For Startups Co., Ltd. STARTUP DB Survey Results Estimated market capitalization ranking in Japan December 2019

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[STARTUP DB] Survey Results Domestic Startup Estimated Market Capitalization Ranking December 2019
Played by Karte operated by Google, newly ranked in

Four Startups Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichiro Shimizu, hereinafter referred to as “Four Startups”), which promotes the growth industry support business, conducts ongoing investigations, and our service “STARTUP DB This time, we will announce the market capitalization rankings as of December 2, 2019. [Image

On November 27, 2019, Praid announced that it received investment from Google. This is the second time Google has invested in a Japanese company, following ABEJA in December 2018.
The amount that Google invested in Praid is undisclosed in the press release, but is estimated to be approximately 1.9 billion yen from the register information. With this procurement, Praid’s estimated market capitalization was approximately 44.5 billion yen, making it the 15th place. With this procurement, Google and Praid will collaborate on Google Cloud machine learning and AI technology integration into KARTE. As a result, it will be possible to provide enterprises with a secure cloud platform that is more functional, highly scalable, and will realize personalization for end users and improved CX (customer experience). .
Also, Clean Planet, which was 3rd last time, rose to 2nd. Although there were no major changes in other rankings, Spiber and paneliles have assumed market caps similar to unicorns, so future changes are drawing attention. In November 2019, the rush to approve listings such as Lancers, Free, and Space Market is taking place, and IPOs of startups that are ranked high in the estimated market capitalization ranking are attracting attention.
Rank change companies
■ Plaid
New procurement amount: 1,902 million yen (change: November 7, 2019, registration: November 27, 2019) * Calculated based on register information
A startup that develops and operates KARTE, a CX (customer experience) platform that enables free communication. “KARTE” allows you to know information such as the gender, age, name, and number of past visits of visitors in real time.
■ Clean Planet
A startup that conducts research on clean energy, “new hydrogen energy”. “New hydrogen energy” is more energy efficient than conventional hydrogen energy, and it is clean energy that emits no CO2. The company has accumulated basic research and practical application research together with Tohoku University so far, and is at the stage of aiming for the world’s first practical application.
We will continue to revitalize the startup ecosystem through STARTUP DB and contribute to the development of domestic growth industries. [Survey Overview]
Title: “Domestic startup assumed market capitalization ranking” Survey period: As of December 2, 2019
Report article: STARTUP DB
( * Although it is calculated as a reference value based on the information described in the certified copy of the registry acquired by the Company, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this information. We are not liable for any damages incurred based on
About STARTUP DB (Startup Database)
This is an information platform specialized in the largest growth industry area in Japan. The corporate database holds information on over 10,000 startups and startup companies in Japan, and has released a total of more than 100 interview contents for entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem builders. English version will be released from June 24, 2019. We also contribute to the development of the domestic growth industry market by linking data with the world’s largest venture company database “Crunchbase” and delivering information on Japanese companies to overseas professionals.
About Four Startups Co., Ltd.
Four Startups Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2016 as Net Jinsai Bank. The mission is to create industries, companies, services and people that can compete in the world and support Japan’s growth. Under the vision of “for Startups”, the Internet / IoT sector, Fintech, Real Promoting business focusing on job change support and entrepreneurship support specialized in growth industries including business areas. In recent years, it has provided strategic funding support to startup venture companies in collaboration with leading domestic venture capital, and has developed an information platform “STARTUP DB (startup database)” specializing in growth industries. Furthermore, we support Japan’s largest startup event “BARK” as an ecosystem building initiative. We will continue to contribute to the growth and development of Japan along with our vision.

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