Survey Business Basic Strength Survey 55,456 people surveyed. Average score top in late 20s

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[Survey on basic business skills] 55,456 people surveyed, average score top in late 20s
The clear generation ranks first in all categories

Learning Agency Co., Ltd. (Headquarters, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Daisuke Amagasaki, hereinafter referred to as “LA”) analyzed and published the results of 55,456 examinees of the business basic ability diagnostic test “Biz SCORE Basic” for working adults. Did. background
With the advent of the “100 years of life” set forth by the Abe administration and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the environment surrounding individuals and companies has greatly changed, and the need for individuals to continue to develop their own careers has been screamed. The In 2018, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced “New Basics for Working People” with an eye on the era of 100 years of life.
LA, which supports corporate human resource development, offers a business basic ability diagnostic test “Biz SCORE Basic” for working adults in order to contribute to the improvement of the working basic skills. This time, when the number of examinees exceeded 50,000, we conducted a survey of the basic business capabilities.
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1. Trends by age | Average score is highest in late 20s among all generations When compared by age group, the highest score was in the late 20s (54.8 points). Next, in the early 30s (54.2 points) and late 30s (53.5 points), the score decreased with age. The younger the age, the higher the score. This is not the case. The youngest, age 24 and under, is 2.5 points lower than his late 20s and ranked 4th. The fifth place was the result of the early 40s. By category, among the four categories, “Communication”, “Planning & Control”, and “Thinking” were ranked in the top in their late 20s. As for “Business Knowledge,” the clear generation occupies the top, with the second-ranking trend in the second half in the early 30s ranked first.
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2. Trend by industry | Information and communication industry is first. Top in all categories
Comparing by industry type, the first place was the information and communication industry (55.2 points), the second place was academic research, specialized / technical service industry (53.2 points), and the third place was service industry (52.7 points). The top-ranked information and telecommunications industry is the top in all four categories, and the “Planning & Control” results in a difference of more than one point from the overall average * 1.
* 1 Overall average of 13.7 points for Planning & Control
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3. Trends by job type | Professionals such as accounting and consultants ranked first. The difference from the second place is 2.6 points
In terms of job classification, the first was accounting and consulting professionals (56.5 points), the second was medical and nursing professionals (53.9 points), and the third was technical (52.8 points). Compared to age and industry comparisons, the difference between the first place and the second place is wide open, and the difference is 2.6 points. Also, among the four categories, “Business Knowledge” ranked 4th in the office position.
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4. Trend by category│Highest score for “Communication”, lowest for “Business Knowledge”
By question category (25 points each), the average score of
“Communication” such as business manners and oral / document transmission is the highest, followed by “Planning & Control” such as work planning ability and how to proceed, and the third place is setting and solving problems Thinking ability for planning,
“Thinking”, and the lowest average score was “Business Knowledge”, knowledge about management, marketing, and economy. Each category is further divided into five themes. Of the 20 themes, the highest score was “Oral Communication” in “Communication”, and the lowest was “Financial / Accounting” in “Business Knowledge”. “was.
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Looking at the results of 55,456 examinees over the four years since the start of the business basic ability diagnostic test “Biz SCORE Basic”, it was found that the score tends to decrease with age since the late 20s. In this survey, the score after the 40s was lower than the score under 24 years old, but this is based on a systematic basis of business skills compared to the current employees in their 20s and 30s. This may be due to the fact that there were few opportunities to learn and that “learning by looking at the boss’s back” and “learning with experience” were common.
In addition, the fact that professionals such as accounting and consultants were ranked first in all categories may be due to the fact that the questions being asked are more directly linked to the daily work compared to other occupations.
However, the basic business skills are the power that is required regardless of age, job title, job type, or industry. Even with knowledge and skills that are rarely directly linked to daily work, such as “finance / accounting”, which has the lowest average score among all themes, it is necessary to form a career in an era of rapid change. In order to continue, it is necessary to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills.
It is also important for employees to take the initiative and acquire skills, but in companies and organizations, “Provide opportunities to learn things outside of work”, “Experience diverse work and broaden knowledge” ” There is no doubt that there is a need for efforts to improve the basic business skills of employees, such as promoting self-study.
What is business basic ability diagnosis test “Biz SCORE Basic”? Diagnose the “business fundamentals”, which is the basic power that is commonly required regardless of job type, industry, or position, among the knowledge and skills necessary to continuously produce the expected results in the organization. It is a test to do. Developed based on the basic skills of members of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the number of examinees exceeded 50,000 in four years. The diagnostic test is a Web test that answers 100 questions carefully selected from 4 categories and 20 themes of “Business Knowledge”, “Planning & Control”, “Communication”, and “Thinking” in 90 minutes. Survey overview
Survey target: Business Biz Test “Biz SCORE Basic”
Survey period: March 1, 2016 to September 30, 2019
Number of samples: 55,456
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Changes in examinees
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* When quoting this survey, please specify [Learning Agency “Basic Survey on Business for Business People”]
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