Medopia Co., Ltd. Releases a new function that can simultaneously receive prescription data sent from a family pharmacy support service “kakari” application from FAX

Medpia Corporation
Released a new function that can simultaneously receive prescription data sent from the family pharmacy support service “ kakari ” application from FAX
Unification of prescriptions via fax enables smooth introduction of kakari ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Medpia Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yo Ishimi) has recently released the “simultaneous fax reception” function as a new function of the “kakari” family pharmacy support service for pharmacies. This is a function that allows the pharmacy to confirm the prescription sent by the patient on “kakari” and at the same time automatically sends it to the fax in the pharmacy. With the release of this new function, pharmacies will be able to incorporate
prescriptions received via “ kakari ” into the work flow for receiving prescriptions via fax in the past. kakari “can be introduced and used smoothly.
* Click here for “kakari,” a support service for family pharmacies:
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Under the mission of “Supporting Doctors, Helping Patients.”, We have developed our business centered on “MedPeer”, a community site dedicated to doctors, where 120,000 doctors (1 out of 3 doctors in Japan) participate. Kakari, a family pharmacy support service, began in June 2019 with the aim of supporting pharmacies that have been helping doctors since their founding, but are forced to change to play an important role in future medical care. Is now available. In addition, we will enter into a business alliance agreement with Nichi-Iko Co., Ltd. on November 12, 2019, and accelerate the spread of “kakari” through joint sales expansion with the company.
In order to accelerate the spread of “kakari”, it is necessary to reduce the burden on “kakari” member stores. Therefore, focusing on the fact that pharmacies have been receiving prescriptions via fax, we decided to provide a function that automatically sends prescriptions sent from the kakari app to the fax specified by the pharmacy. This function eliminates the need to print prescriptions received by kakari merchants via kakari, and makes it possible to prevent omissions by unifying prescriptions and other prescriptions. .
About support service “kakari” for family pharmacy
“Kakari” is a service that supports the “family-care” of patients based on the concept of “ordinary pharmacies and your“ family pharmacies ””. It consists of a smartphone application for patients that connects pharmacies and patients and a pharmacy system for pharmacies. For patients, pharmacies can be used as a repeater (family) so that pharmacies can be used more conveniently and with peace of mind. The following functions are provided to connect. 1. When you open the app, “Home Pharmacy” is displayed on the entire home screen “Kakari” is an application that is recommended to patients at the store to make the pharmacy a family pharmacy. The patient simply downloads the app and enters the code for the member pharmacy. Every time you open the app, the information on your home pharmacy is displayed on the full home screen, and you can immediately send medication consultations and prescriptions.
2. Continue support for patients even after coming to the station with “medicine follow-up support” and “medicine consultation / CRM” functions
Patient follow-up to patients can be easily implemented through the app with only pre-configuration in the system. In addition, patients can consult with pharmacists at any time via chat, and pharmacies can provide continuous support after dispensing. The chat function can also be used as a CRM function to send messages from pharmacies to patients, such as event notifications.
3. Eliminate waiting time with the “Prescription Send / In-Store Check-in” function
When a patient receives a prescription at the hospital, immediately after opening the app, the patient can “send prescription” to the pharmacy that has been registered with a simple operation, reducing the waiting time at the pharmacy. In addition, if you use the Monzen pharmacy in the immediate vicinity of the hospital, you can use the “Store Check-in” function to receive notifications when the medicine is finished with the app.
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The pharmacy’s “family-care” is to narrow down the number of dispensing pharmacies to which patients receive medication. “Kakari” is a function that connects pharmacies and patients, providing “convenience” and “relief” other than the location where you want to go to the pharmacy. We realize to choose as “family pharmacy”. [Image 3

[About Medpia Corporation]
Under the mission of “Supporting Doctors, Helping Patients.”, We operate a doctor-only community site “MedPeer” where 120,000 doctors (1 out of 3 domestic doctors) participate to support doctors’ clinical practice and career. From 2019, support services for pharmacies and pharmacists will also be offered. The entire group is developing various health care services that make use of a specialist network, such as “first call” for industrial health support services for corporations, “Diet Plus”, a dietary coaching service for registered dietitians, and specific health guidance.
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