The last event in Okinawa in the renewal year! Renewal of 1,000 tsubo at the site of Mitsukoshi in Okinawa! “Naha Market” is pre-opening from October 23! Okinawa Kokusai Street Goodwill Street Opened on December 16th! All stores will open in February

Spice Works Holdings Co., Ltd.
The last event in Okinawa in the renewal year! Renewal of 1,000 tsubo at the site of Mitsukoshi in Okinawa! “Naha Market” is pre-opening from October 23! Okinawa Kokusai Street Goodwill Street Opened on December 16th! All stores will open in February 2020!
I like the climate of Okinawa, I like the people of Okinawa, and I have been in business for 6 years. I tried to make the local people experience a new food culture so as not to compete with existing restaurants. This time from all over Japan! Create an unprecedented facility
As an Okinawa Mitsukoshi, we had a connection with the former site that had been operating along Kokusai Street for 44 years since 1970. Spices of Minamijima Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Spice Works Holdings Co., Ltd. (head office: Tokyo, representative: Wataru Shitono) (Osaka Office: Matsuo, Naha City) will be opened in 3 steps, aiming for a store that is required by local people in Okinawa. On October 23, 2019, 7 stores on the 1st floor “Naha Market” will open secretly! On December 16th, two sections as “Okinawa Kokusai Street Goodwill Street” will open for the first time! On February 1st, 2020, two underground facilities will also be opened to welcome the grand opening!
Please enjoy the Food Hall of Fame! !
[Image 1


Overall appearance
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Because the location is the center of Kokusai Street, a special class A class, this store was requested by many electronics stores, drug stores, and small plastic fast fashion stores that everyone knows well. However.
However, the intention of Ryubo Shoji, the owner of the building, wants to use this land to revitalize the Okinawa economy! ! When we had a strong feeling that it was difficult to reach a contract, we agreed to produce that.
How to make “Kokusai street” where only tourists can no longer walk along the streets, enjoy drinking locals, making Japanese tourists want to come and foreigners are also worried about ? ?
It is a compilation of the projects that have been done so far! [Image 3



[Image 4


Kokusai Street Yokocho

Kokusai Street Yokocho
・ Yokocho, a collection of delicious foods from all over Japan 11 store lineup

◎ 1 division: “Okinawa Soul Food Jamu”
We are proud of a menu that pursues deliciousness by adding new cooking methods to Okinawa cuisine that takes care of the basics and traditions.
[Image 5



◎ 2 divisions: “Jiromaru”
Customized yakiniku of your choice as much as you want. Always over 30 A4-A5 rank Japanese beef parts
Counter-style yakiniku that can be ordered from 1 plate (from ¥ 30). [Image 6


Kushikatsu Tanaka

◎ 3 divisions: “Kushikatsu Tanaka”
Speaking of Osaka people’s soul food, Speaking of Osaka with a focus on skewer cutlet! You can easily enjoy a dish called Izakaya! Adults and children can enjoy.
◎ 4 divisions: “Beef tongue Iroha”
A general izakaya with beef tongue as the main axis. Beef tongue can be enjoyed in any shape! !
[Image 7


◎ 5 divisions: “Yakitori Gou”
Nothing is better than a tavern where you don’t have to wear shoulders and elbows! And 180 Yen “Yakitori” and Okinawan food.

◎ 6 divisions: “God pig”
You can enjoy yakiton, vegetable roll skewers, shabu-shabu, baked Okinawa original goo pork with original salt.
[Image 8



◎ 7 divisions: “Porkman”
A famous store in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, where pork is the main ingredient and Okinawa cuisine is added. Enjoy grilled meats such as Yamaharajima pork and Yamahara young chicken on teppanyaki! Many of Okinawa’s famous dishes are also attractive.

