We offer welfare service free of charge to partner bakery

Pan For You Co., Ltd.
We offer free welfare services to partner bakery
Started in December using the service of industry leader Benefit One
Pan For You Co., Ltd. (head office: Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, Representative Director: Kenta Yano, hereinafter referred to as Pan For You), which builds a local bakery platform, will begin providing free welfare services to partner bakery in December 2019 I will do it. This service uses the services of Benefit One Co., Ltd., a major welfare industry, so that individual bakeries can receive benefits if they are affiliated with Pan For You, even if they do not subscribe to benefits services. It becomes.

■ Services provided
Benefit One’s membership benefit service “Benefit Station”, health support service, and benefit service “Benefit Station Gakutok Plan” are available. In addition to more than 1.4 million member-based preferential treatment services such as discounts on restaurants and accommodation facilities, “health support” that provides information on health information, management of health checkup data, judgment of health risks, etc. Education and training services with 800 courses to improve skills are also available.
■ Purpose of providing welfare services
Pan for You has a vision of “Making attractive jobs in the region” as a regional bakery platform, with the aim of contributing to the local economy and creating a new bread economic sphere. Is deployed. Many of the bakery at private stores are private business owners. We want you to work on bread making with peace of mind in an environment where you can’t even take into account welfare. We want to provide a little learning opportunity for those who are busy and can’t study everyday. We will start providing free welfare services in the hope that you will experience such entertainment.
■ How to apply for welfare service
If you want to use this service, you need to partner with Pan for You, which delivers fresh bread all over the country. Please refer to the following URL for inquiries and applications.
■ Partner bakery recruitment conditions
We have developed our own freezing technology from the desire to “enjoy delicious fresh bread anywhere in the country anytime, anywhere” and connect customers with delicious bakery nationwide with one toaster. I made a mechanism that can do it. Together with delicious bread, we will also deliver stories about the bread, such as the atmosphere of the shop, the ingredients of the bread, the thoughts of the maker, and solicit the bakery that we want to deliver to customers with the joy of meeting bread that they do not know yet We are.
■ Company information
Company name: Panforu Inc.
Location: 368-9 Honcho, Kiryu-shi, Gunma
Established date: January 17, 2017
Capital: 64,579,800 yen (including capital reserve)
Representative: Kenta Yano, Representative Director
Corporate vision: Making attractive jobs local
Business Mission: As a regional bakery platform, contribute to the local economy and create a new bakery economic zone.
Business description:
・ Planning and operation of personal bread delivery service “Pansk” ・ Planning and operation of corporate bread service “Office Pansk” ・ Bread wholesale and retail
■ Comments from partner company Benefit One
Benefit One supports the improvement of labor productivity of companies and organizations and the creation of a comfortable working environment for employees through benefits services that can be used regardless of the size or size of the company. I am delighted to be able to provide “Benefit Station Study Top Plan” to business owners who operate bakery through cooperation with Panforyou. In the future, we would like to deliver delicious bread made by Panforu’s partner bakery to Benefit Station members nationwide.
[Reference material] Thought of representative, Yano on the start of service I am Kenta Yano, representative of Panforu. The bread business is developed under the theme of “Contributing to the local economy through the opening of the local bread market”. Specifically, it will be a business that expands the bakery bread of the town to offices and individuals for freezing. The reason I founded it was because I wanted to create a range of work comparable to that of the city, including Gunma Prefecture, my hometown.
For offices: https://panforyou.jp/office/
For individuals: https://pansuku.com/
■ Why bread
The bread market is actually expanding in Japan, and the market size is said to be 1.5 trillion yen. Also, since rent and labor costs account for a large part of the cost of bread, there are advantages to making it in areas other than the city center, and it matches my idea of ​​wanting to create a good job in the region. , Selected a market called bread.
One reason is that there is no chance to buy purely delicious bread. I spend my days trying to eat delicious food, but it’s hard to get delicious food. When I was thinking about what kind of business I wanted to start before starting a business, I met a delicious bakery bread and wanted to make this bread known to more people.
■ Details of this development and implementation background
Provision of “Benefit Station Gakutokaku Plan” to partners for Pan-For-Y Although the preface has become longer, this alliance will be a benefit service provided to Panforyou partners at the benefit of Panforu Inc. If you use this service, you can receive preferential treatment at movie theaters, restaurants, etc. or take e-learning. Experience working for a large company from the home of an individual business owner
”Why is it that I have grown up to a private business owner’s family, and then I joined a large company as a new graduate and met Benefit One’s welfare service? My father was not a baker, but I went to work early in the morning and was busy on holidays and couldn’t even travel. Born in such a family, I was shocked by the welfare experience of being able to use leisure facilities with special treatment and traveling with the assistance of the company, and at that time was one of the largest welfare service users in the company.
Company’s intention to provide assistance during leisure
The company’s intention to provide assistance during leisure is various. -Prevent employee turnover by improving employee satisfaction ・ Activating internal communication
-Companies that make profits will return other than salary
There are various things, but this time there is a completely different intention to expand to an external partner bakery. Baker is a creative job
At that time, the company I was working in was an advertising agency, where there were differences depending on the type of job, but in an environment where creativity (= creativity) was required. It wasn’t a so-called profession, but it’s a job that makes a difference in the range and depth of career depending on how you can make proposals with rich creativity within your field of specialization. What I have been saying since I was a new graduate was “Experience everything, whether it’s theater, movies, or events. And feel the feelings of consumers.” The company’s teaching at that time was that imagination was indispensable to cultivate creativity, and to experience everything to think about things from all angles.
The value of bakery bread required
Now, we will expand our business mainly for offices and for private homes. What I have seen in the course of my business is that there are many large companies that want bakery bread to get out of their throat. The market demands bakery bread, which is self-evident when looking at the bread event and the bread specialty store, but the major distribution industry wants to take this hand, but it comes out for various reasons. I understood that it was difficult.
On the other hand, there is no doubt that people in the world are waiting for delicious bread, so Panforu wants to promote it as a venture company.
■ Finally
Is there time to spend leisure time at the bakery in town?
There are really various variations of bread, such as shape, taste, and manufacturing method. Even with the same ingredients, a slight change in process and shape can bring about a tremendous change in taste and flavor. No one other than the creator is a baker who finds one answer (= baking bread that day) from all candidates. I’m just worried about whether there is time for the bakers who have to prepare to bake bread early in the morning. If you have an alliance with Panforyou, you only need to freeze freshly baked bread to our company, so you can have more time than daily production without being bound by baking time. If you can afford it by freezing sales and spend the time at movies and restaurants, you won’t be more than happy.
■ Pan For You Inc. President Kenta Yano
Born in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1989, raised in Gunma Prefecture. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University. I joined Dentsu Co., Ltd. to choose a company that grew up in an environment that was never wealthy and was not troubled by life. Engaged in media buying and planning for outdoor media at Chubu Branch. However, retired from the desire to contribute to the local Gunma. After starting a new business at an educational venture company, he became the secretary general of a non-profit organization that provides experience programs, child-rearing support projects, and entrepreneurship support for elementary school children based in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. Established Panforu in January 2017 with the desire to make healthy bread that can be eaten deliciously by ill grandfathers and to contribute to local bakery. Aiming to establish a new bread economic zone that connects consumers and delicious bakery nationwide.

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