Release of C-BOT, an alpha version of cloud-based RPA service that is free and easy to use

C-RISE limited company
Release of C-BOT, an alpha version of cloud-based RPA service that is free and easy to use
Make automatic operation more familiar and easier.
C-RISE Co., Ltd. (Head office: Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, Representative Director: Masanori Murai) is a cloud-based RPA service “C-BOT” alpha version service that can be used easily and free of charge even without specialized knowledge. Started on November 8, 2019.
Currently, RPA is attracting attention for business automation, but most of them are targeted at automation of PC application operations. However, business systems (sales management, accounting management, sales support, etc.) that RPA excels at are rapidly shifting to cloud services in recent years, and in the future, demand for business automation on the cloud is expected to increase. Therefore, we focused on automating cloud services, and developed a service that can be used for free in the cloud. C-BOT supports a wide range of business automation, especially for private businesses and small and medium enterprises that have not been able to step into the introduction of RPA.
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[Three features of C-BOT]
Easy to use.
Special knowledge is not required. If you have a browser on your computer or smartphone, you can automatically record your actions. You can use it now.
Automatic processing BOT can be created in 3 minutes from start of use. Free to use.
All the functions currently provided can be used free of charge. [Three types of BOT responsible for automatic processing]
C-BOT manages one operation procedure in units called BOTs (robots) and enables execution on the cloud.
[Image 2

A BOT capable of high-efficiency and high-quality processing using the API (communication procedure) provided by each cloud service. In the future, convenient BOTs such as e-mail transmission, spreadsheet operation, storage management, etc. will be provided sequentially. [Image 3

It is a BOT that can automatically execute operations by automatically recording usual browser operations. No dedicated software is required, and BOT can be created from a smartphone browser.
Automation is also possible for services that do not provide APIs. [Image 4

A-BOT and B-BOT have inputs and outputs. C-BOT is a combination of two or more of them. The possibilities expand by connecting not only A-BOT and B-BOT but also connecting C-BOTs or connecting BOTs released by third parties.
[Future development]
In the alpha version, it will be possible to execute schedules for automated robots and call them as APIs from external systems. This allows you to select an execution method that suits your purpose, such as system linkage or periodic processing.
This service is scheduled to be officially launched in the spring of 2020. After the official release, we plan to provide the A-BOT and C-BOT functions described above.
[C-BOT Alpha version overview]
[Image 5

Service name: C-BOT
Price: Free
【Company Profile】
Company name: C-RISE
Location: Room 101, Tanaka Building, 19 Kyoda, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture Representative: Masanori Murai
Established: July 2005 (Founded: April 1998)
Business description: bPaas business, EMS business, Web system development business
“C-BOT Management Team”
TEL: 076-213-5619 [9: 30-17: 00]

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