UJET, Inc. (UJET) The cloud-type CS solution “UJET” enables “Omotenashi” digital transformation.

UJET, Inc.
Cloud-type CS solution “UJET” enables “Omotenashi” digital transformation -Cloud type customer support solution UJET from Silicon Valley expands business in Japan-

UJET, Inc., (Headquarters: San Francisco, USA, Founder & CEO: Anand Jane Falker) is the next generation cloud-type customer support solution “UJET” in Japan We support Japanese companies aiming to expand and build customer experience (CX) and branding for the “smartphone generation”.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdJdgNSwCk0] Please watch the video with subtitles.
Four features of UJET
Next-generation cloud-type customer support solution specialized for mobile, IVR, chat, SMS, multi-language, multi-country support Makes the best use of smart device functions and enables effective communication within the app using voice, video, and still images Integrated with major CRMs, WFMs, and QMs for real-time data management Native applications and web applications are SDK compatible

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About Japan
According to the Yano Research Institute, the domestic contact center solution market in FY2019 is expected to be 484.7 billion yen, supported by system renewal and operational efficiency, and the market is expected to expand in the future. Also, many consumers focus on mobile and continue to increase demand for reliable and secure multi-channel, while responding efficiently with limited human resources in a severe population decline It is demanded.
Anand Jane Falker, Founder & CEO, said: “Japanese consumers who are familiar with the latest technology are also seeking a customer experience that values“ hospitality ”at the same time. On the other hand, as the shortage of human resources becomes more serious, the importance of digital transformation is We are building and
strengthening seamless customer contact, providing strategic solutions to increase the value and potential of customer support across the enterprise, and providing “Omotenashi” digital transformation. UJET believes that the Japanese market is very important and will hire strategic jobs across the sales, marketing and technical departments to further support and expand our customer base. ”
Participated in Call Center CRM / SVS / Dream Force 2019
I will be visiting the Call Center / CRM Demo & Conference in Ikebukuro, Tokyo from November 13th. In addition, the Silicon Valley New Japan Summit (SVS) will be held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California on the 18th, and the world’s largest software conference will be held in San Francisco on the 19th. We will also exhibit at Dreamforce 2019.
About UJET
This is a next-generation customer support solution that enables a seamless customer experience (customer experience) by cloudizing customer support, the core of connecting customers and businesses. To date, we have supported customer communication work for many companies doing innovative business, such as Google Nest, Johnson & Johnson, and Instagram. Providing multi-channel solutions using the latest cloud technology, maintaining high customer satisfaction, and reducing work burdens to improve employee experience (employee experience) and gain deep trust We are
Please contact us for details. Http://www.getujet.com/
【Company Profile】
Company name: UJET, Inc.
Location: San Francisco, California
Representative: Founder & CEO Anand Jane Falker
Established: 2015
Total funding: 45 million US dollars (approximately 4.9 billion yen): Kleiner Perkins, GV (Google Ventures), City Venture, DCM, etc. [Inquiries from customers]
Japan Division Oshima
TEL: +1 (415) 370-3633 / e-mail: nobu@ujet.co
[Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
Publicity Jason Sofian
e-mail: jason@ujet.co

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