Momotani Juntenkan Co., Ltd. Announcement of our researcher on application of flora controller-Japan-France seminar Pasteur Institute Pascal Kosar visit event-

Momotani Juntenkan Co., Ltd.
Researcher Announcement of Applied Research on Flora
Controller-Japan-France Seminar Pasteur Institute Pascal Kosal’s event in Japan-
Adjust the balance of bacteria and “symbiotic with bacteria” ……………………………………………………………………………………………
The Momotani Juntenkan Group (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Seiichiro Momotani), which has been pursuing beauty and health since its founding 135 years, is a Pasteur Research Institute, a prominent intestinal bacteria researcher. Gave a lecture on the application research of flora controller at the event (11/13) in Japan.
We do not “sterilize” all bacteria, but consider it as one of the barrier functions of the skin, and promote research centering on “symbiosis”. Based on this idea, as a follow-up report on acne bacteria, which is said to be the cause of acne and is said to protect the skin, we announced its application to cosmetics.

■ Cosmetics application research on acne bacteria
We have already discovered an ingredient that has the effect of suppressing bad bacteria in acne bacteria and increasing the ratio of good bacteria (skin fungus). The results on skin effect and
persistence were also given, and I gave a lecture with the data.
■ About the Momotani Research Institute Flora Research
The Momotani Research Institute was newly established in 2017 to bring about innovation through industry-government-academia joint research. We are conducting research on flora based on the idea of ​​“symbiosis” instead of “sterilizing” bad bacteria.
As a result of research on acne bacteria, the most common bacterial species in the skin flora, we received the “Topics Award” at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Agricultural Chemistry for basic research on acne bacteria. After that, we continued our research and reported on applied research for the first time.
Our company was founded in 1885 by “Acne Tomi Facial Water”, which was founded by the founder to cure his acne in 1885. It is a skin lotion that incorporates Western medicine for the first time in the industry. Now, more than 130 years later, I am researching a new approach to “balance the bacteria”.
■ About this coming to Japan event
This lecture was a visit to Japan in conjunction with the publication of the Japanese version of Pascal Cossall’s book “Future
Microbiology”. Global researchers talked about cutting-edge bacterial research. Hosted by ASEAN-JAPAN Genome Medical Research Promotion Council (Representative: Toru Nakanishi / Professor of Shigemi University) and the Japan Pasteur Foundation (Tokyo), the past Japan Pasteur Foundation lecture was only held in Tokyo, but in Tokyo In addition, it was held for the first time in Okayama Prefecture. Pascal Kosal gave a lecture that bacteria and our health are closely related, and we need “symbiosis” instead of unavoidably eliminating them.
* Pascal Kosar
One of the advocates of “cell microbiology”, a world-renowned bacteriologist who has clarified various molecular strategies that Listeria uses for its host.
Born in 1948.
In 1971, he received a master’s degree from Georgetown University. In 1977, he received his doctorate from Paris University 7.
1997-2005 Professor of Pasteur Institute
Special professor since 2006. Currently head of the Bacteria-Cell Interaction Research Unit.
In 2016, he became the lifetime secretary of the French Academy of Sciences. 1998 L’Oreal UNESCO Women Science Award,
He received numerous awards including the 2007 Robert Koch Award and the 2013 Barzan Award.

The Momotani Juntenkan Group has been pursuing beauty and health since its establishment in 1885 (Meiji 18).
The group slogan is “Thinking Forward for Beauty-Dreaming about the future of beauty-” and we are managing a group consisting of four companies.
With the corporate philosophy of “Contributing to the happiness of people through the creation of beautiful skin with a heart”, we aim to be a corporate group that comprehensively provides beauty in Japan and overseas by further evolving our technical and quality capabilities cultivated with a long history. , Continue corporate activities. List of news releases from Momotani Juntenkan Group
■ Momotani Juntenkan Co., Ltd. [Head office location] 1-4-1 Uemachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
[Okayama factory location] 629-1 Yonezawa, Wake-cho, Wake-gun, Okayama [Founding] June 1885
[Capital] 99 million yen
[Business description] Manufacture, sale and import / export of cosmetics, etc. [President and CEO] Seiichiro Momotani
■ Light color cosmetics
[Founding] December 1993
[Capital] 10 million yen
[Business description] Sales of cosmetics, etc.
[President and CEO] Seiichiro Momotani
■ Cosmetec Japan Co., Ltd.
[Founding] December 1993
[Capital] 10 million yen
[Business description] Manufacturing and sales of cosmetics, etc./OEM business [Representative Director and CEO] Kensuke Fujimoto
■ Shanghai Momotani Juntenkan Cosmetics Trading Co., Ltd.
[Founding] November 2007
[Capital] 40 million yen
[Business description] Import / export and sales of cosmetics, etc. [General Manager and General Manager] Manabu Hattori

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