Wedgwood / Fiskers Japan KK Wedgwood Special Moments Campaign

Wedgewood / Fiskers Japan K.K.
Wedgewood Special Moments Campaign November 1, 2019 (Friday) start
Wedgewood 260th anniversary
Share special moments in 2019 with Wedgewood!
The British Royal Warrant Brand “Wedgewood”, developed by Fiskars Japan Co., Ltd. (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Christophe Ranchoux) Run a digital campaign to share “special moments of the year” with Wedgewood. In addition, 260 of the applicants will be presented with a special sweet red and white salmon that is rich and small in volume.
This embodies the message that Wedgewood wants to share what he always has with happy time, and the gift has a strawberry pattern called “Wild Strawberry” as an immovable long seller of the brand.選 び I chose “BERRY”.
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● # Wedgewood 260th
Share special moments in 2019 with Wedgewood!
Anniversary in life such as wedding or childbirth. An extraordinary moment wrapped in nature while traveling. Look back on the first year of your retirement, such as your casual time with your loved ones, and share a memorable moment with Wedgewood.
November 1 (Fri)-December 1 (Sun), 2019
【Application method】
1. Install Instgram
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Install Instgram
2. Follow @wedgwood, official Instagram account
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Follow @wedgwood, official Instagram account

3. Post a special memory of 2019 with a hashtag of “#Wedgewood 260th”. [Image 4


Post special memories of 2019 with the hashtag “#Wedgewood 260th”! 4. Apply for a strawberry gift from the application form on the Wedgwood official website
# Ryowa’s first summer vacation! # Superb view! #Wedgewood 260th [Image 5


# New family! #Wedgewood 260th
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● It hits 260 people!
“BERRY,” a special song for “A moment when you realize more and happiness in the world.”
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In this campaign commemorating the 260th anniversary of Wedgewood, a special kite that was carefully nurtured by small-volume production for 260 people
“BERRY” is hit. “BERRY” is a brand for gifts based on the concept of “苺 is an art created by people and nature”. It is characterized by its rich and sweet taste, which has a unique method of slowly coloring over time, focusing on welfare employment and valuing the story of happiness from production to the table. Wedgewood, who praises “the best family time,” sympathized with BERRY’s production stance of “more moments of happiness in the world.”
About BERRY:

Winners will be announced only to the winners.
If you fail to register the delivery address or if there is an error in the registration details, you will be excluded from the winning list.
Multiple applications are welcome, but one winner will be selected. Presents will be shipped in order after the winning results are announced. (Planned for December 2019)
Gifts will be sent to the applicant’s address and limited to Japan. Unfortunately, if you do not receive a present during the shipping period, you will be lost. Please note.
Personal information will be held as a member of the official Wedgewood website. Please note that we do not accept inquiries regarding the lottery results.
● About Wedgewood
Premium Lifestyle Brand Wedgewood with “Timeless Luxury” was founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgewood. Founder Josiah was an outstanding potter and pioneer in philanthropy and marketing. With a 260-year tradition, Wedgewood is a true British culture icon,
It is a proof of craftsmanship. Founded on the principles of design, quality and innovation, Wedgewood produces the finest fine bone china tableware, branded Jasper and beautiful ornaments. Wedgewood joined the Fiskars Group English & Crystal Living business in 2015.
● About Fiskars
Fiskars-“Making the everyday extraordinary”
Fiskars “Makes every day a special day”
Fiskars has globally recognized brands such as Fiskars, Wedgwood, Waterford, Iittala, Gerber, etc. to make every moment of consumer life all over the world rich and extraordinary special I want to provide value that is wrapped in shine. Creating these iconic lifestyle brands as a family and continuously improving the “quality of life” It is a mission. For more information, please visit (English site of head office)

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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