Piezo Sonic Co., Ltd. PSM60 series “Piezosonic motor” capable of maintaining the posture of robots and transfer devices with zero power started general sales

Piezo Sonic Inc.
“Piezosonic Motor” PSM60 Series, which can hold the posture of robots and transfer devices with zero power, is now on sale.
Piezosonic motor that achieves both miniaturization and high torque as a motor for robots and transfer devices

General sales of the “Piezosonic Motor” PSM60 series, which can maintain posture with zero power, will start.
The lineup includes the PSM60S series suitable for use in general environments and the PSM60N series intended for use in magnetic fields. In addition, the driver: PSMD series, which is the optimal drive circuit for controlling piezosonic motors, will also be released at the same time.
Piezosonic motors are ultrasonic motors that do not use general magnets or coils as a drive source, but convert the expansion and contraction movements of piezoelectric ceramics into rotational movements and rotate using friction. Compared to DC motors widely used in conveyors, the same size provides more than 5 times the torque. In addition, it is less than 1/3 the weight of a stepping motor of the same size and can be controlled more precisely.
It is expected to be used as a motor for robots, MRI medical devices, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment that are active on the human side because it has low noise and can be used in magnetic field environments such as in MRI.
Piezosonic motors can be purchased from one set. Please contact us from the website.
[Image 1

Piezosonic motor
[Image 2

PSM60 series lineup
About PSM60 series to be sold:
It is a direct drive motor with a maximum torque of 1.2 [Nm] and a maximum rotation speed of 180 [rpm] while being very lightweight with a weight of around 250 [g]. If the correct operation signal is not input, the motor shaft will not rotate even if the power is zero, and backlash that is generally disliked as “backlash” will not occur. The operation sound is quiet, excellent in fine position controllability, and the motor with encoder: PSM60 * -E2T can be positioned with an accuracy of 0.045 ° or less.
Simultaneously released driver: PSMD-PCC is a product that can directly control the motor from a PC connected via USB. Motors equipped with sensors for detecting rotation speed and position: By combining the PSM60 * -E series and PSMD-PCC, it is possible to experiment and develop a drive device that uses an ultrasonic motor without specialized knowledge.
* Piezosonic Motor: PSM series has been awarded “2018 Precision Engineering Society: Manufacturing Award” and “2019 Good Design Award”.
[Image 3


Magnetic environment motor: PSM60N-E2T
[Image 4


Dedicated driver: PSMD-PCC
What is a piezosonic motor?
Piezosonic motors are rotary ultrasonic motors that have achieved high torque and long life. (Patent pending)
It is small and has high torque, yet it is quiet and can maintain its posture even with zero power (when energized or controlled). When this motor is used, the gear (speed reducer) for amplifying the torque and the brake and clutch for maintaining the posture are not necessary, and the overall cost of the device can be reduced. The drive source does not use magnets or coils that cause the motor to become larger and heavier, so it is always thinner and lighter than other types of motors.
The size is 1/5 or less compared to a DC motor with the same torque. It contributes to miniaturization and weight reduction of the equipment, and can maintain its posture and state even in the event of a sudden power failure, so it is attracting attention as a new motor for transport devices such as robots and precision positioning stages that are active on the human side. .
In addition, since it does not use magnetic force during driving and does not generate magnetism, the piezosonic motor can be used stably in high magnetic field environments such as in MRI.
MRI is an advanced medical device that can observe and inspect the affected area in detail before surgery. Improvements in imaging performance and the development of devices that support imaging are issues, and the use of piezoelectric motors is expected.
[Image 5


Piezosonic motor application example (inspection equipment)
[Image 6


Example of using a piezosonic motor (stage)
About Piezo Sonic:
Piezo Sonic is a fabless motor and robot manufacturer.
We are aiming to develop human-friendly robots that use “piezosonic motors”. The founder has been engaged in the development and research of ultrasonic motors for more than 22 years. Using his experience, he has developed, manufactured and sold a piezosonic motor as a new ultrasonic motor with high torque and excellent durability.
We are also developing motor application equipment, IoT devices, and robots based on advanced technology in circuit design and mechanical design acquired through the development of ultrasonic motors. The “autonomous mobile robot for transportation” being promoted as a joint project between Chuo University and Ota-ku is a technology that adapts the lunar exploration robot technology to the general environment. It has a high step-over capability, and is intended for automatic transportation at factories and transportation support at airports that use the tracking function.
Motor business URL: https://www.piezo-sonic.com
Robot / IoT device business URL: https://www.piezo-sonic.co.jp ○ Piezo Sonic Biography
・ Founding: December 2017
・ Autonomous mobile robot development business for transfer was selected as a strategic industrial cluster formation pilot project in 2018
-Piezosonic Motor won the 2018 Japan Society for Precision Engineering “ Manufacturing Award ”
・ Piezosonic motor applied equipment won the 10th Ota Ward Business Plan Contest “Jonan Shinkin Bank Award”
・ Exhibited at Maker Fair Tokyo 2018
・ Exhibited at “ Industry Exchange Exhibition 2018 ”
・ Exhibited at “ Japan Robot Week 2018 ”
・ Transportation autonomous mobile robot development project (2nd term) adopted in 2019 Ota-ku strategic industrial cluster formation pilot project
・ Piezosonic Motor won the Ota Excellent Skills Award at the 31st Ota-ku SMEs New Product / New Technology Competition
・ Incorporated administrative agency SME Infrastructure Development Organization ・ ASAC startup acceleration program adopted in the 9th term
・ 2019 JETRO Adopted as an overseas expansion support project by experts of “ New Exporting Power Consortium ”
・ Exhibited at Ota Industrial Fair 2019
・ Exhibited at Takashimaya NIPPON Monogatari
・ Exhibited at CEATEC
・ Exhibited at “ Industry Exchange Exhibition 2019 ”
・ Exhibited “Compamed, Germany”
・ Exhibited at “ New Manufacturing and New Service Exhibition 2019 ” ・ Exhibition schedule at “ 2019 International Robot Exhibition ” Lecture etc.
Lecture at universities and research institutions as a fabless venture maker 3 in 2018, 4 in 2019

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