GLC Corporation Started recruiting application development partners for IoT platform construction using smart mirror

GL Corporation
Started recruiting application development partners for IoT platform construction using smart mirrors
We are looking for co-creation partners in various fields such as tourism, healthcare, retail and office reception.
GL Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yusuke Kaneko, hereinafter referred to as “GC”), which provides digitization solutions utilizing AI and other advanced technologies, is a reflection of the life-size image it provides. We will start providing an IoT platform that collects service data via the “Smart Mirror 2045”, a large-size touch panel device that can be produced, and co-creates new value such as improving customer experience. We have created a new customer experience by using “Smart Mirror 2045” as an alternative to conventional mirrors and displays in stores, offices and towns. In the future, we will recruit system development partners for Android applications or web services in the following areas in order to support the use of IoT in all facilities throughout Japan to create more convenient services. In addition, we will lend our partner a smart mirror body necessary for development (* 1). [Image 1


Sightseeing: Health care such as chatbots and multilingual call centers for foreigners
Healthcare: Sensing, pulse measurement, health checkup, etc. Cosmetics: virtual makeup, etc.
Apparel: Virtual fitting, etc.
Beauty salon: customer management system, online magazine, etc. Office: Reception system, etc.
Retail stores: Advertising, video distribution, product proposals at retail stores, omnichannel, POS cash register, etc.
Marketing: Image recognition
In particular, we have applications and web services, but we are planning to work with companies looking for hardware devices. (* 1) The number of smart mirrors that can be rented is limited.
■ Merits of co-creation partners
1. Service development cooperation
Our digital consulting team will support consulting related to service development.
2. Free rental of “Smart Mirror 2045”
We will lend “Smart Mirror 2045” free of charge to corporations that have partnered as partners for development.
3. Expand opportunities for providing web services
The developed app can be reached at various sites such as retail stores, offices, and beauty salons where Smart Mirror 2045 is installed.
■ Outline of “Smart Mirror 2045”
This is a life-size touch panel mirror that comes with AndroidOS as standard and can be installed and used with your favorite apps. Create new experiences in stores, offices and towns, replacing traditional mirrors and displays. Currently, it has been introduced in the fields of corporate reception, consumer electronics retailers, digital advertising, makeup, fashion, fitness and games.
Currently, it is introduced in Japan’s first freelance beautician specialized and flat-rate share salon, and linked with communication robots that are active in retail stores such as department stores and company reception, etc., and not only the efficiency of digitalization We are contributing to the creation and provision of new customer experiences.
・ Introduction site:
・ Reference video: [Image 2


■ Main specifications of Smart Mirror 2045
[Image 3


■ “Smart Mirror 2045” case study
There are introduction examples in various industries and business categories, such as department stores, apparel, beauty salons, offices, and cosmetic manufacturers.
[Image 4


■ Inquiries regarding this matter
If you would like to cooperate in the development of an application or web service system on the IoT platform using smart mirror, please contact us from the following inquiry window.
GL Contact Information
■ GL Press Release List
■ GL Company Profile
Company name: GL Corporation
Representative: Yusuke Kaneko
Location: 5-29-20 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Company URL:
Business description: AI business, digital solution business, business consulting business

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