October Mr. Masahiro Ihara, Bit Journey, takes office as a strategic advisor to the octo-development organizat ion that operates the cloud-type construction project management service “& ANDPAD”

Bitjourney Masahiro Ihara is appointed as strategical adviser of Oct Development Co., Ltd. operated by & ANDPAD
Development organization strategy of Octo Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takeo Inada, hereinafter Oct,
https://andpad.jp/), which operates the cloud-type construction project management service “& ANDPAD” I would like to inform you that Mr. Masahiro Ihara of Bitjourney Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masahiro Ihara) has been appointed as an advisor.

From left to right, Executive Officer CDO Daisuke Yamashita, Development Organization Strategic Advisor Masahiro Ihara, Director CTO Kinmochi, Executive Officer VPoE Yuji Shioji
“& ANDPAD” is a platform that promotes workstyle reform and
elimination of labor shortages in the industry, with the mission of making “work” in the construction and construction industry “happy”. Since the release of the service in March 2016, we have provided a cloud-type construction project management service that can be managed in a unified manner from on-site efficiency improvement to management improvement. I am using it and I continue to grow every day. [Background of Masahiro Ihara’s appointment as a development organization strategy advisor]
In order for “& ANDPAD” to continue to grow day by day, development organizations are challenging various issues. In order to face more advanced issues, improve technology and strengthen the organizational structure, Masahiro Ihara, who worked hard to improve Cookpad’s development organization and technical capabilities, will participate as a development organization strategy advisor. It was.
In addition, the company represented by Mr. Ihara is also developing the SaaS business, so we will aim to become a stronger & ANDPAD development organization while stimulating each other.
Mr. Kaneka of CTO consulted with us about the current state of octo’s engineer organization and the challenges he faced, and I felt a strong will to make it an organization that can make better manufacturing. I believe that if we can imagine our vision and aim to reach it and continue to challenge it, we will surely be able to do it, and Octo has them.
In order to realize this, I would like to use all of my knowledge if it is useful, and I would like to be able to support it with little effort.
[Profile of Masahiro Ihara]
Representative Director of Bitjourney Co., Ltd. After serving as development manager at Yahoo Japan Corporation, he worked as a technical manager at Cookpad Co., Ltd. in January 2010, working on improving technical skills and recruiting engineers, and creating the foundations to date. Established Bitjourney Co., Ltd. in January 2015, and is developing an information sharing tool “Kibela” that makes personal transmission the power of the organization. He works as a technical advisor for multiple companies because he wants to make use of his knowledge and experience in creating an organization centered on engineers.
[About “& ANDPAD”]
・ PC site URL: https://andpad.jp/
・ Supported models: iOS (iOS 10.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod touch), Android (4.2 or higher)
“& ANDPAD” is a cloud-type construction project management service that can be managed from the site efficiency to management improvement in a unified manner, and is also registered in the NETIS (New Technology Information System) operated by the MLIT. Especially in construction sites such as private new construction / renovation and commercial construction, it is mainly used for smartphone apps. Currently, it has been installed by more than 1,600 companies and has become the No. 1 share management application.
[About Octo Inc.]
・ Company name: Octo Inc.
・ Representative: Takeo Inada, President
・ Location: 〒101-0022
300, Kanda Neruricho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Sumitomo Real Estate Akihabara Ekimae Building 8F
・ Establishment: September 13, 2012
・ Business description: Development, sales and operation of
construction management and business management system “& ANDPAD” Consulting and development of IT for construction companies
・ URL: http://88oct.co.jp/
■ About adoption
Octo is actively recruiting for each job category, including web engineers. Please visit the following page and feel free to apply if you have any sympathy. Employment page: https://hrmos.co/pages/oct88/jobs

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