[Image 9


Awarded for the third consecutive year
◎ 8 divisions: “Kazufuku Kagawa”
A well-divided store of Kifuku Kanda of Michelin Tokyo Bib Gruma that has continued the flow of “Ichifuku”, a udon shop in Kagawa that has been loved for over 20 years.
Topic udon tavern landed in Okinawa for the first time!
◎ 9 divisions: Mucho
Alcoholic Tacos, a genuine Mexican soft taco, and a sake BAR centered on fried chicken. From tequila that can not be tasted elsewhere to full cocktails
Wide lineup.
◎ 10 divisions: “Rocky Kanai”
“Seriously and fool honest”. The food is generous and energetic, and the cost is next to the second … It is a public bar where you can drink without decorating.
[Image 10


◎ 11 divisions: “Fried sake, fish sushi, big catch”
This is a popular sushi bar that makes you want to drink liquor unintentionally. [Image 11


Naha Market

“Naha Market”
Naha Market opened at the end of October as soon as possible. This is not only for wholesale and retail purchase of ingredients related to Okinawa, but there are also wholesale-operated shops that cook these fresh ingredients and you can eat at exceptional value! ***** Lineup of Naha Market *****
“Freshly operated by fresh fish shop” Okifuku fresh fish shop: Okinawan fresh fish and delicacies with a focus on tuna.
Mizutomi butcher shop: Wagyu beef sold in small portions from a showcase with A4 and A5 Wagyu beef blocks can be purchased in small quantities. A dedicated roaster seat allows you to make “barbecue” on the spot.
Okinawa steak: “Obutasan steak house” “Cospa of shock! Steak & hamburger with 300g 1,000 yen”, provided at the lowest price in Okinawa for 300g 1,000 yen (excluding tax).
Naha Market Wholesale Center: Wholesale and retail sales of meat and fish with the aim of “Responsible for good things!
Makishi chicken store Chicken heart: A shop that mainly serves Okinawan chicken and one-off menu with mainly charcoal-grilled chicken using chicken from Okinawa. You can also take out.
Ozenmae: An authentic Edo Mausoleum using Okinawan seafood, with its head office located in Tsukiji, Tokyo.
Izumiya Hotel: Rare from all over Japan, we carefully select famous sake and shochu that you want to drink.
Lost old public market again! You can eat not only fish but also steak! ! We are waiting for you at 7 stores!
[Image 12


Ryukyu Yokocho

“ Ryukyu Yokocho ”
・ Enjoy Okinawan ingredients and Okinawan cuisine including specialty stores famous in Okinawa
[Image 13


Original Ramen Yokocho

“Ganso Ramen Yokocho”
・ Good news for Okinawans who like ramen! ! For the first time, a collection of ramen that can be enjoyed by several stores that can enjoy each feature in Okinawa is completed!
Dividing 1,000 tsubo into 4 sections, each person visiting Kokusai Street is happy! pleasant! !
More than 30 stores, including merchandise sales, are planned to be visited. Besides that, street entertainers who will always have a fun experience when they come here will excite your drinks! !
[Image 14


1st floor facade up

**** Detailed information on facilities and project plans **** Facility name: Kokusai Street Goodwill Street
Address: 2-2-30 Makishi Naha City Okinawa Prefecture 900-0013 12.5B1F 1F
Employer: Spice Works Holdings
Design company: And Spice Co., Ltd.
Floor area: Approximately 1,000 tsubo
H.P (from December 6th): Instagram: Application download URL (December 10th: Open benefits can be downloaded from here! Please register)
What is Spice Works Holdings
In addition to 38 restaurants, 90 stores and one facility nationwide, it has been revitalizing the city and buildings with more than 200 results per year, such as interior, construction and production of food collectives. It is one of the few companies that can do everything related to food in one stop.
In the food and beverage industry, with the motto of “Minor
ingredients as major, Major as standard” and “Regeneration and reconstruction of obsolete business formats”
We think that creating socially meaningful things is what we should be, and we operate every day.
Up to now, planning and operation of food assemblies such as Shibuya Meat Yokocho, Seiseki Sakuragaoka Meat Center, Yokohama Hama Yokocho, and Noren Street (Himeji, almost Shinjuku, Tokyo Otsuka, Kabukicho) (sometimes only the entire interior design) I worked with my friends to revitalize the city.
In 2018, 12 group companies were integrated into a holding company. There are currently 23 group companies.
Creation: May 2006
Representative Director and President: Wataru Shimotono

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