Store’s Dot JP Co., Ltd. Four teams that will be the final candidates of the “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” to create female brand producers to create a new era are finally decided!
Four teams that will be the final candidates of the “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” to create female brand producers to create a new era are finally decided!
~ Kotoko Yamaga and other gorgeous judges will appear at the final screening on December 15 ~

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Four companies, Stores. Dot JP, SHE, Citatel, and CAMPFIRE, are supporting the concept of “You can create a brand” and support women who want to launch their own brand. Four teams to proceed to the final review of the project “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” launched in
cooperation were decided at the mid-term review meeting held on Sunday, November 24th.
At the final review meeting in Tokyo on December 15 (Sunday), including Kotoko Yamaga, who is also a model and brand producer, Gomi Hayakawa, YOPY, Narumi Abe, and CEO Kenichi Sugawara, Moonshot Co., Ltd. And, six members of Yuichiro Kishi who is in charge of corporate venture capital at Pola Orbis Holdings, Inc. will be the final judges.
■ 29 teams advance to mid-term presentation
After accepting applications on October 10 (Thursday), over 200 in about two weeks “I want to make a product of this concept myself!” “Wear even a child who has trouble similar to me There were
applications for brand ideas with passionate feelings such as “I want!” From individuals and groups, among which 29 teams passed the document screening and got a ticket to the mid-term presentation. In the interim announcement on November 24 (Sunday), the team that passed the document screening announced the concept and target of the brand that it thought of in front of the judges. The judges were the person in charge of this project of Stores Dot JP, Inc., SHE Inc., and Citatel Inc. participating in this project. Among the candidates announced, “I think I’ve been involved in the fashion industry for a long time, and the current fashion industry is full of troublesome things. Brands that make such troublesome things cool.” Is
Yo! I feel my original experiences and daily life, such as “a brand to empower that”, “a dress that makes it easy for a busy woman to wear it easily” and “a brand whose mission is to revitalize Japanese aesthetics and return to life” Many were born out of the desire to solve the problem, and it became a screening meeting where the enthusiasm for “launching a brand” and the high level of proposals were asked. The four teams that proceed to the final review through the mid-term audit were decided.
■ About the final review meeting on Sunday, December 15
At the final review meeting scheduled to be held at AOYAMA STUDIO on December 15 (Sunday), Kotoko Yamaga who launched the accessory brand “ENELSIA” as a judge and is active in various fields such as brand producers and models , Mr. Hayakawa Gomi, who launched a lingerie brand “feast by GOMI HAYAKAWA” for small women and a select shop “illuminate” for sanitary products, representative director of branding company TUMMY that colors life from the field Mr. Narumi Abe who works for the 6curry and “SHE” brand designs, Mr. Kenichi Sugawara who serves as CEO of Moonshot Co., Ltd. and Yuichiro Kishi who is in charge of corporate venture at Pola Orbis Holdings Six people have been decided, and the final candidates from various angles Review your brand.
Currently, we are selling tickets for the final screening. Tickets can be purchased from the “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” special page of “STORES .jp”. In addition to the tickets for the final screening held on December 15 (Sunday), tickets are also available for participation at the social gathering after the screening.
■ Introducing the final candidates
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Rie Shimahashi
Born to parents who run an inn in Iki Island, Nagasaki Prefecture. From the desire to convey the splendor of Ikijima, where he was born, to various people, he produces accessory brands using island materials. At the same time as this sale, we proposed a wedding dress that can be worn at the beach photo wedding, with the island as a model spot.
“I’ve come to the city from the island and have realized the charm of the island, the charm of the people, and the strong feelings of going back to the local area for a while during maternity leave and enlivening the island. What I can do now! I ’ll do my best for the final review! ”
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Kyoko Hirata
After graduating from graduate school, engaged in marketing as a data scientist at an advertising agency. I was preparing to start a business in Silicon Valley in the United States until October this year, but I couldn’t give up on my dream of fashion and returned home. This time, based on the concept of “a partner clothing that never abandons a woman who stands up”, she proposed the brand “wearing a rainbow”.
