New Kind Conclusion of basic agreement on package development for edge data center construction (Neukind Co., Ltd.)

New kind
Conclusion of basic agreement on package development for edge data center construction (Neukind Co., Ltd.)
IoT × Blockchain Neukind Co., Ltd. (New Kind) and Zofuku Co., Ltd., which handles real estate property information using NFT, use NFT and smart contracts to create edge data centers in empty spaces in urban areas. We will inform you that we have signed a basic agreement on the development of a package to build.
With the advent of new Internet technologies such as 5G, IoT devices, autonomous driving, drones and robots, demand for data centers in the edge environment is emerging, not just in the public cloud.
At Neukind, we are developing serverless architectures for edge environments as well as full-node devices on the blockchain. By jointly developing an edge data center package with Zofuku that can be installed in a space adjacent to a crowded area, we will provide an environment optimized for new and anticipated technologies.
When using computing resources dynamically, edge data centers are inferior in performance compared to public clouds, but Neukind offers a solution that specializes in serverless architecture to reduce costs. , We believe we can provide an advantage in terms of energy consumption efficiency.
For the growing number of IoT devices, processing everything in the public cloud is not sufficient in terms of real-time performance and the number of simultaneous connections. On the other hand, the edge data center can be installed near the device to be used, so
communication delay can be reduced. In addition, it is possible to scale while keeping costs down by distributing it to many neighboring devices.
With regard to payment of fees, M2M micropayments are expected to increase, so we are aiming to build a highly reliable system that reduces costs by processing payments with smart contracts using blockchain.
We believe that Zofuku’s NFT token as an edge data center operation license will be a step in a decentralized society. For a huge Internet monopoly company called “GAFA”, we believe that it is very socially beneficial for each person to easily own and operate a data center. Neukind and Zofuku will use blockchains to promote the use of space in line with social changes and contribute to building a decentralized society that is resilient to disasters.
● Service flow
Edge data center operators wish to purchase licenses from Neukind. Zofuku will support the creation of smart contracts by converting the license rights to NFT.
Neukind will build an edge data center for licensed operators. Neukind provides developers with serverless services at the edge data center. Licensed operators receive sales from edge data centers that operate according to smart contracts.
● Application / Inquiry
[Image 1


Edge data center
● What is an edge data center?
An edge data center is a data center installed in the vicinity of users who use it, and can reduce communication latency (delay) compared to a public cloud data center installed in a remote location. In addition, since it is practically possible to decentralize to hundreds to thousands of locations, it becomes possible to push forward sufficient decentralization, which was difficult with conventional data centers, and it is possible to build a system that is more resistant to disasters. The
● What is a serverless architecture?
It is a system configuration that can execute code without installing a server literally. By eliminating the need for server management, you can focus on application development. In addition, since only the amount that was executed is charged, unnecessary costs can be reduced.
● What is NFT?
NFT (Non-fungible Token) is a unique token that has different characteristics. Since there is no exactly the same real estate in the world, you can issue NFT linked to each property data and real estate usage rights. By issuing an NFT of real estate, you can prove the real estate in a form that cannot be tampered with, and you can easily conduct transactions such as transfer of rights. In addition, since transactions with overseas companies are quicker, we can expect real estate liquidity to increase.

[Image 2


● Zofuku
Zoufuku offers a service that makes it easy to purchase NFT for property ownership and usage rights. Having NFT is proof that you are a contractor / owner and you can use real estate. NFT purchases can be handled not only in legal currency (Fiat) but also in virtual currency (cryptographic assets), so it is possible to seamlessly approach overseas licensing companies. We aim to create a society that simplifies transactions by digitizing the rights of real estate, including idle assets, and enables smooth and effective use of real estate that is based on blockchain technology and cannot be tampered with.
[Image 3


● Neukind (New Kind)
NewKind provides block node full node device “NeuNode” that operates in an edge cloud environment. By using the Proof of Stake (PoS: Proof of Stake) function of the installed blockchain, the node itself can make a profit, so it can cover the operating cost of the full node. In addition, as a “Node as a Service”, a service that allows anyone to easily build an autonomous distributed business model by utilizing a vertically integrated service of hardware + software + service. Developing.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Zofuku Co., Ltd.
Business description: Real estate digital business
Location: 7th floor, Hongo Shintoku Building, 3-38-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Name of representative: Yasuaki Arakura
Telegram (Announements):
Company name: Neukind Co., Ltd.
Location: 7th floor, Hongo Shintoku Building, 3-38-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
Business description: Development of IoT devices using blockchain Representative Name: Makoto Watanabe

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