The information site “CUCURU” for women in the Tokai area collaborates with the promotion site “Okazaki Re naissance” in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture!

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The information site “CUCURU” for women in the Tokai area collaborates with the promotion site “Okazaki Renaissance” in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture!
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The information site “CUCURU” in the Tokai area operated by CBC TV Co., Ltd. (President Naoki Hayashi) has recently started collaborating with the city promotion site “Okazaki Renaissance” in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.
A CUCURU writer living in the Tokai area interviewed Okazaki City from various viewpoints to create an article, which has been published in “Okazaki Renaissance” since November this year.
About “CUCURU” (
An information site for women closely linked to the Tokai area of ​​Aichi, Gifu and Mie. In addition to the latest local trends, the latest gourmet food, discount information, etc., information useful for women living in the Tokai area, such as beauty, recipes, life hacks, and childcare. Is packed.
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About “Okazaki Renaissance” ( Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture is a city where people gather and have vitality. Is doing.
“Okazaki Renaissance” is a concept of city promotion, and the official website “Okazaki Renaissance” regularly sends information to convey the appeal of Okazaki to many people.
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[About collaboration between Okazaki City and CUCURU]
Since the launch of the site in November 2016, the CUCURU editorial department has appointed a number of local writers to quickly deliver seasonal information on the Tokai area. Writer focuses on information unique to the local area, and the writer makes use of each field of expertise and makes articles.
Among them, there are writers who are from or living in Okazaki City, as well as a number of writers who are aware of the charm of Okazaki while living in the neighboring area and actively gathering coverage, and the CUCURU editorial department is also paying attention. This is an area.
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Therefore, we thought that it would be possible to convey the further appeal of Okazaki City by publishing information collected by CUCURU writers in “Okazaki Renaissance”, which will lead to the activation of the region.

An amusement park where you can play for less than 100 yen !?
[Articles to be published in the future]

Information that is useful to know and information that allows you to enjoy everyday life in Okazaki

Introducing about childcare support, groups such as mom circles, and education that schools in the city work on.

Introducing Okazaki’s classic outing spots to the latest outing spots. There are places where you want to take photos.

Introducing famous gourmet spots, soul foods in Okazaki, and the latest sweets. Information on fashionable cafes.

Introducing the history unique to Okazaki, the birthplace of Ieyasu Tokugawa, and the traditional culture that is still handed down. The CUCURU editorial department will continue to make people who are involved in Okazaki City think “I didn’t know, I want to know more”, and those who don’t know Okazaki City will be “fun and comfortable to live in. We will send information that you can think of as a “town”. Please expect it.
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