Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd. An information magazine dedicated to maternity hospitals, “Dad and Reading Egg Cl ub”, and an app “Mamachi no Tamahiyo” to be used by Mom Papa debut

Benesse Holdings, Inc.
An information magazine dedicated to maternity hospitals, “Dad and Reading Egg Club”, and an app used by Mom Papa, “My Life’s Tamahiyo”, are now available
Dad’s involvement from pregnancy has a postnatal impact! The 26th anniversary of the pregnancy, childbirth and childcare brand “Tamahiyo”
The pregnancy and childbirth information magazine “Tamago Club” and the childcare information magazine “Hiyoko Club” published by Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd., Benesse Corporation (Headquarters: Okayama City President and Representative Director: Hitoshi Kobayashi) were released in October 2019. The 26th anniversary of the magazine was launched. A new free information magazine dedicated to maternity hospitals, “Daddy and Reading Egg Club”, was launched and distributed to approximately 1,700 maternity hospitals nationwide. In addition, we will release “My Life’s Tamahiyo”, an app that will send information to the dad as well as mom everyday.
The reason behind the release of such dad-care products is that the father’s involvement in child-rearing since pregnancy has affected the subsequent marital relationship (* 1). Despite the fact that the father himself wants to be more involved in child-rearing, this is based on the survey results (* 2) that the share is actually biased towards the mother. “Tamahiyo” advocates the importance of giving birth and childcare as a team during pregnancy by helping to solve the anxiety of moms and dads in the form of free magazines and apps that are easily accessible to busy dads. I want to.
In this fiscal year, we will develop various campaigns under the theme of “Let’s increase Mikata! As a brand that has been leading the pregnancy, childbirth and childcare industries for 26 years, Tamahiyo is providing information and services that will help solve the problems and anxieties of babies and their families and create a society that is easy to grow and raise. Will continue to work on. [Image 1


Information magazine for paternity and paternity egg club
[Image 2


Powered up free paper for dads that was popular with pregnant women. This is a new magazine for information about things that you can get during pregnancy and childbirth, where you can apply for shopping and gifts while learning basic knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth with your dad. It will be distributed free of charge to approximately 1,700 maternity hospitals nationwide to promote the increase in the number of dads accompanying maternity hospitals and their involvement from pregnancy. Published three times a year.
Main content
・ Consideration support for pregnant moms
・ Partner and childbirth documents
・ Dad and Mom’s pregnancy life schedule
・ Men who took childcare leave
・ A gift for all MOOMIN original item applicants
[Image 3


A new app for moms and dads
[Image 4


The app “Maini no Tamago Club” for pregnant women has been reborn as “Mahi no Tamahiyo” that can be used after childbirth. Every day, you will receive messages about the baby in your tummy, growth after birth, and advice for moms and dads. In addition, we offer
applications for gorgeous gifts held every month and coupons that are convenient for pregnancy and childcare.
Main functions
-Delivered to mom and dad!
Useful daily messages that match your pregnancy and postpartum days -Save money on pregnancy and childcare! Extensive presents and coupon corners

* 1 The more the father is involved from the pregnancy, the better the relationship between childbirth and postpartum couples
[Image 5


During pregnancy, the wife who felt that “the spouse made an effort to spend time together” said that she was able to relax during
childbirth. Source: Benesse Institute of Education “Basic Survey on Pregnancy, Childbirth and Childcare” [Image 6


Couples who have been discussing childcare and housework more often from pregnancy (higher team childcare levels) feel that their marital relationship is better, such as being happy after marriage and feeling loved by their spouse.
* 3 The degree of childcare during the pregnancy period was: “I discussed with my spouse how to raise my baby”, “I discussed with my spouse the division of housework and child-rearing after childbirth” and “The spouse supported the pregnancy” Sorted into 3 groups based on the total score of the item responses. 0-1 year old couple’s goodness score is a total score of 9 responses such as “You and your spouse have a happy marriage” and “I really feel loved with my spouse” The average value of Both are mother’s answers. Fathers have similar trends. * P <.0001 for all three groups (ANOVA)
* 2 Many fathers want to be involved in childcare more than now, but have not been able to return to their desired time

[Image 7


Father’s weekday return time (1-2 years old, actual and desired) [Image 8


About 30% of fathers want to share child-rearing with their mother in half, while in reality less than 10% have a large share of mothers. In addition, about 60% of fathers want to go home by 19:00, while the actual return time is over 70% after 19:00. I understand.
Source: Cedep Benesse Educational Research Institute, University of Tokyo “Survey on Life and Growth of Infants 2017-2018” In 2018, 2,490 mothers and 2038 fathers with children aged 1 to 6 months Monitor). Reference
■ Started the “My Mikata” campaign to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the first issue
[Image 9


Start my Mikata campaign on the theme of “Let’s increase Mikata! A series of campaigns for posting “Mikata”, which helped with pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, to SNS, and interviews with celebrity teams for childbirth and childcare. Various campaigns that turn Tamahiyo products into mikatas are also being implemented.
26th anniversary special site
■ Tamahiyo’s mail-order SHOP “Team Childcare Support Special Feature” release [Image 10


Released a special collection of products that are easy to use for moms and dads, and are perfect for team childcare! We propose products that are easy to use, such as “bath bath”, “diaper change”,
“sleeping”, etc. To commemorate Tamahiyo SHOP’s 22nd anniversary, a special campaign including a 1000 yen discount coupon is distributed every month on the 2nd day.
■ The 26th anniversary special edition is now on sale! “Tamago Club” “Chick Club”
[Image 11


To commemorate the 26th anniversary, “Feeler Underwear” will be presented to all applicants at “Tamago Club”. A separate appendix of the name dictionary is also attached. In “Hiyoko Club”, there is one “Nyya fleece sleeper” per book, and the hit project “Calendared baby food” is included in a separate appendix. Now on sale.
[Image 12


Over 3 million people * apply!
Baby’s “Named Picture Book” is powered up
An original picture book that is popular as a birth memorial and whose baby name is the main character. If you select a story, you can enter the name of the sibling above and customize it according to your family structure. New designs can be selected, and the power has been increased. In addition to obtaining application forms at 1,700 maternity hospitals nationwide, applications can also be made through the WEB. free. * As of the end of September 2019

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