Relaxation app “cocorus”, “popular voice actor x mindfulness collaboration” third! Ayana Taketatsu, a po pular voice actor active in “K-ON”, delivers narration mindfulness meditation content

Excite Corporation
Relaxation app “cocorus”, “popular voice actor x mindfulness collaboration” third! Ayana Taketatsu, a popular voice actor active in “K-ON”, delivers narration mindfulness meditation content
-Holding a Twitter campaign for three people with colored paper signed by Ayana Taketatsu-

Excite Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Junichi Nishi, “Excite” below) is a relaxation app “cocorus” that delivers over 130 types of mindfulness meditation and ASMR content. We are pleased to announce that the third installment of “Popular Voice Actor x Mindfulness Collaboration”, in which the popular voice actor is in charge of narration, has started.
Following the first installment of Jun Fukuyama and the second installment of Junichi Suwabe, as the third installment, two mindfulness meditation contents will be narrated by Ayana Taketatsu, who will be in charge of narration from December 11 (Wednesday) today. We have started a new distribution.
To commemorate the collaboration with Ayana Taketatsu, we will also hold a Twitter follow-and-retweet campaign where Ayana Taketatsu’s autographed colored paper will win three people.
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The 3rd “Popular Voice Actor x Mindfulness Collaboration”! Popular voice actor Ayana Taketatsu is in charge of narration
“Cocorus” focuses on the “voice”, which is important in the guide narration of mindfulness meditation leading to relaxation, and conducts “popular voice actor x mindfulness collaboration” that welcomes popular voice actors as guest narrators.
Mindfulness content by Jun Fukuyama from October as the first collaboration and Junichi Suwabe from November as the second collaboration has been distributed, and many were “healed by melting voice” and “really relaxed” This is a very popular collaboration project.
And as the first female popular voice actor in the third installment, “K-ON” as Nakano Satoshi, “Sword Art Online” as Riefa (Naoto Kirigaya), “My sister cannot be so cute” Kiri Takasaka Narina Taketatsu, known for her role, will be in charge of the narration. * 1 Mindfulness content narrated by Ayana Taketatsu
1) “Relaxing meditation to feel nature”
Mindfulness content that purifies stress and heart toxins by breathing in the energy of nature with the image of beautiful nature
2) “When I ca n’t sleep and I ’m impatient”
Invite to sleep with mindfulness meditation that applies effective muscle relaxation when the spirit is excited and awakened
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A Twitter campaign will be held to win colored paper signed by Ayana Taketatsu! From December 11th (Wednesday), we will start a Twitter
follow-and-retweet campaign in which a colored paper with Mr. Ayana Taketatsu will win a lottery.
Simply follow the “cocorus” official Twitter account (@cocorus_app) and retweet the tweet to complete your entry.
▼ Application period
From December 11, 2019 (Wednesday) to December 25, 2019 (Wednesday) 23:59 * The winner’s announcement will be replaced with an announcement by sending a DM.
▼ Signature colored paper application procedure
1) Follow “cocorus” official Twitter account
cocorus Official Twitter: Relaxation app [cocorus] (@cocorus_app) (Https://
2) Retweet campaign target tweets
[Image 3d1346-755-548564-1.png
Profile of Ayana Taketatsu
[Image 4d1346-755-892650-0.jpg
Active as a voice actor, singer and narrator.
Major appearances are “ K-ON ” (Nakano Azusa), “ The Bride for the Same Class ” (Nino Nakano), “ Sword Art Online ” (Riefa / Naoto Kirigaya), “ My sister is like this There is no reason to be cute ”(Kirino Takasaka),“ But But ”(Hotaru Edaira) and many others.

About cocorus
“Cocorus” is a relaxation app for smartphones that delivers
mindfulness meditation, ASMR, and natural environment sounds on a monthly basis for unlimited distribution.
In addition to mindfulness meditation programs for various scenes such as before going to bed, when getting up, commuting, between work and study, original ASMR content for vertical videos and natural environment sounds that make you feel at ease We have a total of more than 130 types of content that are expected to have a relaxation effect.
“Cocorus” aims to be a service that is an oasis of mind for modern people living in a high-stress era.
“Cocorus” app overview
App name: cocorus
Location: App Store / Google Play
Posted category: App Store = Healthcare / Fitness, Google Play = Health & Fitness
Compatible devices: iOS 11.0 or higher iPhone and Android OS6 or higher Android device
Official site:
App Store:
GooglePlay: Official Twitter:
* 1 Please note that “cocorus” paid member registration is required to listen to the content of Narita Taketatsu’s narration.
Excite Corporation
Established: August 1997
Head Office: Daiwa Azabu Terrace 4F, 3-20-1 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, Japan
Representative Director and CEO: Junichi Saijo
Business description: Internet information service business

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