Smartphone storage service “Summary Pocket” forms a business alliance with Odakyu Electric Railway, supporti ng storage of 5 million people living along the Odakyu Line

Smartphone storage service “Summary Pocket” forms a business alliance with Odakyu Electric Railway, supporting storage of 5 million people living along the Odakyu Line
Introduced to Odakyu Electric Railway’s service provision platform “ONE”
Summary Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kensuke Yamamoto) provides a smartphone storage service “Summary Pocket” with Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Junji Hoshino) And today, we will offer a discount plan for summary pockets for users of the ICT platform “ONE” provided by Odakyu Electric Railway.

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“Summary Pocket” Official Website: “ONE” official website:
■ Alliance background: Spread of sharing culture Supporting changing lifestyles In recent years, the sharing economy market is growing rapidly, and the economy scale in fiscal 2018 announced by the Japan Association of Sharing Economy has exceeded 1,887.4 billion yen, reaching the highest ever, and is responsible for the development of the Japanese economy. Field.
Shelling services that lend and borrow items, places, and skills that are not used via the Internet are becoming a part of today’s life as lifestyles change, the number of double-income households increases, and the way of working and living changes in a wide variety. It attracts attention as a service that supports style. * 1
Storage space narrowing due to rising land prices
According to the 2019 standard land prices announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (as of July 1), Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya were up 5.2% year-on-year, increasing from 4.2% the previous year. Both have risen for 7 consecutive years. With the rise in land prices, the residential area per unit is becoming narrower, especially in the city center. Against this background, storage demand is increasing year by year.
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■ “Summary Pocket” solves the problem of storage space for 5 million people living along the Odakyu Line
The “Summary Pocket” is a delivery service that can be used at a reasonable price starting from 250 yen per month. 3 according to the storage needs of the “Standard Plan”, which allows you to shoot one item at a time, the “Economy Plan” for managing the items without opening the box, and the “Books Plan” for registering and managing books one by one. Offer one plan. Corresponding to the storage needs of important items such as “clothes that I will not wear until the next season, but I want to keep important” and “I will never use it, but I will not throw it away”, the number of storage users is an average annual growth rate Has grown 300 percent.
With this business alliance with Odakyu Electric Railway, “Summary Pocket” has been added to ONE, an ICT platform along the Odakyu Line, where users can use the Odakyu Group’s services and various sharing services with a single ID. Is introduced. ONE members can use the summary pocket at a special price.
By coordinating with Odakyu Electric Railway, which focuses on the maintenance of the living environment, the problem of storage is solved and more comfortable for 5 million people living along the Odakyu Line of various lifestyles, from families to singles. We support a comfortable life.
The sharing economy is an economy that shares (rents, buys and sells and provides) things, skills, and spaces via the Internet platform, and the spread of smartphones and tablet devices and changes in personal consumption trends. This is a field that continues to grow. * 1 Quoted from the Sharing Economy Market Research 2018 edition of the Sharing Economy Association
■ “ONE” Summary Pocket Bonus Details
When you make a new application in the summary pocket, the storage fee for the first box of the box will be available for 12 months with a special discount of 100 yen per month. * Regular charges will be applied after 13 months.
Special offer fee: Storage fee ¥ 100 per month (first box)
You can choose from three types of box plans:
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Standard plan: Manage one item at a time with photos. Optional services are available.
Standard regular (regular fee 300 yen per month) … A type that fits into a delivery box. For storing various items, such as hobby collections and miscellaneous items, regardless of genre. Estimated: About 130 DVD cases (W43xD37xH33)
Standard apparel (ordinary fee 300 yen per month) … Long-width type that can be worn without bending long boots. For storing shoes and clothes as well as posters and paintings. Standard: About 10 thin jackets (W60xD38xH20)
Economy plan … Manage the entire box without taking a photo. Economy regular (regular fee: 250 yen per month) … A type that fits into a delivery box. For storing seasonal events and documents that are often used together. Estimate: About 35 A4 document files with a thickness of 1.5cm (W43xD37xH33)
■ What is “Summary Pocket”?
Pack the luggage you want to deposit in the special box and send it all to the smartphone. A new era storage service that allows you to check your checked items and when you want to take them out with just one smartphone.
Luggage stored in the “Summary Pocket” is stored at the Terada Warehouse, a storage professional who also stores wine and artwork. Temperature and humidity are controlled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (checks twice a day) to maintain an environment that is resistant to mold. A full range of optional services such as cleaning and storage of hangers are also available, making it convenient for storing rooms in various lifestyles.
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Web version:
iOS app version:
Android app version:
■ Coverage Adjustable matters
・ Summary Co., Ltd.
・ Summary Coverage
・ Summary pocket
・ Summary pocket Coverage to storage warehouse
Other items can also be adjusted. Please contact us below.
■ For companies that wish to make business alliances
In summary pocket, we are actively engaged in business and business alliances with various companies. If you are interested in
participating in the partner program, please feel free to contact us.
■ Recruitment information of summary
The summary is looking for members to support further growth of services such as engineers and business development.
Please refer to the employment information page for details.
[Summary Company Outline]
・ Business description: Summary ・ Development and operation of summary pocket ・ Establishment: April 1, 2010
・ Representative: Kensuke Yamamoto
・ Main shareholders: Mitsubishi Estate, Sumitomo Corporation, Terada Warehouse, etc.
・ URL:
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Summary Pocket Contact: Shimizu, Nagaseki

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