Weekly Asahi specializes in “Mr. Tsuji” on the 50th anniversary of “Men is hard”! Exclusive release of precious off-shots

Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd.
Weekly Asahi specializes in “Mr. Tsuji” on the 50th anniversary of “Men is hard”! Exclusive release of precious off-shots
The weekly Asahi December 20 issue (released on December 10th, priced at 410 yen) is full of news and entertainment!

Special feature “Man is hard” to refrain from releasing the 50th series. The cover is a two-shot with Atsumi Kiyoshi and Yoji Yamada. In gravure, precious off-shots are exclusively released. Full of secret stories such as alternative candidates for movie titles. [Imaged4702-857-666153-0.jpg
This is a special feature of “Mr. Tsuji”, which is in line with the release of the movie “Mr. In the photogravure, precious photographs by the late photographer Kiyoji Mutou, who has taken the heart of the late Kaoru Atsumi, who played Sakai, are posted. In the photo, you can see Sayuri Yoshinaga and Chieko Double Prize. A photograph that captures the charm of the face that is different from the face shown on the screen is a must-see.
In addition, a title other than “Men is hard” was listed as a candidate. Other notable content
● Scoop!文 Minister of Education, Ministry of Education
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is on fire for the “Evening Festival” of “The Cherry Blossom Viewing Party”, but this time the problem of politics and money in the neighborhood
It was discovered. The aide is Koichi Miwata, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, who has been criticized by the public for remarks about his height.
A weekly Asahi scoop!
● Only this university is accepted! “Special application rate” is first published in this magazine! Ability of universities selected as candidates
In a well-known university group, such as Sahkei, MARCH, Seki-Seki, and Sanroku Sanko, only that university without applying
The percentage of people who received it will be released for the first time! We analyzed the true popularity and ability of the selected university.
● “Inconvenient truth” of driving risk and driver’s license return for elderly people. ?
悲 A tragic car accident caused by an endless old driver. On the other hand, another aspect of license return such as mental and physical decline,
Risk is also bright. I looked for a realistic solution.
Weekly Asahi 2019 12/20
Release date: December 10, 2019
List price: 373 yen + tax

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