BitStar Co., Ltd. BitStar selected as “Deloitte 2019 Asia-Pacific Technology Fast 500”!

BitStar Inc.
BitStar selected for Deloitte 2019 Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500!
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BitStar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Taku Watanabe, BitStar) is a technology media
telecommunications (TMT) announced by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. We are pleased to announce that you have been selected for Deloitte 2019 Asia-Pacific Technology Fast 500, a ranking of growth based on industry revenue (sales). In addition, “2019 Japan Technology Fast 50” won the 11th place (out of 50) and has been highly evaluated. BitStar provides a total solution for influencer marketing with three areas of technology, advertising, production and media production, under the vision of “creating an infrastructure where influencers can play an active part”.
In the future, BitStar will continue to promote collaboration with companies that can grow together. Please contact us if you are interested in the following business groups.

Influencer and corporate matching platform “BitStar” ( A matching platform with over 3,500 influencers registered and the largest number of advertising transactions in Japan (over 5,000). In order to establish an influencer as a profession, we will promote the advertising business of influencers.
Influencer database “Influencer Power Ranking” ( Japan’s largest monthly influencer database used by more than 1,000 companies, mainly advertising agencies, casting companies, and marketers. Science of influencer marketing, enabling strategic marketing development.
Influencer production “E-DGE” (
YouTuber production selected from BitStar. The total number of creator followers exceeds 10 million, and the popularity is growing mainly among young people. Create the next generation of stars.
YouTube program production business “BitStar Studio”
As one of the largest YouTube creative units in Japan, it operates many YouTube channels in collaboration with brands and media companies. With the goal of creating next-generation IP content, we will develop it in multimedia.
VR / VTuber (virtual YouTuber) business
Established “BitStar Akihabara Lab”, a research institute for virtual YouTuber planning / operation and technology development in 2019. In addition to promoting the creation of IP characters by 3D / 2D VTuber with our company / collaborators, we have developed technologies such as “3D check” and “Wanonwan” that allows you to talk with characters in VR space. A VTuber event that uses this technology, “Waku Waku! VTuber Hiroba” is also available.
SAPPORO COLLECTION business ( Participated in “SAPPORO COLLECTION”, the largest fashion show in Japan, in 2019. We will create 10,000 new fashion entertainment events where famous models, talents, artists, and YouTubers merge.
BitStar aims to become a mega-venture that will lead the new content industry centered on influencers under the mission of promoting vision realization and “creating new industries and cultures and providing people with happiness and excitement” We will strive to create new industries with the power of technology.
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[About Technology Fast 500]
Fast 500 is a program in which Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd., an international accounting firm, recognizes fast-growing companies in the TMT industry at the regional level of the world’s three poles (Asia Pacific, North America, and EMEA). It has been conducted in North America since 1997, in EMEA and Asia Pacific since 2002, and Japan has been participating since the first year. The ranking standard is the growth rate based on the revenue (sales) for the past three fiscal years (the last four fiscal years for North America and EMEA).
[About Nippon Technology Fast 50]
Nippon Technology Fast 50 is a Japanese version of the ranking program of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, an international accounting firm that ranks companies in the TMT industry by growth rate based on revenue (sales) for the past three fiscal years. By using the index as the revenue growth rate, it is a ranking that represents growth potential regardless of the size of the company, and applications can be made regardless of whether the company is listed or unlisted. The target business areas are hardware, software, communications, media, life science, and cleantech.
In Japan, the Fast 50 program, which is ranked in Japan, started in 2003, and the applicants are automatically entered into the
Asia-Pacific Technology Fast 500.
* Information disclosed in this program
Although Fast 50 is accurate for aggregation, it reflects the responses from companies as they are, and Deloitte Tohmatsu Group and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited do not express or imply that information. It does not express any opinion or guarantee the content of sex. Details of the Fast 50 and Fast 500 programs can be found at
■ About BitStar Inc.
Based on the vision of “creating an infrastructure where influencers can play an active role”, we provide total solutions for influencer marketing in three areas x technology of advertising, production and media production. We plan to develop various businesses in the future to create a new content industry centered on influencers.
BitStar Co., Ltd.
Head Office: Shionogi Shibuya Building 6F, 2-17-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Taku Watanabe
Established: July 2014
Business description: Influencer marketing business, influencer production business
・ Influencer and corporate matching platform “BitStar”: ・ Influencer database “Influencer Power Ranking”: ・ Influencer production “E-DGE”:
・ Virtual Liver Group “Buiraibu”:
・ YouTube program production “BitStar Studio”: ・ VR ・ VTuber Laboratory “ BitStar Akihabara Lab ”
・ Fan community service “costar”:
・ Girls entertainment event “SAPPORO COLLECTION”:
■ Inquiries about this release
BitStar Co., Ltd. PR: Honda
Phone number 03-4520-5777

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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