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Blue Prism Co., Ltd. established West Japan Sales Department Responsible for the West Japan region and responding to growing RPA demand ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Blue Prism ([AIM: PRSM], headquarters: London, UK, CEO: Alester Bassgate, Japanese corporation Blue Prism, headquarters: Tokyo, Japan continues to clearly demonstrate its outstanding position in the field of robotic process automation (RPA) Minato-ku, President: Taishi Hase) has established the West Japan Sales Department as a new office in charge of the West Japan region in order to meet the growing demand for RPA. By establishing this sales department, we will further strengthen Blue Prism sales activities, partner collaboration and user support in the West Japan region.
Blue Prism Co., Ltd. West Japan Branch
Address: Osaka City, Kita-ku, Kakutacho, 8-47, Hankyu Grand Building 20th Floor TEL: 06-4560-7831
Business start date: December 2, 2019
As part of sales promotion activities in the West Japan region, we support the following events.
Sponsored by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun “The productivity revolution brought about by the RPA / AI”
Date: Friday, December 6, 2019
Venue: Nihon Keizai Shimbun Osaka Head Office Seminar Room
We are also planning to hold our events and partner events. Please check our event site for details.
We received endorsements from customers and partners for this announcement. “Shimadzu Corporation welcomes the establishment of BluePrism West Japan Sales Department.
We began introducing RPA in 2017 and have been implementing BluePrism mainly for mission-critical operations. We hope that the establishment of a sales office in the West Japan region will facilitate smoother communication and greatly contribute to our business improvement. ” Shimadzu Corporation
Mr. Yasunori Hashimoto, Group Manager, IT Promotion Group, Information System Department, Business System Management
“ABeam Consulting Co., Ltd. welcomes the opening of Blue Prism’s West Japan Sales Department.
Blue Prism products, which retain the functions required by
enterprises, have been combined with business reform services utilizing digital technology that ABeam Consulting has strengths to help improve the productivity of Japanese companies.
We expect that ABeam Consulting, which has offices in Nagoya and Osaka, and the newly established West Japan Sales Department will be able to support the productivity of Japanese companies in the West Japan region, where demands are growing. ”
ABeam Consulting Co., Ltd.
Strategic Business Unit Executive Officer Principal Yoshiki Abe “Big Tree Technology & Consulting Co., Ltd. welcomes the establishment of the West Japan Sales Department of Blue Prism Co., Ltd. A combination of solid and highly scalable Blue Prism and our one-stop support service for customers in the West Japan region. We will support the automation of business and the promotion of digital transformation. ”
Big Tree Technology & Consulting Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Ken Sugiyama
“Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting is working on the use of RPA as an enabler that contributes to organizational and functional
restructuring at the corporate level. In addition, know-how
accumulated based on the experience of introducing RPA for various industries and operations globally.・ Utilizing knowledge, we are promoting smooth RPA introduction.The establishment of Blue Prism Co., Ltd. branch offices in western Japan such as Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka, where many excellent companies have headquarters and our offices are also clients We are delighted to be very encouraging and meaningful to achieve the business goals of our organization and to improve the employee’s job satisfaction and ease of work. ”
Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC
Partner | Yoshinobu Nakamura, Robotics & Intelligent Automation Leader “We are delighted that the opening of the Kansai office will deliver this wonderful technology to more customers, and we are committed to helping that out. Congratulations.”
DXC Technology Japan Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Eizo Takami
“EJ Works Co., Ltd. welcomes Blue Prism’s West Japan Sales Department. Since we are in a position to use, sell and build Blue Prism in-house, we will aim to “increase corporate value” and “work style reform” while providing the value of “essential RPA utilization”. In the future, I would like to work with you to make proposals for using RPA, where demand is expected to increase. ”
EJ Works Inc.
Director Toru Edamatsu, General Manager of Business Management Headquarters “We have the impression that the automation of RPA operations in Japan has made a full circle, but we believe that it will be established in the Japanese business as it goes beyond the temporary boom. Companies that we consult with Otemachi and Marunouchi for some time. In recent years, we have received more contacts from customers all over Japan. In response to this trend, Kansai will also have a base, and we expect further expansion and enhancement of client services. ”
EY Advisory & Consulting Co., Ltd.
