Accident Zero Forum to challenge the realization of a traffic accident “0” society Kyoto Dialogue held November 19, 2019

Accident Zero Forum Accident Zero Forum to challenge the realization of a traffic accident “0” society Kyoto Dialogue held November 19, 2019 TRAFFIC SAFETY and “ZERO” ACCIDENT-Kyoto Dialog 2019- General Accidents Zero Forum (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Yosuke Kozono) entitled “Kyoto Dialog 2019” will be held at Kyoto International House on November 19, 2019 (Tuesday) We will inform you that it will be held.
■ What is the Zero Accident Forum? Our mission is to solve social problems such as traffic accidents, and we have gathered a lot of wisdom and technology to create a new business ecosystem that aims to be a project.
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■ Purpose of the event The keywords this time are “new wisdom” and “feelings”. This forum has innovated in solving the social problem of traffic accidents, and has been working to create a safe society. On that day, we will introduce our efforts focusing on various activities in the real world, and we will be able to interact with the “new wisdom” and “thoughts” that we had never met before. I hope it will be a place to create. Past events: Kyoto Dialogue September 28, 2018 ( (Public report video) Zero Accident Forum Tokyo Kickoff Event April 10, 2018 Held [Public Report] Zero Accident Forum Society Design-Tokyo 2019 [Image 2

Reference Jikozero Society Design-Tokyo 2019
■ Speaker introduction [New wisdom] Mr. Marc Einstein, a specialist in 5G, telecommunications, and the world’s advanced technology and the official adviser of the Forum, will be present at the keynote. He gave a commemorative lecture at Kyoto Smart City EXPO 2019 held on October 3-4, and was very well received. [Video 4:] [Thoughts] Mr. Hirofumi Miyata, President and Representative Director of Miyata Transport Co., Ltd., talks about the activities of the “Children Museum Project”, which creates an easy world by eliminating accidents by spreading children’s pictures to the world. (Osaka screening is sold out. Kanto will be screened at Sagamihara Women’s University on November 30, 2019.) Also, the scientific verification result of “accident reduction effect by gentleness” conducted in Keihanna Science City will be announced at this forum I will do it. [Panel Discussion] The activities of this forum are supported by many people, and the former Rakuten baseball team manager, now NHK commentator Masataka Nida, will be able to participate in the panel discussion as a special guest. We will introduce a wide range of initiatives, such as the announcement of new projects and collaboration projects with startup companies, to foster a ground for new innovation.
■ Program introduction (part) -Keynote: “5G Global Trends -Technology and Zero Accidents, Our Future” Mr. Mark Einstein, Official Advisor of the Zero Accident Forum -“Children’s Museum Project” Mr. Hirofumi Miyata, Representative Director -About the Zero Accident Forum 1. What is the Zero Accident Forum 2. Introduction of the Zero Accident Forum Project Masahiro Miura, Managing Director, Zero Accident Forum -Panel discussion Panelist Masataka Nida / Hirofumi Miyata / Mark Einstein / Yosuke Kozono Facilitator Masahiro Miura ー Kyoto Dialog Dialogue between the venue and panelists Facilitator Masahiro Miura
■ Introduction of the accident zero project (part) The “Society creation project where senior drivers can play an active part” started at the fitness club in Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto since last year has finally entered the final stage to be implemented next year. Traffic accidents generally occur due to reasons associated with (1) recognition error, (2) judgment error, and (3) operation error, but “daily life” exists in front of those three systems. This forum covers the four systems of “life”, “recognition”, “judgment”, and “operation”, and is promoting a project that allows senior generations to spend a healthy and free life that is unaffected by accidents. The technology and brain science used in autonomous driving development, the latest traffic education, and physical training are the core of the new program, and it is a program that grows as more wisdom and cooperation gather, so this opportunity I would appreciate your interest in.
■ Accident Zero Forum Overview of Kyoto Dialog 2019 Date: 19th November 2019 (Tue) 12:45 Open 13:00 Opening ~ 16:45 Closing Participation fee: Free only for pre-registration (Application deadline: November 8) Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center 2F Conference Room B-1 422 Iwakura Oisomachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 606-0001 Download event details here
■ Participation method (advance registration required) Web application * Peatix free membership registration required to use Or E-mail application (Send your company name / participant’s name / affiliation / title / phone number / e-mail address to * Multiple people can apply simultaneously) * Since the number of seats is limited, admission may be denied if there is no prior application. * We have a networking time for participants to interact with each other, so please prepare a business card. [About the coverage] On the day of the event, we will prepare a media seat for the members of the media who can report on the event at the venue. Please send your company name, your name, and your journal name to the secretariat ( by e-mail. (Deadline November 8)
■ Organizer: Accident Zero Forum
■ Cooperation: Aioi Nissay Dowa General Insurance Co., Ltd. / “Child Museum” Miyata Transport Co., Ltd.
■ Sponsor: IT R / PIE / Purpose Driven Innovation Ecosystem [Recruiting Sponsors] We are looking for sponsors for this event. Please contact the secretariat ( We will send you details.

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