Monex Securities Co., Ltd. Substantial free application fees when purchasing investment trusts

Monex Securities Inc.
Substantial free application fees when purchasing investment trusts -Transaction fees for margin transactions (ETF and REIT, etc.) are also virtually free-
Monex Securities Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuko Kiyoaki, hereinafter “Monex Securities”) will begin application fees (including tax) when purchasing investment trusts from Monday, January 6, 2020 (planned) Will be cashed back in full. In addition, we will inform you that the transaction fee (including tax) for margin transactions (ETF, REIT, etc.) will be fully cashed back from Monday, December 9, 2019 (planned).
Currently, about 70% of the investment trusts handled by Monex Securities are no-load (no application fee at the time of purchase), but the remaining investment trusts, including NISA accounts, are fully cashed back to purchase all the investment trusts handled. The application fee is virtually free. In addition, approximately 330 transaction fees for margin transactions such as REITs currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange will be cashed back to make it virtually free.
Monex Securities’ business structure from the traditional “broker service model” that collects commissions for securities transactions to the “asset management service model” that rewards customers for services that support asset formation and asset management We are trying to convert.
By creating an environment that makes it easier for customers to make transactions, including the realization of this fee-free service, we will also develop new high-value-added services that support the growth of customer assets. We will promote business structure change. For details, please see the Monex website
In the future, Monex will continue to create a new “future of money” with creativity based on new ideas and perspectives that go beyond the conventional framework, as stated in the brand statement “For Creative Minds” announced by the Monex Group in November 2018. We will always propose.
that’s all
[About fees and risks]
When dealing with products handled by Monex, etc., certain fees and expenses may be borne by each product.
In addition, there is a risk of loss in each product due to price fluctuations. In margin trading, futures / options trading, foreign exchange margin trading and exchange CFD (click 365), you may lose more than the security / margin (principal) you put in. Fees and risks associated with transactions for each product vary from product to product. For details, please be sure to read the “Documents issued before signing the contract”, “Listed securities documents”, “Prospectus”, “Prospectus supplementary documents”, “Important matters such as risks and fees”, etc., posted on the Monex website. . [About Monex Securities, Inc.]
Financial Instruments Business Operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau Director (Kinsho) No.165
Member Associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Financial Futures Trading Association, Japan Investment Advisors Association

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