KUSURU Co., Ltd. starts joint training for new graduates in 2020, specializing in front end for multiple companies

KUSURU Co., Ltd. starts joint training for new graduates in 2020, specializing in front end for multiple companies

KUSURU Corporation has been training newcomers every year for over 100 people for major IT companies for over 10 years.
Using these newcomer training know-how, we will start a newcomer training course jointly organized by multiple companies specializing in the front end for new graduates in FY2020.
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Training scene
KUSURU receives training requests and consultations from various companies every year.
I often hear the following opinions.
“I want to know exactly what level of technology a new graduate has.” “It ’s so busy that I ca n’t take care of it.”
“I have business training, but I would like to see the technology somewhere in the same way.”
“If you are alone, you don’t have enough budget to ask for technical training.” In light of this situation, we started training that allows even one person to participate for customers who have difficulty in training alone.
[Characteristics of front-end joint training]
・ You can participate from 1 person
Since multiple companies gather in one classroom, it is possible to participate from one person.
・ Lecturers are active creators
You can learn all the front-end technologies (design, HTML / CSS, JavaScript) used in web production.
・ Find your technology by moving your hands
The instructor will give feedback on the production, so you can effectively acquire the technology.
For example, the design points out differences in pixel units such as text filling and layout.
In addition, reviews are performed at the source code level for programming. ・ Create a performance report for each participant
For each participant, a report is created from a comprehensive point of view, including not only feedback on the product, but also technical suitability for future department assignments.
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Training scene
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Training scene
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Individual guidance
[Course Outline]
There are 3 courses available. You can take it all, or you can take only one course. Learn 7 hours x 10 days a day.
Web design (2 weeks 70 hours)
◯ Tool
・ How to use Photoshop
・ How to use Illustrator
◯ Design basics
・ Layout
・ Color scheme
◯ Website design
・ Website planning
・ Create site map
・ Wire frame creation
・ Website design
・ Smartphone site design
◯ Create assignment
・ Web and smartphone site creation
HTML / CSS (70 hours for 2 weeks)
・ How to use tags
・ HTML validation
・ Using selectors and properties
・ Style priority
・ Box model
・ Layout exercise (flexbox)
・ Position
Css animation
◯ jQuery plug-in
・ Introduction of slider
◯ Create assignment
・ Responsive site creation
JavaScript (70 hours for 2 weeks)
◯ Programming basics
・ If
・ Function
・ Array
・ For etc.
◯ jQuery
・ How to use selectors and properties
・ HTML and CSS operations
・ API connection
◯ git
・ How to use git
◯ Create assignment
・ TODO application creation
You can check the detailed schedule and curriculum here.
[Course fee]
Whole 3 courses (210 hours)
・ Learn all about design, HTML and JavaScript.
・ ¥ 510,000 per person + tax (15% off single course)
2 selected courses (140 hours)
・ Choose two courses you like.
・ 360,000 yen per person + tax (10% off single course)
Single course (70 hours)
・ Choose one course you like
・ 200,000 yen per person + tax
【Contact Us】
KUSURU Furuya Co., Ltd.
Email address info@cshool.jp
Telephone 03-5577-2868
[About the operating company]
KUSURU Corporation
Founded in 2006, a company that manages web production and schools. It provides design and programming training for major companies, centered on the two businesses of creating and teaching.
Kusur Corporate Website
Company training introduction page
Company training results
・ Cyber ​​Agent Inc.
・ DNA Co., Ltd.
・ Bizreach Corporation
・ DMM.com

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