Retty, Inc. Gourmet service Retty, “Retty free shop members” use about 6,000 stores in about six months

Retty Inc.
Gourmet service Retty, “Retty free shop members” use about 6,000 stores in about six months

Retty Co., Ltd. operates the company’s largest real name gourmet service “Retty” (Lettii from the restaurant side free of charge from April 1, 2019 (Monday) We will start providing “Retty Free Shop Members” that can transmit information, and we will inform you that as of the end of October, there were about 6,000 restaurants using the service.
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“Retty free shop members” are accurate to users who want to know the official information such as accurate menus and opening hours that are important when choosing a restaurant and those who are interested It fulfills both the demands of the restaurant side that “want to convey” information.
By using “Retty Free Shop Members” at restaurants, Retty users who are particular about 40 million gourmets a month can not only promote PR with menus, photos of cooking / introspection, catch copy, etc. You will be able to get free marketing information useful for attracting customers, such as whether or not the users around you are accessing your store page on Retty.
Main functions provided by Retty free shop members
■ Store page editing function
Store information such as category, opening hours, number of seats, PR statement, menu, food photo, inside / outside photo, etc. can be posted.
■ Access analysis function
You can check the access status to your store page by month, day, or the last 30 days.
You can also check the monthly browsing ranking in the area, so you can understand the access rankings and trends of your own and rival stores.
[Store page editing function / access analysis function]
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Retty Free Shop Member Registration Information
This service can be used immediately after obtaining an ID and password by registering as a Retty free shop member. * 1
* 1 If you register a new store or modify your phone number from the WEB application form, it will take several days to register. [Image 3


Retty Free Store Member Web Application Form:
■ About “Retty”
Realty word-of-mouth gourmet service “Retty”, which was launched in June 2011, is operated mainly by people who have a strong commitment to gourmets, and submits information about shops they want to recommend on a real name basis. . As a gourmet service that “finds the best shops for yourself”, it has been used by men and women in their 20s and 40s for a wide range of ages. In November 2018, the number of monthly users exceeded 40 million.
In October 2015, we started “Retty Store Member”, a paid service for restaurants, providing effective notifications to Retty users, information on seat availability, and an online reservation
environment that can be used 24 hours a day.
Retty will continue to aim to become a service that will deliver a “finding the best shops” to many people by introducing new functions. ・ Retty restaurant service information page: ・ IPhone application: ・ Android app:
■ Company Profile
Company name Retty Co., Ltd.
Representative Kazuya Takeda, Representative Director
Location: 1-4-1 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Real Estate Azabu Juban Building 3F
Business description: Operation of Japan’s largest real name gourmet gourmet service “Retty”

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