WACUL Technology & Marketing Lab launches new research partner system. As the first step, Mr. Kurihara, a branding technology, Mr. Kurosawa, branding technology, and Mr. Sugaya Bage will further accelerate research activities.

WACUL Technology & Marketing Lab launches new research partner system. In the first phase, Mr. Kurihara, Mr. Kurihara, Branding Technology, Mr. Kurosawa, Mr. Bage, Mr. Kajiya, and others will further accelerate research activities.
WACUL Co., Ltd., which develops SaaS “AI Analyst” that enables anyone to perform data-driven digital marketing using AI, is to further promote the activities of the in-house laboratory “WACUL Technology & Marketing Lab” The first research partner system was launched, and three of them were selected as the research partners: Mr. Kouta Kurihara, President of Taira, Inc., Mr. Yuki Kurosawa, Executive Officer, Branding Technology Co., Ltd. I ’ll let you know that you ’ve been greeted.
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Established on February 1, 2019, WACUL Technology & Marketing Lab is headed by Yuki Kakiuchi, the research institute director, and research advisors from both academic and business fields who know the cutting edge of AI and marketing. I received advice and conducted research activities.
This time, as part of further strengthening the “speed” and “depth” of current research activities, a new “Research Partner System” will be launched to incorporate multifaceted information and perspectives into research activities. It was.
The research partners are composed of experts from a wider range of digital marketing fields, and will work together to develop and provide winning patterns in each field of expertise while utilizing the foundation of WACUL’s big data and analysis algorithms.
This time, as the first step of the partner, three people who have many achievements and deep knowledge in BtoB digital marketing support and local business digital shift support participated. As a result, WACUL Technology & Marketing Lab will further accelerate research activities in these fields and promote the return of knowledge to society through products.
■ Research advisor
The following six research advisors are already engaged in research activities. ・ Academic field
Makoto Abe Professor, The University of Tokyo
Tomonaga Wakabayashi Professor, Kyoto University
Yoshihisa Sakurai Associate Professor, Meiji University
・ Business field
Morio Ishikawa Dinos Cecile CECO
Satoshi Hasegawa Senior Executive Officer, Souled Out
Former Haruki Watanabe Webmaster, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
■ Participating research partners
The following three people newly joined as research partners. ・ Kota Kurihara (Representative Director of Seiyu Co., Ltd.) [Image 2


Born in 1988, graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Letters, Department of Behavioral Culture and Social Psychology. In 2011, he joined an IT listed company and launched a BtoB marketing support business. Previously served as general manager and member of the management committee In 2016, with the mission of “distributing talents”, he founded Taiseyu Co., Ltd., which accelerates the realization of management and business managers.
He has written at major industry newspapers such as ad tech tokyo, conferences and public relations conferences, and many other interviews.
・ Mr. Yuki Kurosawa (Executive Officer, Corporate Strategy Office, Branding Technology Co., Ltd.)
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Born in 1988. Joined Branding Technology Co., Ltd. as a new graduate. Consulting in the digital marketing field for small and medium-sized companies for 6 years. Currently, he plays roles such as in-house management strategy formulation, know-how development, and human resource development. Outside the company, we operate a learning community (marketing trace) where nearly 1,500 marketers gather with the mission of “raising marketing literacy across Japan”.
・ Mr. Tsujitani (President of Bage Inc.)
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Joined NTT DATA in 1997, worked in sales for four years, then turned into a designer in 2001. After gaining careers at production companies and freelancers, Beige Inc. was established in 2010. As a
representative of a web production company with strengths in the BtoB domain, he is involved in events, interviews, and contributions on various themes such as BtoB marketing, UX, design, content,
organization design, and career design.
■ About WACUL Technology & Marketing Lab
Based on WACUL’s business data infrastructure, WACUL Technology & Marketing Lab is centered around WACUL Director CIO’s KIOUCHI, for 1. Research activities and 2. Web marketing for the development of medium- to long-term discontinuous business. By researching the new “winning pattern” involved, we will work to lay the foundation for WACUL’s growth and further improve AI analysts, our main product. In order to incorporate state-of-the-art knowledge, the research laboratory welcomes experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and marketing as advisors and partners from both the academic and business fields, and by collaborating with industry and academia, WACUL aims for “ technology We will strive to realize our vision of “Everyone in Business Partners”.
■ Consulting and PoC requests
For data-driven marketing consulting and PoC requests, please contact the inquiry desk on the WACUL Lab. Website.
“AI Analysts” have been installed on over 30,000 sites as of October 21, 2019, and it is possible to propose marketing measures based on collective intelligence generated from the big data.
■ About WACUL

Company name: WACUL Inc. (read: Wakaru)
URL: https://wacul.co.jp/
Location: 2F, 3-26-8 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ryohei Otsuki, CEO
Business description: Planning, development and sales of AI digital analyst proposal tool “AI Analyst”
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wacul_jp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wacul.co.jp/

・ Digital marketing automatic analysis and proposal SaaS “AI Analyst” Web site analysis tool using AI provided by WACUL Inc. Just by linking with Google Analytics, AI aggregates the website data and proposes improvements.
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・ CV-based content SEO production support “ AI Analyst SEO ” AI selects keywords that should be targeted based on access analysis data and produces content that is strong against SEO.
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・ Low-cost automated advertising operation service “AI Analyst AD” Utilize AI analyst’s know-how to select effective advertising media for CV acquisition and act as an efficient advertising agent. Contact Us

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