Bacoor Inc. Succeeded in developing technology that perfectly links NFT with everything! What is the first pro duct “Blockchain Card”?

bacoor Inc.
Succeeded in developing technology that perfectly links all things with NFT! What is the first product “Blockchain Card”?
In an era where you can prove ownership of everything

Our company, bacoor Inc., will inform you that we have successfully developed a technology (patent applied for 2019) that uses Ethereum’s blockchain to fully link “things” such as real cards and “NFT” such as digital cards. . The first product “BlockchainCard” (Trademark applied) was released to the public at a large-scale blockchain event “CRYPTO TRENDS 2020” (our company in Vietnam). During the event, all participants were able to instantly own NFT at our HB WALLET, which was the most exciting part of the event.
What is the originality and uniqueness of this technology development? By linking “things” and “NFT (Non-Fungible Token)”, it is possible to prove ownership.
Specifically, the QR code written on the object is read with a dedicated application (use our HB Wallet in the experience meeting) to acquire ownership. The NFT attached to an object is registered on the Ethereum blockchain, so it is impossible to forge or duplicate it. The main subjects are cards such as trading cards and baseball cards, event tickets that are prone to resale, photographs and videos related to portrait rights and copyrights, and art that requires authenticity. We will strive to help you in the times when you can prove ownership of everything.
?? Introduction of the world’s first product
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??Company Profile
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Company name: bacoor Inc
Established: February 2017
Headquarters: Malaysia (Unit Level 11 (A), MO Tower Financial Park Labuan, Malaysia)
Business description: Application development using blockchain and smart contracts
Main achievements: App “HB Wallet (”. Joined Ethereum Alliance “Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)”. Selected as one of the top 10 blockchain-related companies in 2018 by California’s IT information magazine “APAC CIO Outlook Magazine”. Awarded “The Most Valuable Wallet Overseas Category” at Blockchain Insight 2019. Organized Vietnam’s largest blockchain event “CRYPTO TRENDS 2020” held with top players such as DeFi and Dapp.
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