Revolutionize the relaxation industry with CtoC. Call the therapist on your smartphone! Relaxation application “HOGUGU” test release only in Osaka area

Revolutionize the relaxation industry with CtoC. Call the therapist on your smartphone! Relaxation application “HOGUGU” test release only in Osaka area
CtoC service has appeared in the relaxation industry of 10 trillion yen. Developed jointly by C2C PTE. LTD., Which releases a number of CtoC products, with a rapidly growing business trip relaxation group centering on Kansai
C2C PTE. LTD. (Representative: Junji Tsuji, Hideo Murakami / https: // and HOGUGU Co., Ltd. (Representative: Kenichi Hanaoka) (Https:// ”was released in the Osaka area only.
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■ Relaxation industry
The anti-fatigue / healing industry market trend is expected to reach 16 trillion yen in 2020 (4 trillion yen in 2007), which is expected to greatly exceed the current convenience store market size of 9 trillion yen. It is. (* Exhibition: Osaka Industrial Creation Hall seminar materials)
In the relaxation industry, which is becoming a mature market, the number of therapists is increasing as price competition advances. Therefore, contrary to the maturity of the industry, many therapists are forced into a strict working environment of full commission system by subcontracting, which leads to high turnover rate. Against this background, the relaxation industry is now required to “create an environment where therapists can work under appropriate employment conditions according to their abilities”.
C2C PTE. LTD. Has started the relaxation service “HOGUGU” jointly developed with HOGUGU Co., Ltd., which has industry knowledge and know-how. This service is a CtoC service that uses apps, and is expected to lead not only to the activity of the relaxation business, but also to the work style reform and improvement of the position of the therapists.
■ About HOGUGU
HOGUGU is a home-based relaxation service that uses an app. You can easily call a therapist at the end of work at home, between housework and childcare, at a hotel on a business trip, and at the office. The There are two types of functions for calling the therapist: the “Reserve Now” function that allows you to call the therapist right away, and the “Reservation Nomination” function that allows you to nominate the therapist.
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Customers can book a therapist who can perform treatment by entering the location, time, and treatment menu in the app.
A therapist visits your home or hotel
After the treatment, payment is completed with a credit card (in-app online payment)

Management is a major group company in the travel relaxation industry All therapists are pre-screened by the operating company
A therapist with more than 1 year experience in charge of treatment Before performing the procedure, check the precautions during the procedure and ensure a safe and secure service.
The treatment fee is indicated in the app. Reliable fee structure After treatment, quality is guaranteed by mutual evaluation of customers and therapists
■ World that HOGUGU wants to realize
After a test release in Osaka, we plan to release it in the Tokyo area. Currently, we are working on further enhancement of functions such as enhancement of reservation functions and extension of treatment management functions for therapists in preparation for full-scale release.
In particular, the development of a matching algorithm based on treatment evaluation for the therapist, automatic reflection to the treatment unit price, development of dynamic pricing function, etc. We will give priority and contribute to the work style reform of the therapist.
■ Osaka Therapist Recruitment Page
The therapist is registered. Prior application review is required to start using the app.
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■ Inquiries about C2C platform
Name: C2C PTE. LTD.
Established: September 2017
Representative: Yuji Sol, Hideo Murakami (Hideo Murakami)
Location: 10 Anson road # 14-06 International Plaza Singapore Contact: New Pier Takeshiba North Tower 14F, 1-11-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022
TEL: 03-6809-2775
Person in charge: Kenta Hayashi (stoooc)
Business: Provision of CtoC platform services for the world
Customer website:
Therapist website:
* In order to use the app as a therapist, a preliminary examination of the operation is required.
* Please note that even if you download the app, you cannot
immediately start using it as a therapist.
Treatment price: Release special price (6,600 yen for 60 minutes) * Beginning nationwide deployment, we will start providing services from the Osaka area
■ Contact information for HOGUGU
Name: HOGUGU Inc.
Established date: December 2018
Name of representative: Kenichi Hanaoka
Head office location: 1-2-11 Doshumachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka TEL: 06-6220-5551

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