomic Design and Vue.js. The front-end engineer speaks the back side! ABEJA Meetup will be held on 10/30! ……………………………………………………………………………………………

With the mission of “transforming the industrial structure with the power of technology”, ABEJA provides more than 150 companies with products and solutions that use AI more easily. In this Meetup, ABEJA Platform and ABEJA Insight for Retail product front-end engineers will speak as speakers and discuss front-end development processes and tools! Recommended for such people Those who are interested in the front end of product development in the domain of machine learning and data analysis Interested in Atomic Design Those who want to develop with Bali using Vue.js People who want to drink alcohol while talking casually with ABEJA engineers Meetup details Date and time 2019/10/30 (Wednesday) 19: 30-21: 30 (Reception starts at 19:15) Timeline 19: 15-19: 30 Opening & reception 19: 30-19: 40 About ABEJA 19: 40-20: 00 Development process of data analysis dashboard created in cooperation with data scientists 20: 00-20: 20 Visualization component created with Vue.js and Plotly 20: 20-20: 40 Annotation tool implemented with micro front end 20: 45-21: 30 Exchange meeting (we will prepare drinks and snacks) Venue ABEJA Office (NBF Platinum Tower 10F, 17-3 Shirokane 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Application site: https://abeja-innovation-meetup.connpass.com/event/151440/ Entry fee 500 yen We will keep it as an exchange meeting fee. * Only for participants of exchange meetings. We cannot issue a receipt. Please note. Requests for participation We will check the name at the time of application at the reception desk, so please prepare “two business cards (one for name tag)”. Note for those who participate during the tour: The building 1F entrance will be locked at 20:00, so please arrive before 20:00. If you arrive late, please contact us. (HR Department Takahashi: 080-3860-6226) Speaker information Kazumasa Saito After graduating from Osaka University’s Faculty of Engineering Science and Graduate School of Information Science, he joined ABEJA as a Data Scientist in 2018, and has been involved in several data analysis and machine learning projects. Since June 2018, he has been involved in the launch of a flow analysis service for ABEJA Insight for Retail, and since December 2018, he has been the product owner of ABEJA Insight for Retail. Hajime Saito He joined ABEJA as a new graduate in 2017 and is an operations and development engineer for the Insight for Retail business. I am mainly in charge of front-end development using Node.js x Vue.js. Toshiro Shimizu He joined ABEJA in 2016 and has been in charge of development from Insight for Retail to ABEJA Platform. Currently, I am in charge of developing the front end of ABEJA Platform Annotation, which is a tool for making annotations easily, quickly and reliably. Precautions In the case of a large number of participants, we will contact you on whether to participate by Friday, October 25. Please be advised that we may give priority to those who have a good profile. This event is a study group for engineers, and participation for the purpose of solicitation, profit-making, advertising, headhunting, etc. may be refused. Event timetable is subject to change without notice Please take care of your valuables. The organizer is not responsible for any accidents such as theft or loss.

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