Sports brand FILA bespoke item is newly introduced from Felicimo “IEDIT”

Felissimo Co., Ltd.
Sports brand FILA bespoke item newly appeared from Felicimo “IEDIT” Sports mix coordinates that you want to wear with setup

The fashion brand “IEDIT”, developed by Felissimo, announced a bespoke item for the well-established sports brand FILA and started selling on the web on November 25th. One of the latest trends from spring and summer, this is a new item that allows you to dress up a sport mix in a mature and beautiful way. You can see it on IEDIT official website and digital catalog.
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Details of new items
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Appearance that looks rough and has an adult face, a suitable sports look A clean top with a hem cut with a suede-like cut-and-sew material. In a relaxed atmosphere and a comfortable atmosphere just by wearing a silhouette of falling shoulders. The V-neck that makes the décolleté beautifully upgrades the sporty taste to a ready-made item. FILA’s “F” embroidery in the right skirt is a casual point. Whether you are in or out of the bottoms, you can enjoy both thicknesses. On the right skirt is FILA’s “F” embroidery.
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[NEW] IEDIT FILA bespoke different material switching clean sweat tops
1 sheet ¥ 4,200 + tax
Product details and online application Soft cut-and-sew with cotton blend. The sleeve is a back bore cut-and-sew with a suede-like surface. With FILA’s piss name.
[Image 4

An elegant skirt with a beautiful silhouette
A sweat skirt made from a soft and clean cut-and-sew fabric. An I-line with a beautiful vertical silhouette and a good mimore length that doesn’t show too much skin. In addition to the comfort, a
three-dimensional pattern that softly fits the body of the woman and a slit in the back hem creates a casual sweat item in a form suitable for an adult woman. FILA logo on the elastic waist. You can wear it with FILA bespoke tops made of the same material, or with items such as color knit.
[Image 5

[NEW] IEDIT FILA Bespoke Clean Sweat I Line Skirt 1 sheet ¥ 4,200 + tax
Product details and online application A soft cut-and-sew material. [Image 6

You can understand the good quality, enjoy the fashion like yourself, and balance the feeling and femininity properly. We will deliver the correct answer style that will make a busy woman shine more. [IEDIT = [i / I] + [edit / edit] Edit your own freedom, make your ideal female image and fashionable, and become a “fashion concierge” that will enhance your feelings and lifestyle IEDIT wants to help you. ・ Website ・ Instagram (@iedit_felissimo) Hashtag is # edit
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* If you cannot use “0120”, such as a mobile phone, use the number that starts with “0570”.
* Telephone calls from customers are recorded to confirm and record the contents of orders.
* “0570” call charge is 10 yen (excluding tax) per 20 seconds. * PHS and some IP phones may not be available.
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Company name: Felicimo Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 59 Naniwa-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0035, Japan Representative: President and Representative Director Kazuhiko Yazaki Securities code: TSE 1st section 3396
Founded: May 1965
Business description: Direct marketing business that sells products developed in-house to consumers throughout the country through catalogs and websites
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