“Thank you very much for this time. I was very nervous, but I was able to convey only the enthusiasm that I could not lose to anyone. I will continue to refine and run with my preparedness to bet my life towards the final examination. Thank you!”
[Image 4

Kim Aina
After graduating from an apparel university, she worked for a major apparel company with a global brand. After retiring in 2017, he opened a select shop in Omotesando with his mother who has been involved in the apparel industry for many years. This time, we proposed a brand based on the concept of clothes “1 + 3 with 3 bonuses in one place”. comment
“When I graduated from university 10 years ago, I announced the same brand project as a graduation assignment, but I am very happy that I can do the same thing in such an environment 10 years later and I am grateful to the others. Now I import goods from Korea and run a store, but this time I would like to be able to send to Korea from Japan where I am. . ”
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Reiko Hasegawa
Started model activities while attending university. After graduation he joined the Japan Weather Association. Serves as a weather caster. Participated in the “MISS JAPAN Japan Tournament” in 2019 after leaving the company. Currently serving as a freelance instructor in cooking classes and walking. This time, we proposed a brand based on the concept of “ethical and gorgeous”.
“In fact, in the mid-term announcement, we only talked about 10% of what we wanted to convey. In the final presentation on December 15, we will give it all, including the remaining 90%. We will deliver the best presentation. Please look forward to it. ”
■ Support for teams participating in the mid-term presentation The “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” will eventually select one brand and support that brand for its realization, but this project aims to create a world where many brands are born from passionate women. The management team will continue to support the participants so that they can launch their own brand.
Specifically, 29 teams that have passed the document review and proceeded to the mid-term presentation will receive a special offer from Stores. Dot JP Co., Ltd. “Distribute special coupon for free use of Standard Plan for 3 months” From the company SHE, “One-month discount for SHElikes, a branded lesson service that branding and marketing are all you can learn, and for those who want to join SHElikes, support brand development through learning”, Citatel Co., Ltd. Support for garment production by Citatel Concierge “.
■ Outline of “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge Final Review”
[Date / Time] December 15, 2019 (Sunday) Final presentation: 13:00 to 14:25 Results announcement: 14:40 to 15:30
[Venue] AOYAMA STUDIO 2-5-17 Minamiaoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo Pola Aoyama Building 2F
1. Final presentation
Explanation of “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” to create female brand producers that create a new era
Announcement of one’s brand by four teams of female producer candidates challenging the final screening
2. Results announcement
Announcement of the results of the final screening: One winner will be decided Comments by judges (Kotoko Yamaga, Gomi Hayakawa, Narumi Abe, YOPPY, Kenichi Sugawara (CEO, Moonshot Co., Ltd.), Yuichiro Kishi (Pola Orbis Holdings Co., Ltd.))
・ Special page:
■ Ticket sales for “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” final screening ・ Viewing the final screening meeting + Participation ticket for the social gathering: 7,500 yen (tax included)
・ Final jury viewing ticket: 4,000 yen (tax included)
“” special page:
* Please see the special page for the detailed schedule of the day, such as the start time of the final screening.
■ Outline of judges
[Image 6d23357-112-151975-3.jpg
(From left) YOPPY, Hayakawa Gomi, Yamaga Kotoko, Abe Narumi
Kotoko Yamaga
Born January 23, 1995 (24 years old) Born in Hokkaido Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University
He was selected for the Miss Aoyama Grand Prix in 2015, joined Kenneo in 2016, and worked as an actress before leaving Kenneo in September 2018. Established COTOCOTO Inc. on January 23, 2019. Served as creative director of accessory brand ENELSIA.
I am Kotoko Yamaga, who will serve as a judge this time. The brand was launched with the opening of a simple idea of ​​what I wanted to do and what I wanted to spread in the world. We look forward to seeing new brands and initiatives with this project! Please do your best! Hayakawa Gomi
Born in Tokyo, graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design. President of Utsuwa Co., Ltd., which operates a problem-solving apparel brand. Beginning in the first year of high school, she started making accessories and designed and sold printed tights alongside the examination. Immediately after entering university, he launched a one-piece brand “GOMI HAYAKAWA”, a lingerie brand “feast”, a sister brand in August 2014, and a one-piece brand “Double Chaka” in October 2017. After several pop-up shops, in 2018 opened a permanent store “LAVISHOP” in Laforet Harajuku. In 2019, a sanitary goods select shop “illuminate” was launched.
