Colo Wide Co., Ltd. Introduced au PAY, a smartphone app payment service, from December 11 at domestic stores in the Kolo Wide Group

CoroWide Corporation
Introduced au PAY, a smartphone app payment service at domestic stores in the Koro Wide Group from December 11
59 brands and 2462 stores such as “Ushikaku”, “Freshness Burger”, “Kappa Sushi”
CoroWide Co., Ltd. (Head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and Representative Director Nojiri Nojiri) will introduce smartphone application payment service “au PAY” at stores operated by the CoroWide Group from Wednesday, December 11, 2019.
We will meet domestic demand for cashless and meet the demand at our group stores nationwide. We will continue to actively work to improve the environment where you can enjoy a comfortable meal.

[Introduction overview]
Kappa Sushi / Freshness Burger / Lots of Delicious Foods Iroha Nihoheto / Kita Tastes and Local Sake Hokkaido / Handmade Izakaya Amataro / Local Sake and Soba Sangendo / Yuzokuri Center NIJYU-MARU / Yakitori Center / La Pauza / Ekohiiki / Tsubakiya / Yakiton Tavern Ginbuta / Sils Maria / Wolf Gang Pack / Letta Shabu Dining / Day Tripper / Ichijo / Kawasaki Noren Street / Honobo no Yokocho / Hiroshima No Yomicho / Honobo Yokocho / 365 Tavern / USHIDOKI TOKYO / Frenchina / Rin / Nagisabashi / Cantina / THE DADBOD / Café & Beer Restaurant Miya / Gyu Kaku / Shabu Shabu Hot Vegetables / Tabele ゜ / Kamadoka / Izakaya Doma Toma / Gyu Kaku Buffet / Buchikiri Tavern / Ushikaku Tsujio Bo / Hot Vegetable GOZEN / Sils Maria / Tonkatsu Kagurazaka Sakura / Steak Palace / Tonkatsu Gin pork / Shabu Shabu Buffet Onyasai / kamadoka / Warm / Neneya / Nigiri no Tokubei / Calvi General / Ajinokanko flame / Karaoke Toyukan / To fish fresh and grilled sea / Seafood Atom / Haruka Akari / Tori no Kura / Wagyu beef steak cherry / Katsuki / Danya / Ganko-tei Rotation to the sea / Vegetable roll Skewer and discerning soba neneya / tuna one ship buying wholesaler Banno Suisan / Sushi limited express tuna
[About au PAY (App Payment)]
“Au PAY” is a smartphone payment service that can be used by all customers who have a smartphone or tablet, not just au.
【Payment Method】
You can use it from your au WALLET app with a simple operation, read the barcode and QR code displayed on the app with the store POS cash register and various terminals, or read the QR code presented by the store with the app It can be used for shopping and payment.

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