Intelligent Automation Leader Partner: Masashi Takahashi
“Fuji Soft Co., Ltd. congratulates Blue Prism Co., Ltd. for opening the West Japan Sales Department.
System integration power, which is our strength, and high security, governance function, which is the strength of Blue Prism,
We are confident that we can provide additional value to our customers by combining cost merit. In the West Japan region as well, we have great expectations that the synergies between the two companies will be maximized to develop a high-value-added RPA business. ”
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer Seito Arai
“Congratulations on the establishment of the West Japan Sales Department. We have many sales offices in the West Japan area, Having a service base, we will strengthen activities in the West Japan area in response to rising RPA demand. ”
Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
Managing Executive Officer Masayoshi Ogawa
“IBM Japan welcomes the announcement of Blue Prism, Inc.’s opening of the West Japan Sales Department. IBM Corporation and Blue Prism are committed to providing solutions to customers around the world through a strong partnership over many years. IBM Japan has signed a Blue Prism contract to support the digitization and automation efforts that are the core of its management base.
Based on this announcement, IBM Japan will deliver services that contribute to improving the business value of Japanese customers in order to deliver further value to Japanese customer companies. ” IBM Japan, Ltd.
Executive Officer Global Business Services Division
Mr. Mika Gazuma, in charge of cloud application innovation
“Congratulations on the establishment of the West Japan Office. I sincerely wish you all the best prosperity and good health. ” NEC Nexus Solutions Co., Ltd.
Kansai Branch President Akira Fujii
“We are delighted to welcome the opening of the West Japan Sales Department of BluePrism Co., Ltd.
Our company (Nissho Electronics Co., Ltd.) has just been working on strengthening its technical, support and sales aspects to meet RPA demand throughout Japan, including the West Japan region. We will work with the West Japan Sales Department to make the most of RPA’s technology and solve customer’s real problems. ”
Nissho Electronics Corporation
Mr. Akihide Toyama, General Manager, Digital Labor Promotion Department, DX Second Business Division
“Q & A Works welcomes Blue Prism’s new base in the West Japan area. Market needs in RPA are now expanding from central to national. We are confident that we can provide services that match the cross-industry market by cooperating with the “RoboRoid” DX introduction support service menu provided by our company as a partner of Blue Prism. We will continue to promote the digital transformation of customers in western Japan through the partnership of Blue Prism. ”
Q & A Works Inc.
Ryuichi Ikebuchi, President and Representative Director
“I would like to express my sincere congratulations on the
establishment of the Western Japan Sales Department of Blue Prism Co., Ltd.
We are also promoting the spread of Enterprise RPA with Blue Prism Co., Ltd. through sales of Blue Prism and various services related to its introduction. With the opening of the West Japan Sales Department this time, we hope to further cooperate with Blue Prism Co., Ltd. to help solve problems related to business automation for many companies. ”
Tokyo System House Co., Ltd.
Managing Director Toru Matsuura
“Toshiba Information Systems welcomes the opening of BluePrism Corporation West Japan Sales Department.
The demand for RPA is also increasing in the West Japan region. We want to accelerate sales activities together to solve customer issues. We are confident that every solution from Blue Prism will meet your expectations and provide additional value. ”
Toshiba Information System Corporation
Mr. Jun Sahara, General Manager, SI Solution Division
that’s all
About Blue Prism
It is not uncommon for new entrants to transform the market. Only companies that can survive and succeed in this digital era are able to respond accurately and quickly, and innovate according to the situation. Blue Prism, the world’s first developer of robotic process automation (RPA), has been adopted by Fortune 500 companies and public institutions as reliable and safe intelligent automation. Now, Blue Prism offers connected-RPA, supported by the Digital Exchange (DX) app store, to help enterprise digital innovators gain the power of innovation.
Blue Prism’s connected-RPA enables automation of mission-critical operations, allowing employees to focus on more creative and meaningful work. Currently, more than 1,500 enterprise customers are using Blue Prism’s digital workforce in the cloud or on-premise, and in Thoughtonomy SaaS provided by Blue Prism, resulting in hundreds of millions of hours being returned to the business. Billions of processes have been automated.
For more information on Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), visit Follow Blue Prism on Twitter Blue_Prism_JP and LinkedIn.
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