Baidu Co., Ltd. Ryowa’s first “emoticon representing this year” is announced! ! ! Simeji This year ’s em oticon award 2019 is Doya (*? ?? *)

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Ryowa’s first “emoticon representing this year” is announced! ! ! Simeji This year ’s emoticon award 2019 is [Doya] (* � “4? �” 4 *) -Total number of votes: 18,000 votes! Because I like myself. Recognize yourself and increase self-affirmation ~

“Simeji”, a Japanese input and Kisekae emoticon keyboard app provided by Baidu Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Charles Zhang), announces “Simeji Emoticon Awards of the Year 2019”. Special URL:
Beginning in 2014, the 6th time this year, the “Simeji this year emoticon award”, which selects emoticons that look like this year, is an emoticon that users have used frequently from around 200,000 types of Simeji emoticons. , Simeji staff has selected 10 types of emoticons that reflect the words that became a hot topic this year.
During the period, the top types were selected from among the voting results that exceeded 18,000 votes, and the emoticons that matched the current trends of this year were selected as grand prizes.
[Image 1

[Simeji staff comment on emoticons this year]
The keyword this time is from “shine” to “doya”.
“Eye” has been a trend in recent years.
It is a term that is used like “Instagram” or “Photographic”, but it was somewhat objective and was based on the premise of evaluation by others.
On the other hand, “Doya” is not related to the evaluation of others. Determining the value of something compared to a person has become a thing of the past. Because I like myself. Recognize yourself and increase self-affirmation.
I won the game!
The point of the test was good!
Japan is amazing!
It ’s ok!
Such feelings are included in this year’s emoticon award.
[Emoji from 2nd to 4th place]
Although we did not reach the Grand Prize, we will introduce the emoticons that received the most votes, along with comments from users.
2nd place
(●? ´ ▽? `●?) Nico
“Because Ryowa was a smiley smiley emoji”
“It feels peaceful, suitable for the beginning of the peace.” “Let’s spend a smile even if it becomes a peaceful one. The world has changed just by changing the era (●? ´ ▽?`
●?) ”
“Because it was mild and delicious foods were popular, I was able to stay here this year.”
3rd place
(っ ‘-‘)? = ????? ⊂ (゜ Θ ゜ ⊂) Rugby
“National people in Japan became hot, impressed, and became one (* ´��`) (Heart)”
“I did my best in Japan! I watched many games on TV many times. Thank you for your support! Thank you! Rugby !!”
“I was impressed by Japan Rakuby. I will support you as a local of Inagaki.” 4th
(/ ・ Ω ・) / [Ryowa] Reiwa
“I chose the emoticon that was listed as“ Rose ”because the first year was only limited.”
“I chose Kore because it was a retirement year. It looks like a picture frame and is real!”
“It was the moment when the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretariat raised the word of decree that I was impressed with! * Some emoticons and pictograms may not be displayed depending on the contracted telecommunications company or the terminal you are using. [Introduction of successive Grand Prize-winning emoticons]
2014 (??)
2015 (� “2-�” 2)
2016 (▲ ???) ▲ Wayi
2017 Sore (?) Σ
2018 KO (・ ?? ・?)
2019 Doya (* � “4? �” 4 *)
[Past Simeji this year emoticon award]
[Reference: Grand Prize nomination emoticon]
[Image 2

■ About Japanese Input & Kisekae Emoji Keyboard App “Simeji” ”“ Simeji-Japanese Input & Kisekae Emoji Keyboard App ”is a
third-party Japanese keyboard first published on Google Play (TM). Currently, it is a Japanese input application that boasts over 20 million downloads on Google Play (TM). In September 2014, the iOS version was launched, and as of October 2019, 18 million downloads were achieved, and both operating systems achieved 38 million downloads. Also, the App Store “Best of 2016 Best of the Year” ranking: Free category.
∙ In addition to unique input keyboards such as flick input, emoticon input, and ASCII art input, it also supports voice input using China’s Baidu AI technology, providing a unique and detailed character input experience. There are also many emojis and emoticons in the app that enrich email and SNS communications. Furthermore, by using cloud super conversion, it is possible to display abundant emoticon conversion while keeping the terminal memory usage, or to display interesting conversion at the moment of input. In addition, the Kisekae function with sophisticated design that allows you to freely change the design of the keyboard allows you to customize it and enhances the enjoyment of using smartphones and tablets. In March 2015, “Simeji Pro”, the first paid app, was launched for iOS.
Thanks to you, Simeji celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018. Simeji official site:
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URL: iOS version
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