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  • Pay Me Co., Ltd. Verification for cooperation with “Payme” payday same day payment service and “Salary digital money payment service (provisional)” TIS is preparing to provide

Pay Me Co., Ltd. Verification for cooperation with “Payme” payday same day payment service and “Salary digital money payment service (provisional)” TIS is preparing to provide

Pay me
Payroll same day payment service “Payme”, TIS has started preparation for cooperation with “salary digital money payment service
Enables same-day payment with digital money for removal of digital money from salary

Payme Co., Ltd. (Headquarters, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Miki Teru Goto) Payday same-day payment service provided by TIS Co., Ltd. The ongoing “salary digital money payment service (provisional)” will begin verification for cooperation.
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Payme, a pay-as-a-day payment service, can meet the rapid funding needs of the younger generation, especially those in their 20s, and contributes to improving the number of applications and retention rates for companies with insufficient labor. We have gained support as a welfare service.
TIS is developing a “salary digital money payment service
(provisional)” for “salary digital money payment” which is expected to be lifted in 2019.
TIS’s “salary digital money payment service (provisional)” is scheduled to provide a function that sorts the amount of money that can be received on the salary payment date into the digital money of the partner. From the “salary digital money payment service
(provisional)” before the day, you can charge the partner digital money on the same day.
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Paymey Co., Ltd. has applied for a patent on a mechanism for linking money based on actual working hours to digital money in order to consider this collaboration. In addition to this cooperation, we will continue to promote various collaborations so that employees can more conveniently use digital money for salaries.
■ About “salary digital money payment service (provisional)” “Salary digital money payment” is a system in which a company transfers salary to digital money provided by a fund transfer company instead of a traditional bank account. This makes it possible for employees who receive salary with digital money to do shopping and remittance using digital money without the trouble of converting cash withdrawn from the bank into digital money. The life value chain that was supposed to become will be consolidated. TIS aims to build an ecosystem centered on the corresponding “salary digital money payment service (provisional)”.
■ About payday payment service “Payme” (https://payme.tokyo/) This service pays the same day by calculating salary from actual working hours in cooperation with corporate time data. Realized simple and easy-to-understand UI and UX, and contracted with more than 300 companies such as restaurant chain, personnel dispatch, retail, call center, amusement, logistics We are attracting support from companies that lack the part-time work force and younger generations, especially those in their 20s. The maximum amount that can be used is 70% of the amount worked up to that day. If it is within this amount, you can apply for the same day payment at any time in units of 1,000 yen. [Outline of both companies]
TIS Corporation
Location: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Nishishinjuku 8-17-1 Sumitomo Real Estate Shinjuku Grand Tower
Representative Director, Chairman and President: Toru Kuwano Established: April 2008 (founded: April 28, 1971)
Capital: 10 billion yen
Company URL: https://www.tis.co.jp/
Pay me
Representative: Michiki Goto, Representative Director
Capital: 580 million yen
Established: July 2017
Location: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Dogenzaka 1-12-1, Shibuya Mark City West 20th Floor Site: https://corp.payme.tokyo/

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