This time is Hayakawa Gomi, who has served as a judge.
I think that making and selling things is a wonderful thing that can change the lives and values ​​of users beyond the exchange of money. I look forward to seeing you at such a wonderful moment.
Brand Designer / Art Director
6curry Inc, NEWPEACE Inc, SHE Inc, Ikimono.
Born on May 26, 1988 in Tottori Prefecture. While enrolled in Chiba University, he worked as a designer and illustrator, and formed the creative unit “Sloth”. After graduating from university, after working for MTI Co., Ltd. and an interesting corporation kayak, established Ikimono Co., Ltd. Participated in the launch of NEWPEACE in April 2015. NagatachoGRiD, sharing economy, THEO, and other logos, webs, graphics, spaces, and brands that are not bound by the domain. After that, he worked for Lemon Life Co., Ltd. for a year to learn “cute” expressions. Currently, as a 6curry brand designer, he designs not only the visual design but also everything that involves people, including communication, behavior and emotions. As a personal work, he is redesigning SHE brand design. The motto is clean, correct, beautiful and fun!
Nowadays, it is easy for individuals to create brands and shops. This is a project where only “people who are serious about branding” gather, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the moment of what happens when passion and excitement come together!
Narumi Abe
Born 1991 in Sakai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food Environment and Economics.
Founded a club “Dekobeji Cafe” that uses non-standard vegetables while attending university. After graduating from university in 2014, he joined Hakuhodo Co., Ltd., an advertising agency for training with the aspiration of “I want to convey the charm of being buried in the field”. Member of a branding team. At the same time, he was appointed as a representative of the young adult community “GOBO”, which makes food and farming interesting in extracurricular activities. After retiring from Hakuhodo in 2018, he changed his job to Startup SHE Co., Ltd., which supports female careers, and in 2019 established TUMMY Co., Ltd. Currently, they live by adopting a lifestyle called “One Farmer per week” that works once a week in the field.
It’s not easy to make your thoughts “reality”. That’s why this contest, where you can challenge to create a brand while co-creating with a team, is definitely a great learning opportunity! Please challenge beyond the feeling that I can’t do now.
Yuichiro Kishi
[Image 7d23357-112-754788-2.jpg
Joined POLA Co., Ltd. as a new graduate. Engaged in sales promotion of cosmetics business. In 2017, he was seconded to Pola Orbis Holdings Co., Ltd. to start up corporate venture capital through the in-house venture system. To date, the company has invested in 10 companies related to D2C, Beauty Tech, Retail Tech, etc.
Kenichi Sugawara
[Image 8d23357-112-655163-6.png
From July 2018, CEO of Moonshot Co., Ltd. Also active as an angel investor. Founded in 2018, Moonshot aims to “support 10 times corporate growth” by taking advantage of startup business management and marketing experience as a brand advertising manager and a BtoB marketing manager at Smart News 2016. He serves as CEO and CEO. About “NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” participating companies
“NEW ERA BRAND Challenge” is a store that operates a full-fledged online shop “” that can be created by itself, and SHE shares that develops “SHElikes” as its main business. The company, Citatel Co., Ltd., which provides a clothing production platform, and CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd., which operates the largest cloud funding “CAMPFIRE” in Japan, have the concept of “Brands can be made.” It was started to support the women who launch the brand in their specialty areas.
■ Service Overview
[Image 9d23357-112-181242-8.png is a service that anyone can easily create a full-fledged online shop. We offer a simple price plan that matches the sales style, high design that expresses the shop’s commitment, easy-to-understand operability even for the first time. More than 10,000 shops are born every month. Service HP:
■ Outline of Stores.
Official name: Stores.
Representative: Fumina Tsukahara, Representative Director and CEO Location: 3F, 3-16-3 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 4F, Nissei Ebisu Building Business description: Planning, development and operation of “”, which makes it easy to create a full-scale online shop HP:

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